Rare VINYL record Labels and their companies

  These pages of lists Rare Record labels for each record label their is a short description and detailed information on the albums released by these labels can be found on separate web-pages.



Gramophone (Vinyl) Recording Music Labels Producers

AAARRG Record is a German record label found by Ralf Hubert aka Björn Eklund. Aaarrg was a division of Major Records International, see this page for detailed discography information

  Ralph "Ralf" Hubert - Producer, sound engineer, sound mixer and bass player with "Mekong Delta" has produced, engineered and mixed many heavy metal band's album. Some of these bands include: Brainfever, Steeler, Fact, Warlock, Living Death, Atlain, Stormwind, Darxon, Hunter, Lions Breed, Metal Sword, Overdose, Breaker, Mad Butchter, Carrie, Invader, Holy Moses, Siren, Target, Kreator, Sacred Chao. Being a producer and sound engineer he has been responsible (influencer) of the Teutonic Metal sound of the 1980s.

  As a musician" Ralph Hubert" using the alias "Björn Eklund" he played bass with the band "Mekong Delta" since 1985 , other bands he performed with are Schwarzarbeit and X-Mas Project.Ralph Hubert was also co-founder of "Aaarrg Records" in 1986.

Accord Accord Records was probable a French sub-label of Noise International and released album of the Swiss Thrash metal band: Celtic Frost
Alegria Records Alegria records produced artists like: Las Chicas de Nueva York
Alfa Alfa Records was a Japanese recorded label producing bands like: Casiopea
All The Manmen All the Madmen Records was a record label started by The Mob in Yeovil, England before relocating to London. Profits from the band's "Let The Tribe Increase" LP were ploughed back into the label, which was then co-organised by members of the collective which published the "Kill Your Pet Puppy" zine.
Amos Amos, Basel in Switzerland. Lionel Hampton
APV APV Records owned by August Villiger was a Swiss record company who produced some rare records of Andreas Vollenweider
AREITO EGREM (Empresa de Grabaciones y Ediciones Musicales; Spanish for Enterprise of Recordings and Musical Editions) is the oldest Cuban record company. It comprises the EGREM label (as well as some sublabels), and the recording studio Estudio EGREM, and is located in Havana. It was founded in 1964 following the Cuban Revolution. It also become known as Areito as the 1960s started to come to a close.[1]

These are some of the manufacturing plant codes used by the ATCO and can be helpful to determine the origin of records

The codes are:
AR = Allied Records, Los Angeles, CA
CP = Columbia Record Productions, Pitman, NJ CT = Columbia Record Productions, Terre Haute, IN LY = Shelly Products, Huntington Station, NY MO = Monarch Records, Los Angeles, CA PL = Plastic Products, Memphis, TN PR = Presswell Records, Ancora, NJ RI = Philips Recording Corp. (formerly Richmond Record Pressing and Mercury Record Manufacturing Company), Richmond, IN SP = Specialty Records, Olyphant, PA

Atlantic Records

In Europe the Atlantic records were manufactured by WEA GMBH. European manufactured Atlantic records can be recognized by the reference to WEA on the label or album cover. Export (or Import) releases typically have NO reference to WEA

In France Atlantic records from the 70s were released with Red/Pink label color

Atom H-Records

"ATOM H" was a record company owned by "Major Records International" ( the same company who also owned AAARRG records and C&C Records ). At the end of the 1980s, between 1987 and 1991 they released a dozen vinyl records. Bands for which "ATOM H" released records are: Accu§er, Forced Entry, Protector, Rumble Militia and STS 8 Mission. Today these records released by "ATOM H" have an estimated value from 20€ to 30€, with the highest prices for Protector, Accu§er and Shah albums.

Axe Killer Records Axe Killer Records was a French record label which produced records of the the Heavy Thrash Metal band: Axe Attack Dark Angel , Jack Starr , Znowhite
Baby Records Baby Records: Mixage, Virgin Prunes
Bacilus Records Bacilus records was a sub-label of Bellaphon records. Bacilus released several Krautrock and European progressive rock bands like: Omega and Nektar . In the late 90s Bacilus was still producing vinyl records, bands include eg: Zar
Band of Joy Band of Joy released many BBC Radio recordings on vinyl. These include bands like: Chicken Shack
Banzai Records Banzai Records was a mid-80s Canadian record company focused on Death and Thrash Metal records. The complete discography of Banzai is available here
Barking Pumpkin Records Barking Pumpkin Records was a record label by Frank Zappa
BB Records Swiss record label located in Luzern, CH. B.B. Records produced albums from Carmen and Thompson
Beer Bong Records Beer Bong Records was a rare Swiss record label.
Bearsville Records The Bearsville records released albums from bands like LIAR
Bernett Records Bernett Records is a French record company and released albums for heavy metal bands like Venom
Big Beat Records Big Beat Records is a British record label and import distributor owned by Ace Records, specialising in garage rock and punk, like "The Cramps"
Big Mouth Records Big Mouth Records was a German/Swiss record company who produced Betty Legler, Ping-Pong amongst others
Black Dragon Records Black Dragons produced records for Thrash and Speed Metal bands like: Anthem (Nippon) , CJSS , D.C. Lacroix , Ded Engine , Liege Lord , Mace , Manilla Road , Savage Grace.
Black Dragon Records, 31 Rue De Constaninople, 75008 Paris, France, Distribution New Rose Records
See also: High Dragon Records
Black Lion Records Black Lion Records re-issues original mono records by Louis Armstrong . Black Lion records was distributed in France by "New Rose Records"
Bonebreaker Bonebreaker was a German record label during the 80s which released only a couple of albums, some of them include bands like: Chainsaw , Invader , Overdose
Brain Records

