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Welcome to the Vinyl Records Collectors Guide, a web-site dedicated to all Music Fans and especially to all music released on vinyl. Here you will find detailed information on any record released on vinyl, including collector‘s information for each vienyl album.

As our collection of Pink Floyd has become very large with several hundred of web-pages and even more photographs, it was never to re-organize the files structures. This may lead that your bookmarks will no longer point to the correct web-pages. Use this link as an anchor for finding the right Pink Floyd album descriptions

Record Catalogno
Band/Performers - Album Title

Epic EPC 26051

Price 17.99€


KICK AXE - Vices

is the debut album by Canadian heavy metal band, Kick Axe. The album was released in 1984

1984 Holland

Harvest – 064-74 6128 1

Price 49€

PINK FLOYD - Animals (Germany)

This is the hard to find (rare) release of Pink Floyd's Animal album which has an uncovered catalognr on the bottom right half of the label. Later releases of this album have this catalognr blacked-out and printed in the upper right half of the record label.

EMI – 7 48068 1

Price 24.99€


PINK FLOYD - A Momentary Lapse of Reason (1987, EEC/EU)

"A Momentary Lapse of Reason" is the thirteenth studio album by English progressive rock group Pink Floyd. It was released in the UK and US in September 1987. In 1985 guitarist David Gilmour began to assemble a group of musicians to work on his third solo album.

Emidisc 1 C 048-50 740 L

Price 27.99€


PINK FLOYD - Relics (1971, Made in France for Germany)

This release of Pink Floyd's Relics LP has been made in FRANCE for distribution in Germany and The Netherlands

Harvest – 1A 158-63410

Price 27.99€


PINK FLOYD -The Wall (1979, Netherlands)

The Wall is the eleventh studio album by English progressive rock group Pink Floyd. Released as a double album on 30 November 1979, it was subsequently performed live with elaborate theatrical effects, and adapted into a feature film, Pink Floyd The Wall.

Harvest – 1 C 064-96 918

Price 57.99€

PINK FLOYD - Wish You Were Here (Germany Druckhaus)

Decca – 6835 108

Price 15.95€

ROLLING STONES - Aftermath (Netherlands)

"Aftermath" proved to be a major artistic breakthrough for "The Rolling Stones", being the first full-length release by the band to consist exclusively of Mick Jagger/Keith Richards compositions. "Aftermath" was also the first Rolling Stones album to be recorded entirely in the United States, at the legendary RCA Studios in Hollywood, California at 6363 Sunset Boulevard, and the first album the band released in stereo.

PAX ISK 1027

Price 27.99€

ROLLING STONES - Between The Buttons(Israel)

"Between the Buttons" is the fifth full-length official album released by the British Rock band "The Rolling Stones". This album was recorded during August 1967 at RCA Studios, Los Angeles , September 1967 at the IBC Studios, London, and November until December 1967 at Olympic Sound Studios and Pye Studios. "Between the Buttons" was released in the year 1967 and the last album with "Andrew Loog Oldham" as producer for the "Rolling Stones".

PAX – ISK 1022

Price 18.99€

ROLLING STONES - Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass) Israel PAX

Big Hits (High Tide And Green Grass) is the first compilation album released y the British Classic Rock band "The Rolling Stones".

Decca – 6835 129

Price 17.99€

ROLLING STONES - Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass) Special Edition (1977, Netherlands)

This is a special edition of "Big Hits (High Tide and Green Grass)" from the Netherlands and was released as part of a special series of vinyl albums to celebrate the hundred years of recorded music 1877-1977.

Rolling Stones Records – CBS 86321

Price 23.99€


ROLLING STONES - Dirty Work (1986, Europe)

"Dirty Work" is the 18th full-length official album by the British Rock band "The Rolling Stones", it was produced by "Steve Lillywhite" and released in 1986. This album is still in the (opened) dark red cellophane shrink-wrap. The inner sleeve contains the complete lyrics of all the songs and a comic strip, drawn by Mark Marek.

EMI – 1A 062-63 774

Price 19.99€

ROLLING STONES - Emotional Rescue (1980, Netherlands)

"Emotional Rescue" was recorded throughout 1979, first in Nassau, Bahamas, then Paris, with some end-of-year overdubbing in New York City, Emotional Rescue was the first Rolling Stones album recorded following Keith Richards' exoneration from a Toronto drugs charge that could have landed him in jail for years. Fresh from the revitalization of Some Girls, Richards and Mick Jagger led the Stones through dozens of new songs, some of which were held over for Tattoo You, picking only ten for Emotional Rescue.

