HALLOWS EVE ( Speed / Thrash Metal ) - Featured LP's Discography and Album Cover Gallery 1985-1988

  Hallows Eve" was founded on Halloween in 1983 by Dave Stewart, Tommy Stewart, Skullator and Stacy Anderson. The band name is a name for this American holiday. This web-page has hi-res photos of the album covers, record label and a detailed description.


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HALLOWS EVE Band Description:

Emerging in the mid-1980s, Atlanta-based Hallow's Eve quickly made their mark on the thrash metal scene with their debut album, "Tales of Terror." This album, known for its raw energy and dark themes, introduced the world to Stacy Andersen's distinctive high-pitched vocals, a defining characteristic that would become a point of both praise and criticism throughout the band's career.

Hallow's Eve's musical evolution was evident in their subsequent releases. They transitioned from the raw aggression of "Tales of Terror" to a more melodic and technical sound in albums like "Monument." This shift sparked debate among fans, with some embracing the band's growth and others longing for the unfiltered intensity of their earlier work.

The band's lyrical content also drew attention, often sparking controversy due to its exploration of horror, violence, and social commentary. While some critics accused them of promoting negativity, others defended the lyrics as artistic expression and a reflection of the darker aspects of society.

Despite not achieving mainstream recognition, Hallow's Eve garnered a dedicated cult following. Their unique sound, characterized by Andersen's vocals, intricate guitar work, and thematic depth, resonated with a niche audience who appreciated their contribution to the thrash metal genre.

Index of HALLOWS EVE Featured Albums Cover Gallery & 12" Vinyl LP Discography Information
HALLOWS EVE - Death and Insanity 12" Vinyl LP
HALLOWS EVE - Death and Insanity album front cover vinyl record

Released in 1986, "Death & Insanity" arrived at a pivotal time in metal history. Thrash was rapidly evolving, with bands pushing the boundaries of speed, technicality, and lyrical aggression. Hallows Eve, hailing from Atlanta, Georgia, found themselves in a scene dominated by West Coast thrash giants

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HALLOWS EVE - Monument 12" Vinyl LP
HALLOWS EVE - Monument album front cover vinyl record

Unveiled in 1988, Hallow's Eve's "Monument" emerged as a significant chapter in the band's evolution and within the broader thrash metal landscape. Building on their established intensity and aggression, the album marked a distinct shift in the band's sound and approach.

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HALLOWS EVE - Tales of Terror 12" Vinyl LP
HALLOWS EVE - Tales of Terror album front cover vinyl record

Emerging in 1985, Hallow's Eve's "Tales of Terror" marked a pivotal entry into the burgeoning thrash metal scene. With its raw energy and aggressive sound, the album solidified the band's place as a formidable force in the genre's formative years.

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