Brain Records was a German record label, which released many Krautrock bands like Jane , Gorilla , Klaus Schulze . Brain was formed by two formed by two ex-Ohr employees. The green Brains are partly to interest of collectors because of some great Krautrock presented on this label. The first release dates back to 1972. The Green label was replaced by a multicolour design in 1975.

The original 1st issues of the releases up to 1056 have the word "metronome" under the logo. The later series are a bit brighter coloured and do not have "metronome". With this design some of the first series are reissued. Most of the releases have gatefold sleeves.

Brain also produced some Germany Heavy/Speed Metal bands like: Accept

See also the Metronome record label

Bronze Records Bronze records was founded by the former Vertigo: Gerry Bron. Bronze released and produced albums by bands like: Manfred Mann's Earth Band, Uriah Heep, Tempest, Osibisa, Motorhead, Hawkind,
Camel Records Camel Records was most likely a German record labels and released albums in the eighties for bands like: Sacrifice
Cargo Records Record label from San Francisco, recording bands like Headfirst
Caroline Records Caroline Records was an American record company which distributed the album " Surfin Mod"
Carrere Carrere Records was a French record label specialized in Euro Disco, but also released some heavy metal bands in France in particular the NWOBHM band: Saxon One of the most succesful performers on the Carrere label was Sheila B. Devotion
Catfish Catfish released record of the Krautrock band: Sweet Smoke
Celluloid Celluloid was a French record label which albums for the Cameroonian Jazz artist: Manu Dibangu
Century Media Records Century Media Records was a German record label producing death metal records for bands like Morgoth
Charisma Records Genesis
Charly Records Charly Records was founded in France in 1974. Jean-Luc Young and, moved operations to England in 1975, Charly Records (like Rhino Records) is mainy known for it's re-issues. 
CHRYSALIS Chrysalis used green labels through the late 70s . The blue Chrysalis label emerged around the mid-late 70s
Celluloid Celluloid was probable a French record label which amongst Jamaica: Reggae, Dub also produced Metal records by Trust
Century Media Records Century Media Records was a very small record label managed by Robert Kampf, lead singer of the Techno Thrash metal : Despair band
Clay Records Clay records was a French or UK record label distributed by Pinnacle. Clay produced bands like: Demon
CMP (Contemp)Records CMP Records was a Germany record label which released Jeremy Steig's album: Lend me your Ears
Cobra Records Canadian record label focused on Death Metal with bands like: Agent Steel , Death and Deathrow , Living Death , Running Wild
Coda Records Coda records was from the UK and published bands like Jazz Sluts and John Themis
Colomba Records Colomba records was a Swiss Record label located in Zurich which distributed albums of Andreas Vollenweier
Columbia Records

Columbia records was the "Columbia" label used for production and distribution of records in the USA.
Outside the USA the records were distributed under the CBS logo.

In 1955, Columbia introduced the "6 eye" label. There are six camera/eye logos on the label, and the "LP" logo is at the bottom. This label continued on all (mono) pressings until 1962.

In 1958, stereo was introduced, and so a stereo version of the "6 eye" label was created. The prefix for standard stereo LP's was CS.

The 6 eye were arranged in sets of three opposite each other, along the outer edge of the label, at "3 o'clock" and "9 o'clock" as it were. The logos look like LP discs that have been squashed into ovals with two sick figure feet coming out of the bottom. These logos are referred to as "eyes" because they sort of resemble eyes. The "pop" records were red white and black. When browsing LP's for sale, a record collector who sees an item listed as a "6-eye" naturally assumes that this record was made in the 1950's or early 1960's. These records typically have a catalog number consisting of two letters followed by four numbers

In 1962, Columbia switched to the "2 eye" label, which lasted in one form or another until 1970. The first variety (1962-1963) featured the words "Guaranteed High Fidelity" at the bottom for mono LP's and "360 Sound" twice around the word "STEREO" at the bottom for stereo LP's.

In Fall, 1963, arrows were added to the stereo logo.

In 1963, the print on both mono and stereo copies -- for mainstream and Masterworks albums -- was changed to white, which contrasted better with the red (or gray) label.

From the late '60's or early 1970's on, Columbia returned to a form of 6-eye style. This time the logos or eyes were repeated in a circle around the outside of the label (sometimes known as "ringarounds"), and in between each eye the word "Columbia" appeared. For pop records the background was red and the writing was also yellow (typically, though sometimes it was white or black). Most of these records have catalog numbers that consisted of a letter code followed by five numbers (eg: JC 35709)

Combat Records Combat Records was an independent record label out of New York, which was home to some punk rock and heavy metal acts including Deathrow, Kreator, Megadeth, Possessed
Conquer the World Records

Conquer The World Records (often abbreviated to CTW) was a record label founded by Mike Warden in Detroit, Michigan. through out the years many of the bands that were signed to the label have gone on to complain about the label repressing the releases and withholding profits, however most have been due to conflicts resulting in assumptions. Many of the releases have been re-released on other labels and could be the reason for starting the rumors of reprints.