Rolling Stones Records COC 69 100

Price 27.99€

ROLLING STONES - Exile On Main Street (1972, Netherlands)

"Exile On Main Street" is the 10th official full length album released by the British Rock band "The Rolling Stones". This album was released in the year 1972 and contains two vinyl lp's and custom designed inner sleeves.

Decca – 6835 107

Price 17.99€

ROLLING STONES - Out of our Heads (1965, Netherlands)

"Out of Our Heads" is The Rolling Stones' third British album and their fourth in the United States. It was released in 1965 through London Records in the US on 30 July 1965, and Decca Records in the UK on 24 September 1965 (in both mono—catalogue number LL3429; and in stereo—PS429), with significant track listing differences between territories.

AMIGA – 8 55 885

Price 24.99€

ROLLING STONES - Self-Titled (Amiga DDR, 1982)

This is the FIRST edition of the album "ROLLING STONES - Self-Titled" on the Amiga Record Label andis a compilation album with tracks from the period 1965-1968.

Rolling Stone Records – 7C 064-61016

Price 16.99€

ROLLING STONES - Some Girls (1978, Sweden)

"Some Girls" is the 14th official full length album, released by the British rock band: "The Rolling Stones".

The album cover for "Some Girls" was conceived and designed by Peter Corriston, who would design the next three album covers, with illustrations by Hubert Kretzschmar. An elaborate die-cut design, with the colours on the sleeves varying in different markets, it featured the Rolling Stones' faces alongside those of select female celebrities inserted into a copy of an old Valmor Products Corporation advertisement.

Rolling Stones Records – COC 59100

Price 43€

ROLLING STONES - Sticky Fingers working zipper (1971, Netherlands)

"Sticky Fingers" is the ninth British and eleventh American studio album by English rock band The Rolling Stones, released in April 1971. It is the band's first album of the 1970s and its first release on the band's newly-formed label, Rolling Stones Records, after having been contracted since 1963 with Decca Records in the UK and London Records in the US. It is also Mick Taylor's first full-length appearance on a Rolling Stones album, and the first not to feature any contributions from founding guitarist Brian Jones.

Rolling Stones Records – COC 59 107

Price 12.89€

ROLLING STONES - Time Waits For No One (Anthology 1971-1977)

"Time Waits for No One: Anthology 1971–1977" is a compilation album of the British Rock band "The Rolling Stones" and was released in the year 1979.

Metal Blade Records – RR 9656

Price 34.99€

CITIES - Annihilation Absolute(1986, Netherlands)

CITIES was a Heavy / Power Metal band from New York City, this band has been active from 1985 until 1986. During this period they have released two official records, in 1985 the released the EP "Annihilation Absolute" and in 1986 an LP with the same name was released.

"Annihilation Absolute" has been recorded 3 July until 4 September 1986 at Systems Two, Brooklyn, N.Y. and is the last full-length record by the American Metal band: CITIES.

Experience Hendrix – 88697 77225 1

Price 27.99€

JIMI HENDRIX - Live at Woodstock (2010, Europe)

This is a beautifully packaged three-lp set with Jimi Hendrix Live performances at the Woodstock 1969 Pop Festival

Swan Song – SSK 89 400

Price 37.99€

LED ZEPPELIN - Physical Graffiti (Germany/Europe, 1975)

Apple Records – 5C 062.04243

Price 19.99€

THE BEATLES - Abbey Road (1969, Netherlands)

Abbey Road is the eleventh released studio album by English rock band The Beatles and their last recorded. Though "Let It Be" was the last album released before the band's dissolution in 1970, work on Abbey Road began in April 1969. Abbey Road was released on 26 September 1969 in the United Kingdom, and 1 October 1969 in the United States. It was produced and orchestrated by George Martin for Apple Records. Geoff Emerick was engineer, Alan Parsons was assistant engineer, and Tony Banks was tape operator.

"Abbey Road" is regarded as one of The Beatles' most tightly constructed albums, although the band was barely operating as a functioning unit at the time. Rolling Stone placed it at number 14 on its list of "The 500 Greatest Albums of All Time". In 2009, readers of the magazine also named Abbey Road the greatest Beatles album.

WP 5177-1 / WP 5177-2

Price 29.99€

THE BEATLES - White Power (Black Vinyl)

"White Power - The Most Updated Unpolitically Correct Beatles Album", is an unofficial Beatles album. It has been released with differently coloured vinyls. On this page is the release on Black Vinyl.

