INVADER was a German band from Bremen and their initial band-name was "Victory" and renamed into "Invader" during 1984. This band has released one official full-length album "Children Of War" released on vinyl in 1986 ( and was re-issued on CD in 2010 ).


Front Cover Photo Of INVADER - Children Of War 12" Vinyl LP Album

Collectors information / Album Description: 

"Children of War" is a captivating 12" vinyl LP album by the band INVADER, featuring the distinctive sound and powerful energy of their music. The album showcases the band's unique blend of bone-breaking thrash metal and aggressive hardcore punk, delivering a relentless sonic assault that is sure to leave a lasting impression.

Very Rare German Heavy Metal LP 

Music Genre:

 Heavy Metal

Album  Production information:

The album: "Children Of War" was produced by: Ralph Hubert for Y.U.P
Recorded December 1985 Y.U.P. Studio 1

Ralph "Ralf" Hubert

In the world of heavy metal history, certain individuals emerge as true architects of the genre's sonic landscape. One such luminary is Ralph "Ralf" Hubert, a versatile talent whose impact on heavy metal, both as a producer and a musician, remains indelible. Known for his pivotal role in shaping the Teutonic Metal sound of the 1980s, Hubert's multifaceted career spans across production, sound engineering, bass playing, and co-founding a record label.


Ralph Hubert's journey into the realm of heavy metal began as a producer, sound engineer, and sound mixer. His adept skills were employed in crafting the albums of numerous iconic bands, contributing to the vibrant tapestry of the metal scene during the genre's golden era. Bands such as Brainfever, Steeler, Fact , Warlock , and Living Death , among others, bear the imprint of Hubert's production prowess. His influence extended to an extensive roster, including Atlain , Stormwind , Darxon, Hunter, Lions Breed, Metal Sword, Overdose, Breaker, Mad Butcher, Carrie , Invader, Holy Moses , Siren, Target, Kreator, and Sacred Chao.

It was during this era that Hubert's touch became synonymous with the Teutonic Metal sound, a subgenre characterized by its raw intensity, powerful riffing, and uncompromising attitude. As a producer and sound engineer, Hubert played a pivotal role in shaping the sonic identity of the 1980s metal scene, leaving an indelible mark that resonates to this day.

Beyond his contributions behind the mixing console, Ralph Hubert also showcased his musical prowess as a bass player. Under the alias "Björn Eklund," he held down the low end with the influential band "Mekong Delta" from 1985 onwards. This collaboration allowed him to express his musicality and contribute to the band's unique sound. His bass-playing finesse further extended to other projects, including Schwarzarbeit and X-Mas Project, showcasing his versatility as a musician.

Not content with merely influencing the musical landscape, Ralph Hubert ventured into the realm of entrepreneurship. In 1986, he co-founded "Aaarrg Records," a label that played a significant role in amplifying the voices of emerging metal acts. This endeavor solidified Hubert's status as not just a contributor to the metal scene but also as a catalyst for its growth and evolution.


Record Label & Catalognr:

Bonebreaker Bone 006

Media Format:

12" Vinyl Stereo Full-Length Long-Play Gramophone Record

Album weight: 230 gram

Year & Country:

 1985 Made in Germany
Band Members and Musicians on: Invader Children Of War
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Peter Bekusch - Vocaks
  • Frank Hoffmeyer - Guitars
  • Jürgen Keller - Guitars
  • Uwe Thielbar - Bass
  • Thomas Grabitsch - Drums
Track Listing of: "Children Of War"

The Songs/tracks on "Children Of War" are

  1. The thing 03:51
  2. Victory 04:55
  3. March for victory 04:27
  4. Twilight of the gods 02:42
  5. Black sex 04:03
  6. State penitentiary for mental disorder 04:13
  7. Land of the north 04:25
  8. Children of war 05:00
  9. Flying high 03:29
  10. Days of sorrow 03:56

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Front Cover Photo Of INVADER - Children Of War 12" Vinyl LP Album
Front Cover Photo Of INVADER - Children Of War 12" Vinyl LP Album


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Photo Of The Back Cover INVADER - Children Of War 12" Vinyl LP Album
Photo of album back cover INVADER - Children Of War 12" Vinyl LP Album


Close up of record's label INVADER - Children Of War 12" Vinyl LP Album Side One:
Close up of record's label INVADER - Children Of War 12" Vinyl LP Album Side One

Yellow Color BONEBREAKER BONE 006 Record Label Details: LC 8557, GEMA