The first part of CTW's catalog consists of hardcore and emo releases, while the second are mostly compilations and audio books.

Conquer The World CTW 004

BLINDFOLD Restrain the Thought

Blindfold is a Hardcore band from Belgium. They were highly active in the underground hardcore scene around Kortrijk in the mid to late nineties (H-8000 scene). They played a blend of hardcore and emo with smart political and personal lyrics and lived a drug free lifestyle. Thus their music was aptly self-proclaimed Sober Mind Meditation . They toured Europe a few times, most notably being the tour with Congress and Liar called Steel Against Steel.

Crammed Discs

Crammed Discs is an independent record label whose output blends world music, rock, pop, and electronica. Based in Brussels, Belgium, Crammed was founded in 1980 by Marc Hollander of Aksak Maboul and has since released over 280 albums and 250 singles, working with artists from all over the world (from the Balkans to North and Central Africa, from South America to the Middle East as well as the more regular musical pastures of the US and Europe). Crammed Discs is run by Marc Hollander (A&R) with Hanna Gorjaczkowska (marketing, distribution & art direction) and Vincent Kenis (producer, director of the Congotronics Series).

Marc Hollander and Crammed Discs received the WOMEX award in 2004 at the World Music Expo international music trade fair, for being "one of the seminal players on the world music field." Crammed Discs won the WOMEX Top Label Award in 2007 and 2009.

Crammed Discs' latest signings include Chicago band Allá, folk-pop-cabaret act Lonely Drifter Karen (from Vienna and Barcelona), London-based Moroccan electronic artist U-cef, Congolese band Staff Benda Bilili, musician/composer/producer Mocky and US bands Akron/Family and Megafaun, which are handled by Crammed in Europe.

Crammed Discs CRAM 035
KARL BISCUIT Regrets Eternels
Crammed Discs CRAM 055
MINIMAL COMPACT - The Figure One Cuts
Cream Records Cream Records was a Canadian record label which produced eg: UZEB
Criminal Response Records Criminal Response Records was a British record label producing bands like Cobra
Crusaders Records Crusaders records released an audiophile half speed LP of B.B. King Live in London
CRYPT Records Crypt was a Record label in the late 80s, early 90s which produced punk bands like the Devil Dogs.
Decomposed Records Punk and Speed Metal record label
Devil's Records

Devil's Records produced records for French Speed and Thrash Metal bands like: ADX, Attentat Rock, Sortilege, Vulcain

Devil's Game Records Devils Game was a division of SPV Gmbh and recorded albums for the German Thrash Metal Band: Sodom. Actually the first album of Devil's Game with catalog no DG 001 was Sodom's In The Sign of Evil
Dino Music Dino Music released a double LP compilation album with the best of European Hard Rock / Heavy Metal called: The Power Metal Hammer
Discreet Records Discreet Records was a sub-label of Warner Bros and released (amongst others) albums by Frank Zappa
Discos Fuentes Discos Fuentes was a Columbian record label which produced records for artsts like: Rodolfo con los Hispanolos
Disques Dreyfus Disques Dreyfus was the record label on which the first original Jean-Michel Jarre records have been released
Do Not Disturb Records "Do Not Disturb Records" was a small Swiss record label, distributed by the Swiss record company COD Records, Cham, Suisse. One of the bands released on this label was B4 Nothing
Duck Records Duck Records was a sub-label of Warner Bros Records. Albums released on this label include: Eric Clapton - Money and Cigarettes
Dream Records Dream Records was probable a French record company, which released records for bands like : Excess
Durium Durium Records was a Italian record label (Durium-Fremus Ediz Music) which produced Metal records for bands like: Vanadium
EARACHE RECORDS "Earache Records" is an independent record label based in Nottingham, England and New York, United States. It helped to pioneer extreme metal by releasing many of the earliest grindcore and death metal records between 1988 and 1994, including bands like "Napalm Death"
Earthshaker Records

Earthshaker records was a German label formed by renowned Metal-scenester Axel Thubeauville . He also co-founded Aaarrg Records with Ralf Hubert and later formed his own Shark Records. Various old Earthshaker releases are now being re-released by Alex' new label Rusty Diamond.

Bands released on the Earthshaker records label include: Carrie . Steeler , Living Death, Steeltower, Atlain, Fact ,

  Axel Thubeauville (Essen, Germany) and owner of Metallian Music has been producing Hard Rock / Heavy Metal bands since 1983. Some of the groups include Brainfever, Living Death, Fact, Steeler, Warlock, Atlain, Breaker, Overdose, Mad Butcher, Carrie, Chainsaw, and many others. - Axel was also founder of the "Earthshaker Records". Axel Thubeauville. He also co-founded Aaarrg Records with Ralf Hubert and later formed his own Shark Records. Various old Earthshaker releases are now being re-released by Alex' new label Rusty Diamond. Bands released on the Earthshaker records label include: Carrie. Steeler , Living Death, Steeltower, Atlain, Fact. Axel Thubeauville has been working often together with Ralph "Ralf" Hubert.