According to the album back cover, the recordings are from "Twickenham Sessions 3 until 14 January 1969", "Apple Studio Session 22 until 26 January 1969".

RoadRunner RR 9603
MERCYFUL FATE - The Beginning

Price 39€

MERCYFUL FATE - The Beginning (Compilation)(1987, Netherlands)

This album is the definitive collector's addition to the Mercyful Fate Catalogue featuring the band's official pre-Melissa recordings - The legendary Rave-On sessions (Fully re-mastered) - The BBC "Friday Rock Show" sessions + Bonus track "Black Masses" from the "Melissa" sessions, never released before on LP.

RoadRunner RR 9835
Mercyful Faith - Don't Break the Oath . "Mercyful Fate" is an influential Danish First Wave of Black Metal group who are often cited among the influences in the black metal, thrash metal, power metal, and progressive metal genres. They are also credited as a pioneering band of the first wave of black metal.

Price 79€

MERCYFUL FATE - Don't Break the Oath . (1984, Holland)

"Mercyful Fate" is an influential Danish First Wave of Black Metal group who are often cited among the influences in the black metal, thrash metal, power metal, and progressive metal genres. They are also credited as a pioneering band of the first wave of black metal.

Harvest – 5C 062-96918

Price 39€

PINK FLOYD - Wish You Were Here (1975, Netherlands)

Rare release for distribution in the Netherlands and Made in Great Britain.

Dynamite PJM 12 / 501

Price 49€

BINTANGS - Rhythm & Blues PROMO 12" EP (1978, UK)

This album "BINTANGS Rhythm & Blues PROMO " is a 12" Promotional LP and has been distributed to DJ's. The label has "Special DJ Pleaser" printed on it (near 3''o clock)


UAP 003 (HE01-01-UAP-003)

Price 249€

KRACQ - Circumvision (1978, Netherlands)

CIRCUMVISION is the first (and only) recording recorded around February 1978 released as a limited edition of 500 copies on the privately owned record label UAP (Unidentified Artists Production Records).

KRACQ was a Dutch Prog Rock, Acid/Psych band formed in October 1977 by Twan and Cees, who were joined by Bert and Jos (all being ex-members of the bands: King's Ransom and Carmine Queen, thus the band-name KRACQ is a composition of names of these two ex-bands).

Luxury Service Records – JUMP 005

Price 59€

JUMP CUTZ - Jump Cutz Volume Five

Real name: Robert Mello & Zaki Dee

Swan Song SSK 59 402

Price 39€

LED ZEPPELIN - Presence (1976, Europe)

"Presence" is the 1976 album released by the British Rock Band "Led Zeppelin".

This 12" LP black vinyl music record comes comes in a Fold Open Cover (FOC), which is also also known as a Gatefold cover. The inner pages of this album cover contains photos, artwork,

This album "LED ZEPPELIN - Presence" includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details and artwork/photos


Swan Song - SS 89 402

Price 39€

LED ZEPPELIN - Soundtrack From The Film The Song Remains The Same (1976, Belgium)

"The Song Remains the Same" is the live soundtrack album of the concert film of the same name by the English rock band Led Zeppelin.


Swan Song K 59 410

Price 23.99€

LED ZEPPELIN - In Through The Out Door (1979, Germany)

"In Through The Out Door" is the 10th album by the British Rock band Led Zeppelin and was originally released in 1979.

This 12" LP black vinyl music record comes comes in the original brown paper bag. This is the so-called "A" version.

This album "LED ZEPPELIN - In Through The Outdoor (1979, Germany)" includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, and artwork/photos

Roadrunner RR 9771

Price 17.99€

LIZZY BORDEN - Love You To Pieces)1985, Netherlands)

"Love You To Pieces" is the first official full length album and second record by the American Glam Metal band "Lizzy Borden".

IRON ANGEL - Winds Of War (1986, Germany)

This album "Winds of War was recorded in April 1986 at Karo Music Studio, Munster, Germany. It was produced by Kalle Trap (Kalle Trap being producer for many of the leading German Thrash Metal bands during he 1980s) and engineered by Uwe Ziegler. Artwork was done by Edda & Uwe Karczewski , best known for the album covers of "Helloween".

Expulsion – EXIT 3

Price 14.99€

ACE LANE - See You in Heaven (1983, UK)

"See You In Heaven" is the first and only album released by the British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) band "Ace Lane".

