SAXON Album Covers Gallery And Vinyl LP Discography

This web-page is a Photo Gallery of Saxon's most desirable albums which have been released during the 1970s and 1980s. For each album you will find photos of the front, back album cover, inside of gatefold covers, custom inner sleeve as well as close-ups of the record labels. Additional their are detailed Saxon album descriptions with production information, tracklistings.

Album Front Cover Photo of SAXON ( Band, Gt Britain )

Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title Year Country
Raw Power RAWLP 038

SAXON - Anthology 2LP NWOBHM (1988)

Saxon's 'Anthology,' a monumental compilation, emerged in the vibrant musical landscape of 1988. The British Heavy Metal icons unveiled this masterpiece as a 12" double LP, a testament to the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) era. The anthology encapsulates the band's prowess, offering an auditory journey through their influential discography. A vinyl collector's delight, it stands as a timeless artifact from an era synonymous with musical evolution.

EMI Parlophone 1C K 060-20 0765 6 A
Saxon - Back on the Streets (extended version) / Live Fast Die Young 12" Maxi

SAXON - Back on the Streets 12" Extended version (1985, Germany)

"Back on the Streets" is a studio album by the British heavy metal band SAXON, released in 1978. It was the band's debut album and features the singles "Stallions of the Highway" and "Big Teaser". The album was produced by Pete Hinton and recorded at Rockfield Studios in Wales. It was well received by critics and helped establish the band as a significant force in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement.

Carrere 66081

thumbnail of front cover

SAXON - Crusader (1984, France)

Saxon's "Crusader," a hallmark of NWOBHM in 1984, exemplifies the genre's evolution. Produced by Kevin Beamish, known for his 1980s metal expertise, the 12" Gatefold vinyl offers a tactile journey. This album, a blend of anthems and experimentation, embodies the era's heavy metal spirit. A testament to Saxon's prowess, "Crusader" stands as a pivotal release, capturing the essence of a vibrant musical period.

Carrere 67.811

Saxon Denim and Leather NWOBHM 12" Vinyl LP

SAXON - Denim and Leather (1981, France)

"Denim and Leather" is the fourth studio album by English heavy metal band Saxon released in 1981 . The name of the album and song was inspired by the popular attire of metalheads in the early 1980s, defined by denim pants and leather jackets. The song is seen as a tribute from the band to their fans while describing the history of the sub-culture and the rise of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM).

Carrere Records 67870

thumbnail of front cover

SAXON - The Eagle Has Landed (1982, France)

Saxon's "The Eagle Has Landed" French release, a live heavy metal gem from 1981, encapsulates the band's peak performance during their world tour. Recorded in France, it captures the vibrant energy of the burgeoning metal scene. The 12" vinyl LP's production, blending raw live sounds with meticulous mastering, preserves the essence of the era. A cultural artifact, this release remains cherished for its musical prowess and historical significance.

Green Capitol Records SN-66180

thumbnail of front cover

thumbnail of front cover


SAXON - The Eagle has Landed Live (1982, Canada)

Saxon's "The Eagle Has Landed" Canadian release, a 1981 live album, immortalizes the band's prime during their United States tour. The 12" vinyl LP, echoing the era's analog production, captures the raw energy of early '80s heavy metal. A visual masterpiece, the European-inspired cover complements the sonic journey, making it a cherished relic in the history of metal, embodying Saxon's prowess and the genre's defining era.

EMI Parlophone 1C 064-24 0400 1


SAXON - Innocence is NO Excuse (1986)

Saxon's "Innocence Is No Excuse," a seminal British Heavy Metal masterpiece, emerged in 1985 as the band's seventh studio album. Marking their debut with EMI post a rift with Carrere Records, the LP showcases Saxon's resilience and evolution. Its tracks resonate with powerful guitar riffs and anthemic vocals, cementing its place as a pivotal work in the vibrant 1980s metal scene.