Ebony was a British record label and one of the leading companies responsible fpr the promotion and produced records for heavy metal (NWOBHM) bands like: Blade Runner, Fast Kutz , Grim Reaper

Editions EG Editions EG released the album Primitive Guitars by Phil Manzanera
Edsel Records Edsel was an American record company releasing records by Captain Beefheart
Elektra / Asylum

These are some of the manufacturing plant codes used by the Elektra / Asylum and can be helpful to determine the origin of records

CSM = Columbia Record Productions, Santa Maria, CA CTH = Columbia Record Productions, Terre Haute, IN PRC = Philips Recording Corp., Richmond, IN PRC-W = Philips Recording Corp., Compton, CA ... the "W" presumably indicates West

Full details on Elektra "Master" Discography

Elite Special Pee Wee Hunter and his Blues Brass Band
Embassy Records Embassy Records was a budget label owned by CBS and released albums by bands like: Titanic
Enigma Records Enigma Records was a record company who produced records for Thrash Metal bands like: Death Angel and TSOL True Sounds of Liberty
Erdenklang Erdenklang was a German record label which produced German New Age bands like: Kristian Schultze
Europa Records Record label by Miller International Schallplatten GMBH Germany
Evasion Disques

Evasion Disques was a French record label which released on folk/folklore music from Latin America and Swiss Talents

Fania Fania was a New York based record company, producing many Latin music genres in particular: Celia Cruz, Johnny Pacheco, Hector Lavoe, Ismael Miranda and of course: Fania All Stars
Food for Thought Records Limited Food for Thought produced Jazz Rock performers like Joe Satriani
Frontrow Frontrow as a small German record label producing albums for Germanic Thrash metal bands like: Drifter
GARAGE Records Garage Records was a French record label which produced records for bands like: "Jed Wio".
GNP Crescendo Records A German Record label distributing John Mayall records
Good Life Recordings

Good Life Recordings is a record label based in Belgium. It was founded in 1996 by Edward Verhaeghe who had been the lead vocalist in Nations On Fire. The label specializes in metal metalcore/hardcore bands. It has released many highly significant bands of the second and third wave of hardcore, as well as the majority of the signed bands that are part of H8000.

Good Life Recordings GL 030
CULTURE Born of You
CULTURE Born of You
Good Life Recordings ED026 / Kortrijk, Belgium
SPIRIT OF YOUTH Colors That Bleed
SPIRIT OF YOUTH Colors That Bleed
Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations is a Belfast record label and store. Founded by Terri Hooley in the early 1970's, Good Vibrations started out in a small derelict building on Great Victoria Street, Belfast. It is now located on Winetavern Street, Belfast. Hooley's main objective in starting the company was to introduce punk bands from Northern Ireland to the rest of the United Kingdom, as he did not believe Northern groups were given enough attention. The label's first recording was for a local band called Rudi, a single called "Big Time". Hooley would later sign groups such as Victim, The Moondogs, The Shapes, Protex, The Outcasts, and The Undertones. Although the Undertones were to become the most famous of all these bands.

Good Vibrations hosted the first ever International Festival of Punk and New Wave at the Belfast Royal Ulster Hall over two nights in 1980 featuring almost the entire roster of the label's bands and other punk acts such as The Saints. Many listeners were brought to Belfast by the Good Vibrations DIY independence and Hooley's persistent determination and desire to see local music recognised nationally. Despite growing popularity, though, Good Vibrations filed bankruptcy in 1982, just as the first wave of British punk had officially died. Bands that had gone to London, such as Protex and Rudi, went back to Hooley – and Belfast. Hooley's friends later got him a shop called Vintage Records, Co. just around the corner from Good Vibrations.

Great Jones Great Jones was an American record label, which produced albums for bands like: The Dragsters
Greensleeves South African Music, eg Homeland
GRP Records GRP Records is an American jazz record company that was founded in New York by Dave Grusin and Larry Rosen in 1982. After years of going though different distributors, the label signed with MCA in 1987 which brought out the company three years later. For most of the 1990s, GRP was in charge of MCA's (soon to be renamed Universal Music Group) jazz operations. Founders Grusin and Rosen left in 1994. Records released by GRP included performers like: David Benoit , Special Efx , Tom Scott .
GRUNT Records

Grunt mainly released records of "Jefferson Airplane" as well as all incarnations of Jefferson Airplane, like: Jefferson Airplane , Jefferson Starship and Starship

A complete overview of can be found here: "The Grunt Album Discography"