MCA Records MCA-3224

Price 23.99€

AXE - Living on the Edge (1980,USA)

"Living on the Edge" is the second full length album by the American Hard Rock band "AXE". It is their last album recorded and released on MCA records.

"Living on the Edge" is the second full length album by the American Hard Rock band "AXE". It is their last album recorded and released on MCA records.In addition this is the last album with the original Babyface, Alien, Axe, as this is the final album with Michael Turpin.

Under One Flag FLAG 5 / Combat

Price 45€

NUCLEAR ASSAULT - Game Over (1986, UK)

This album "Game Over" by "Nuclear Assault" has been their first official full-length album and has been produced by Steve Sinclair and Alex Perialas, released in 1986. It has been recorded at the Pyramid Sound Studios during May 1986, aaa was responsible for the recording, while mastering tool place at "Frankford Wayne Mastering Labs". The album cover was designed/drawn by Ed Repka and the photos on the back cover were done by Glen Evans.




Price 37.50€

CHATEAUX - Chained and Desperate

"Chained and Desperate" by the British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) "Chateaux" is their first offical full-length album and was released in 1984 on Ebony Records.

ISLAND 209 781

Price 14.25€

LEATHERWOLF - Street Ready

"Street Ready" is the third full length album by the American Heavy Metal "Leatherwolf", the album was released in 1989 and was their last album before their split in 1991.


RoadrunneR RR 9818

Price 37.99€

This album is now in stockOMEN - Battle Cry incl OIS Roadrunner 1984

"Battle Cry" is the debut album of the American heavy metal band Omen. It was originally released in 1984 by Metal Blade. This is the original 1984 release of the album and includes lyrics insert and large poster.

Under One Flag FLAG 6 / Combat Records /Take Out Music

Price 37.95€

This album is now in stockDARK ANGEL - Darkness Descends 1986 UK

RoadrunneR RR 9609

Price 74€

This album is now in stockInfernäl Mäjesty - None Shall Defy (1987; Netherlands)

This album is now in stockDESTRUCTION - Release From Agony (1987, Germany)

this is the third full-length album by Destruction. It was the first Destruction full-length album to feature four members. ermany)


This album is now in stockPOSSESSED - Beyond the Gates (1986, England)

"Beyond the Gates" by "Possessed" comes in a gimmick Gatefold (FOC) cover design, the entire cover can be folded open and the inner cover can be used as one large poster

Combat 88561-8168-1

Price 31.99€

This album is now in stockPOSSESSED - The Eyes of Horror (EP) (1987, USA)

"The Eyes of Horror" by the American Death Metal band "Possessed" is the last record they recorded and released during the 1980s, this record was produced by Joe Satriani.


This album is now in stockPOSSESSED - Seven Churches (1985, Netherlands)

"Seven Churches" is Possessed's debut album . The album had a massive impact on heavy metal in general, but also in establishing death metal. Many die-hard fans have dubbed Possessed and Seven Churches as the "granddaddy of death metal", 

RoadrunneR RR 9622
King Diamond - Abigail

Price 29.99€

This album is now in stockKING DIAMOND - Abigail (1987, Netherlands)

Abigail is the second album of King Diamond and is the band's first album to be centred on a story told throughout each of the songs. It was released in 1987 on Roadrunner Records. 

Mausoleum Bone 128315

Price 19.99€

This album is now in stockTORCH - Fire Raiser!!

"Fire Raiser !!" is the first official album released by the Swedish Heavy Metal band "TORCH" and released in 1982. This recording was released as a 5-track EP (extended play) 12" vinyl.

PUNK ETC PETC 12 (Blue Coloured Label)

Price 89€

This album is now in stockBLACK SHEPHERD - Immortal Aggression (1988, Belgium)

3 pressings of 1000 each. 3rd press label is fade blue, 1st and 2nd are dark blue.

The album cover illustration was drawn by Igor Dint and heavily influenced by artwork by the Swiss Graphics artist (H.R. Giger) best known for the ALIEN movies.



Price 19.99€

This album is now in stockTORCH - Self-titled (1983, Sweden)

Torch is a Heavy Metal band from Sweden and is evolving from the former "Black Widow" band. Torch has been active from the year 1980 until 1986 and resurrected in 2003.

This is their first official full-length album and was released in 1983 on the Tandan record label with the catalognr "TAN LP 5". The production and sound engineering was in hands of "Thomas Summo". It was recorded at the Popstudio, mixed at "Studio Bastun" and Mastered at Polar. Album cover art was designed by "Kjelle Lindgren", co-designed by Jane M. who also did the


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