Carrere 67968


Saxon - Power and the Glory (1983, France)

Explore the zenith of New Wave of British Heavy Metal with Saxon's "Power & the Glory." Released in 1983, this pivotal album marked Saxon's evolution and introduced drummer Nigel Glockler. The French edition on Carrere Records, a testament to NWOBHM's global influence, offers collectors a cherished 12" Vinyl LP. Immerse yourself in the timeless allure of this era, where music, art, and culture converged in a powerful and glorious symphony.

EMI 1C 064-24 06203 1

Saxon Rock The Nations NWOBHM 12" Vinyl LP

SAXON - Rock The Nations (1986, Germany)

Saxon's 1986 release, 'Rock The Nations,' epitomizes the NWOBHM era's spirit. Recorded at Wisseloord Studios, the album, featuring Elton John on select tracks, is a testament to Saxon's musical prowess. Released as a 12" vinyl LP in Europe, it embraced the format's charm. The production quality at Hilversum elevated their raw sound, contributing to their status as NWOBHM icons, leaving an enduring legacy in heavy metal history


SAXON - Rock the Nations (1986, England)

SAXON's 1986 masterpiece, "Rock the Nations," epitomizes British Heavy Metal excellence. Recorded at Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum, Netherlands, the UK pressing on a 12" vinyl LP showcases the band's raw power and melodic finesse. Produced by Gary Lyons, the album stands as a pinnacle of the NWOBHM era, a sonic triumph immortalized in the grooves of its UK release.

Pink Carrere 67.331


SAXON - S/T Self-Titled (1979, France)

Saxon's eponymous 1979 debut, a cornerstone of the NWOBHM movement, signaled a new era in heavy metal. Released during a pivotal time, its raw production and anthemic tracks, like "Stallions of the Highway," left an indelible mark. The French 12" LP vinyl release added elegance, contributing to the album's enduring legacy as a pioneering force in British heavy metal.

Carrere 66174


SAXON - Strong Arm Metal, Saxon's Greatest Hits (1984, France)

Saxon's "Strong Arm Metal," a compilation encapsulating their greatest hits, immerses listeners in the quintessential sounds of the British heavy metal scene. Released during the influential period of the 12" LP vinyl album, the collection showcases Saxon's prowess and impact on the metal landscape. With powerful vocals, intricate guitar work, and an unmistakable energy, this anthology represents a timeless testament to Saxon's enduring legacy in the realm of metal music.


CARRERE 67.621


SAXON - Strong Arm of the Law Gatefold (1980, France)  

Saxon's 1980 album "Strong Arm of the Law," released on Carrere Records in France, encapsulates the dynamic early 1980s metal scene. A product of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, the album's production on a 12" vinyl LP resonates with the era's analog warmth. Saxon's powerful compositions and Carrere Records' influence merge, reflecting a transformative period in global heavy metal history.

Parlophone ‎– 1C 038 15 7642 1



SAXON - Wheels of Steels ( 1980, Europe )

SAXON's 1980 "Wheels of Steel," a pivotal release in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal, made its mark on Germany and Holland with a 12" Vinyl LP. Recorded at London's Ramport Studios, its anthemic tracks and raw energy captivated metal enthusiasts. The strategic European release showcased SAXON's international appeal, contributing to the band's enduring influence in the global heavy metal scene.

Carrere CAR 38-126

SAXON - Wheels of Steel (1980, USA)

This is the USA release of “Wheels of Steel” the 1980 album released by the British Heavy Metal band “SAXON”, it was their second official studio album. It was recorded at Ramport Studios, London, UK and produced by Pete Hinton and Saxon.

Carrere 67.484 / Heath Levy Music

SAXON - Wheels of Steel (1980, France)

This is the French release of “Wheels of Steel” the 1980 album released by the British Heavy Metal band “SAXON”, it was their second official studio album. It was recorded at Ramport Studios, London, UK and produced by Pete Hinton and Saxon.

Carrere CAL 115

SAXON - Wheels of Steel (1980, England)

This is the UK release of “Wheels of Steel” the 1980 album released by the British Heavy Metal band “SAXON”, it was their second official studio album. It was recorded at Ramport Studios, London, UK and produced by Pete Hinton and Saxon.