GWR Records GWR Records was specialized in Thrash metal bands and released albums by bands like: Sacrilege B.C.
Hallelujah Records One of the bands released on the Hallelujah Record label was the Swiss Psych/Acid Krautrock band: Brainticket The Swiss Hallelujah label also released some records by the Swiss bands: " Toad ", "Matterhorn Project"
Hallmark Records Hallmark records was a sub-label of Pickwick International and released albums of Jimi Hendrix and Curtis Knight
Hammerheart Records  
High Dragon Records High Dragon released the only record of the Cherry Bombz
HURT Records Hurt records waa a small record company producing hardcore punk crossover bands like Extreme Noise Terror (ENT)
Illegal Records Illegal Records produced mainly Speed and Thrash metal albums for bands like: The Lords of The New Church
Impact Records Impact records was a French record label which issues many budget and compilation disques of American and UK music. Some of these bands include: The Platters , Procol Harum
Intercord Intercord was a German record label which produced records for artists like: Herbert Grönemeyer
Interscope Records Interscope records was a division of Atlantic / East West records and released vinyl records (even in the CD epoch) in the mid-90s, one of their bands was : Bush
ISLAND Records

Island Records was formed to market and distribute Jamaican records in Britain. In the mid-60's Island began to expand with a handful of (white) British artists. By 1967 Island was at the centre of the progressive rock movement....

The ILP mono series:
The numbering is similar for the same music (ILP 962 is the mono release and ILPS 9062 is the stereo release). Note that some albums are remixed for their stereo release.


The first pink label:

Solid pink label with a coloured eye at the left side (at 9'o clock) and the word island written at the bottom half in an open lettering type
This design was in use from late 1967 until mid-1969. This design featured the word "island" in large, lower-case lettering along the bottom of the label with a distinctive orange and black circular logo (eye) dotting the 'i'.


The second pink label:

Solid pink label with a black eye over the record's center hole and Island at the bottom of the label. Making the eye and the ilsland look like a large I

This design was used from september 1969 until end 1969. The design is also known as the "black block" label. This design used the circular logo as on the first label, only now in black, dotting a large black 'i', with island written in it. The logo covered the
spindle hole.


The third pink label:

Solid pink label with a large I at 6 o'clock
This design was in use from end 1969 and throughout 1970. The design featured a large, lower-case white 'i' beneath the spindle hole


The Palm Tree label:

White cloudy background, with blue sky and yellow sun rays and island with one tree on the left at the botton of the label, pink rim
This design was introduced in late 1970 and lasted for 5 years. It became known as the "white-based palm tree", the "pink rim" or the "sun-ray" design.

1975-1982 Orange background, a tree on the left, blue rim
1980-1986 Solid blue label with an I and small yellow sun, just below the center holw
1984-1986 White background , top of a palmtree at 10 o'clock, yellow-green-blue-red rim


Jet Records Jet Records produced bands like the Electric Light Orchestra
Jive Records Jive Records produced several record of the German Krautrock / New Age Band: Tangerine Dream
Joker Records Italian record company which released amongst others records from Bob Dylan
Killwatt Killwatt was a record label from Great Britain which produced albums for NWOBHM bands like: Angel Witch
KNSE International

KNSE is a Swiss record label, one of the records released by KNSE was: KONX Demos

KNSE has published (amongst others) the following vinyl records: KONX "Demos" , KONX "It's A Gun" , Markus Stauss Quartett "Neulich im Studio", Ueberfall "…in alle Ewigkeit", Ueberfall "Neuschnee", Trio Infernal "Zwischenspiel", The Cobblers "Sent Reeling".

Kuckuck Records Kuckuck was a record label specialized in New Age music, releasing records for artists like: Deuter, Kitaro
LINK Records and Music Ltd LINK Records and Music Ltd was an English record label which (re-)issued Punk records of bands like: "The Exploited"
Lizard Records Lizard Records was a French Record label, which produced records of Speed Metal bands like: Blaspheme
LOGO LOGO was a UK record label producing new wave bands like: Vardis , The Tourists with Ann Lennox)
Loony Tunes Records Loony Tunes was a record label based in Scarborough, England, producing low-budget Punk music records for bands like: Active Minds
L+R Records Record label based in Germany
Major Records International "Major Records International" a holding company from Wilten, Germany. As a holding company they managed three record labels specialized in Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal. These record labels are "Aaarrg Records" , "Atom H", "C&C Records". Releasing albums for bands like: Holy Moses, Living Death, Accuser, Protector, and many others.
Manhattan Manhattan records was a division of Capitol records and released records by Robbie Nevil
Manticore Manticore is a sub-label of Ariola and released records Emerson Lake & Palmer particularly in Germany

Mausoleum was a Belgium Heavy Metal Record label which released records by bands like: Bloody Six , : Tyrant and Warhead

Megaforce Worldwide Megaforce Worldwide was a record label which focused mainly on Heavy and Thrash Metal bands like: Anthrax , Overkill, Testament
Metalworks Metalworks focused on the release of Thrash Metal (division of UK AVM Label), and released albums from bands like ANIHILATED
Melodiya Melodiya was a Russian record label which mainly released classical music, but also records from Alla Pugacheva together with Udo Lindenberg
Memory Records Memory Records (a division of CBS records was a German record company who released the Starsound Collection album series, which half speed mastered recordings, from artists like Santana, Mike Batt, etc.
Metal Blade Records Metal Blade Records was a sub-label of Roadrunner Records, and produced thrash metal bands including: D.R.I., Hallow's Eve , Sacred Reich, Slayer. For a complete list of all LP albums released on Metal Blade Records, see the Roadrunner webpage
Metal Masters Started out as Rock Machine but created the sublabel "Metal Masters" after their first release, was an OMEGA LP, bands released on the "Metal Masters" record label include: Accept , Cities, Diamond Hear , Mirage , Samson , Scorpions , Vardis , etc
Metronome Records

Metronome Records was a German record label, which released many Krautrock bands like Jane but also pop bands like Phil Carmen , Gianni Nannini

See also the Brain record label

MFP Music For Pleasure
Miller International Schallplatten GMBH Parent company of the record labels: Europa Records and Sonic Records
Mirage Records Mirage was a US based record company which recorded albums with performers like: Gary Moore
Mountain Records Mountain Records was a record company in Great Britain which produced albums of the Canadian Prog Rock band: Nazareth
MR. Pickwick Record Budget compilation records
Music for Nations

" Music for Nations " 1983-2004 was a UK based record company who produced Thrash Metal bands like: Anthrax , Dearly Beheaded , Exodus, Metallica

See the complete Music for Nations page , for all records released by this company.

Music Minus One "Music Minus One" (commonly abbreviated as MMO) is today a company that produces sheet music that comes with compact discs where the work is recorded without the soloist part (eg. Rachmaninoff's third piano concerto without piano).
Musidisc Musidisc was a French budget record label producing compilation album of Ike & Tina Turner, Les Champions.
Musikant Musikant was a German record label which produced records for the German rock band: BAP
Musk Musk was a Swiss record label releasing and producing for Sephira Music
Mute Records

Mute Records is record label formed in 1978 by Daniel Miller primarily to release his own single, "T.V.O.D."/"Warm Leatherette", under the moniker The Normal.

Mute Records made a name for itself as the label that was willing to sign post-punk artists like Fad Gadget (Frank Tovey's pseudonym), Einstürzende Neubauten, Throbbing Gristle, and Cabaret Voltaire. Once electronic music hit the British charts from 1981 onwards, Mute signed artists like Depeche Mode, Nitzer Ebb, and Erasure that utilised new technology which would eventually redefine the sound of the dancefloor in the late 1980s and early 1990s.

NEAT Records A UK based Thrash Metal and NWOBHMrecord label, which produced bands like Avenge r, Atomkraft , Warfare The complete discography of all Neat records is on Neat Discography page.
NEON NEON was aublabel of RCA from the seventies that made a (rather futile) attempt to link the British branch of this company to ''progressive'' music. It was modelled on the likes of Harvest (EMI), Vertigo (Phonogram) and Dawn (Pye). To achieve an aura of ''class'', the logo was adorned with Botticelli and the discs were protected by a jet-black inner sleeve. There have been only 11 albums and 4 singles released in the UK, before the label folded. These do, however, include a wide array of styles (jazz, folk, hard-rock, prog-rock), and are all
N.E.W Musidisc N.E.W Musidisc was a French record company which released albums of Black/Death/Thrash Metal bands like: ACE , Exodus , Venom
New Renaissance Records

A Hardcore Thrash Metal Records Label started in 1985 with bands like Post Mortem and Wehrmacht (1987)


New Renaissance Records NRR LP Catalogue

Post Mortem - Coroners Office
Blood Feast - Kill for Pleasure
Wehrmacht - Biermacht
New Rose Records Distributed by or for Black Dragon Records
No Future No Future is/was a record company located in the United Kingdom mainly focused on releasing Punk records, for bands like: Attak
Noise International

Noise International as a division of Modern Musik. Noise International produced mainly German Metal bands and included Helloween, Tankard

The complete catalog of Noise Records is here


No Remorse Records No Remorse Records was probably a German record label producing albums for bands like: Lawdy . The complete catalog with all the records of No Remorse Records is Here
Nuclear Blast Records

Nuclear Blast Records was a record label distributed by SPV and produced mainly Death Metal and Death Core bands, like Deathcore.

Complete record catalog of Nuclear Blast Records

Off Course Records Off Course Records was a Swiss record label which released one or more records of the Swiss performer: Stephan Eicher
Out of Time Records Swiss record label based in Zurich which produced Swiss Thrash Metal bands like Apocalypse
Oyster Records Oyster Records was a UK record label which released records from bands like: Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow
Painkiller Records  
Paisley Park Records Paisley Park Records released records of the American multi-talented performer: Prince
Passport Jazz Passport Jazz records released albums of "The Rippingtons"
PAX Records Pax records was a record label in the early 80s producing punk bands like: The Exploited
Pepita Records Pepita Records was a Hungarian record label (state-owned) which produced records of the Hungarian prog rock band: Omega
Pickwick Records Pickwick was a budget record label which produced many compilation, "Best of", "Greatest Hits" albums of bands like: Procol Harum, etc. See also: Hallmark Records 0
Polystar Polystar was a budget record label, which re-issued compilation albums of bands like Status Quo
QWEST Records The Winans
Radarscope Radarscopre records Ltd was a small record company which released records for the New Wave band: Bram Tchaikovsky
RAK Records Amongst others RAK records released albums of the Australian Band Smokie, the UK band "Hot Chocolate"
RAVE-ON Dutch Metal label formed in 1981 by Stefan Rooyackers from Aardschok magazine and Jacques Hustinx. Rave-on is known for producing the debut albums for Heavy Metal bands like: Sortilege , Mercyful Fate , H-Bomb , Evil .
Raw Power Part of the Castle Communications LTD group and released Krautrock records by Amon Duul
Reader's Digest The famous book company "Reader's Digest" also produced some LP's, which includes records from Jacques Brel and George Brassens
Relativity Relativity was a division of Roadrunner records and released bands like: COC Corrosion of Confirmit y
Reprise Reprise Records
R/R9 6001-6199 Duotone colour label (pink/yellow) 1961-1966
R/RS 6200-6399 Duotone colour label (dark red/light red) 1966-1970
R/RS 6400-6484 Single colour label (orange/red) 1970-1973
R/R9 2000-2199 (Duotone colour label) 1961-1974
Restless Restless records was a sub-label of Roadrunner records, see the complete Roadrunner records discography for details
RRE "Red Rhino Europe" is a subsidiary of "Play It Again Sam Records" and released many of the Front 242 albums in Europe
Rialto Rialto records produced British New Wave Bands like: The Korgis
Roadracer Records A division of SPV which released Metal records by the band: Atrophy, Tank
Roadrunner Records Released many hardcore punk crossover thrash records from band like Acrophet, Atrophy, Metallica, Sacrifice, Sepultura, Razor, etc. The complete catalog of Roadrunner LP's is available on this Roadrunner LP collector's page
Rockin' Horse records The first album released on Rockin' Horse records was Latin Quarter's Modem Times with catalog no RHLP1
Rough Justice Rough Justice released records of the Canadian metal band: Dead Brain Cells (DBC) and hardcore punk bands like: The Exploited , G.B.H
Rough Trade Music  
Roulette Tommy James and the Shondells
SAR SAR Records was a record company founded by soul music legend Sam Cooke in 1959.
Scratch records Scratch Records was a German company which produced heavy metal albums of bands like: Battlezone , Gravestone , Killer , Stormwitch , " Tokyo Blade" ,
SEX SEX Singles, EP's & eXhits was a division of the Canadian Somersault Records and released re-issues of 70s and 80s Disco hits as 12" Maxi-singles. Amongs others it included Tina Charles
Shark Records Shark records was a German record company and a sub-label of the "US Metal Records". Shark records released records of the Thrash Metal Band: Sepultura See also Earthshaker Records
Sheffield Records Sheffield Records was a company specialized in producing audiophile recordings using a recording direct to master-disc technology, artists included Lincoln Mayorca
Shelter Recording Company Shelter Recording Company was a sub-label of Ariola and released records from artists such as: J.J. Cale
Sire Sire records released records of Madonna , Curtis Mayfield, Jerry Butler
Snanachie Records Ladysmith Black Mambazo
Sonic Record label by Miller International Schallplatten GMBH Germany
Sonopresse Sonopresse was a French Record label, which amongst other released album of Kate Bush
Sonotone Sonotone was a record company based in Florida, USA. Sonotone produced records for latin music, including bands like " Las Chicas Del Can"
Sound of New York The "Sound of New York" was a record label which produced "Indeep"
Souplet Records Souplet was a French record label which released records of the progressive rock band: Titanic
Spaceward Records Spaceward was an underground record label releasing bootlegs of bands like Supertramp
Spoon Records Released most records of the German Krautrock band: CAN
SPV SPV is a German distributor of LP Record Labels like: Devil's Game , Nuclear Blast, Noise International, Steamhammer
Starpoint Music Starpoint Music was a Swiss record label, located in Bern, Switzerland. Starpoint produced records for bands like: Rising Empire
Steam Hammer

Steamhammer (a division of SPV) released hardcore punk thrash metal music including Assassin, Destruction,Napalm

The complete Steam Hammer Record Catalogue is on this page

Stiff Records Stiff records produces many Punk , New Wave , and Ska bands including The Pogues , Madness , Ian Dury
Strand Strand records was German record company which released a series of " Rock In Deutschland " records
Supraphon Supraphon was a record label in Czechoslovakia
Swan Song Swan Song records was a sub-label of Atlantic Records and was mainly used to release records by Led Zeppelin
Schnoutz Records Schnoutz Records was a Swiss Music record label which produced albums for Swiss Bands like " Rock Zirkus "
Tales of Thrash Tales of Thrash records was a sub-division of Titan-schallplatten and part of the Bertesmann group
Teldec Teldec was a German record label based on a joint venture from Telefunken and Decca
Threshold Threshold records produced bands like Moody Blues
Thunderbird Records Thunderbird records released albums by: The Seven
TMOQ Trade Mark Of Quality (abbreviated TMOQ or TMQ) was a bootleg record label based in Los Angeles, California during the late 1960s and early 1970s. The label was responsible for many underground records of Bob Dylan, Led Zeppelin, Jefferson Airplane, Devo, Grateful Dead, The Beatles, Frank Zappa, The Rolling Stones, The Who and many other popular rock artists of the era.
Tico Tico - (1948-1974) Vintage Salsa recordings from Cuba, Tico was acquired by Fania, he complete list of releases on the TICO record labels and included the mega-stars of this period and included: Mambo Kings, Tito Puente, Tito Rodriguez, and Machito. Tico's last recording was made in 1981, and after that time, all Tico artists changed labels to the Fania, Vaya, Musica Latina, International, Sonido, Cotique, and/or Barbaro labels, all of which were owned by Fania.
Too Hot Too Hot was a record label from TSR Mixers (1984-1985), Too Hot has released four albums with sexy covers: Raphael/Saylem, Le Foxxe, Sheryl Lee Ralph, Aleem
Total Experience Total Experience records released LP's of the Heavy Metal band: Prophet
Toxic Shock Toxic Shock released mainly hardcore punk, crossover, thrash for bands like Corrosion of Conformity (C.O.C)
Track Record Track record was a sub-division of Polydor and was distributed in Switzerland by Barclay Suisse. Track record released records by Jimi Hendrix , The Who
Tricec Music Tritec Music was a 80s record label producing bands like: Duran Duran
TRL Records TRL was a division of SPV and released records of bands like LIAR
TSR Mixers TSR was a import record Pool from 1984.TSR means TrendSetteR on the dance music scene.It represented the Labels:Solar,T.T.E.D. and Too Hot.It provides to it's members monthly bulletins and newsletters,preview cassettes,promotional coppies (from USA,Italy,England and Benelux),easily access to Disconet-Hot tracks-Streetbeat-etc.There were two membership ways:1.Import pool    2.Import Club.People doesn't have to be a disc jockey to become a member.A lot of their records with TSR logo could be bought in a lot of record stores.
Tuff Gong Records Record Label founded by Bob Marley on Hope Road 56 Kingston 10. The Tuff Gong Studios exist in the Island House , were Bob and his family lived since the mid seventies were ready for use since ca 1977 , where the Wailers recorded all Basic Trax for their albums , that got polished up later via Compass Point Studio and mastered in London for the international market .
Underdog Records

Underdof Records was a label created in 1980 by Dominique Lablin and Marc Zermatt. The label was distributed by Carrere records from 1980 till 1986 and by Vogue and New Rose in 1986.

Some of the bands with records on the Underdog label. include Mitch Ryder , Whitesnake, The Sparks

Under One Flag

"Under One Flag" was a British Record label, specialized in Heavy Metal and Thrash Metal music. And released albums for some of Heavy Metal greatest bands like Bathory, Nuclear Assault, Onslaught, Possessed and others.

View a selection of the early "Under One Flag" vinyl releases 

US Metal Records U.S. Metal Records was an American record label, focusing on Heavy Metal and producing bands like: Maxx Warrior
Valentino Valentino was a record label distributed by Atlantic. Valentino produced bands like Reckless
VerABra Records veraBra was a German record company which released many New Age records, including album by the Swiss Harpist: Andreas Vollenweider
Verve Records Producers of excellent Jazz lp's including artists like: Betty Carter
Vertigo Records

Vibraton was probable a German record company producing budget albums with cheesy album covers.

Some of the albums released on Vibraton are
Peter Hepburn - All You Need is Love (Vibraton VB L 6017)
M. Opawsky "Die Ganze Welt is Himmelblau" Vibrato VB L 6020
"Let's Have a Party" Vibraton VB L 6022
Crying People Vibraton VB L 6021
Beat and Sweet Vibraton VB L 6023

Viper Records Viper Records was probable a sub-label of Roadrunner records and produced Thrash Metal bands like Razor
We Bite Records

Produced of punk , grunge and metal records, in particular bands like Attitude, Ludichrist,

WB 036 - Erosion - Mortal Agony
WB 062 - Death in Action - Just For Sake...
WB 083 - Into Another

Wild Rags Records Heavy, Thrash Metal record label producing bands like Anialator, Bloodcum
Witchhunt Records Witchhunt records was a Swiss record label based in Zurich and specialized in Death, Grind and Thrash Metal
Wishbone Records Wishbone Records was an independent - Label based in Bochum . It was named after the British band Wishbone Ash . They published several Heavy Metal acts, lncluding Tsunami on WBLP1
Workshop Records
Work Shop Records
thumbnail of front cover


Franklin consists of four men who went to hell: B.Sokel, G.Giulano, R. Darden, R.Binion

WWA Records WWA Records released records from the English Heavy Metal band: Black Sabbath
YoMamas Records YoMamas was a US-based record company producing punk bands like: Xband
ZTT Records ZTT record label founded in 1983 by NME journalist Paul Morley, record producer Trevor Horn, producer/engineer Gary Langan and businesswoman Jill Sinclair. The majority of the creative team at ZTT had first assembled when Horn produced the acclaimed album "The Lexicon of Love" for New Romantic band ABC. The label's name was also printed as "Zang Tumb Tuum" and "Zang Tuum Tumb" on various releases. Some of the bands produced and released by ZTT are: Propaganda
ZYX Records ZYX record was a German company releasing Disco music for bands like: Take Three ,and the Heavy Metal band : Vanadium

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