RoadRUNNER Netherlands and International VINYL Discography

  Roadrunner Records is a major record label that concentrates heavily on metalcore and nu-metal bands (with exceptions981). The label was launched in the Netherlands in 1980 and was originally called "Roadracer Records". Roadrunner's initial business was importing North American metal into Europe. In 1986 Roadrunner opened its US headquarters in New York City and later opened offices in England, Germany, France, Japan and Australia. Early successes included albums from King Diamond (the first Roadrunner artist to enter the Billboard Top 200 albums chart) and Annihilator. The end of the 1980's saw the release of two albums that are now considered classics of their respective genres: Obituary's Slowly We Rot and Sepultura's Beneath The Remains.

  All of RoadrunneR's records were manufactured in the Netherlands and from there distributed across all over Europe.


Maarten de Boer: was the vinyl mastering engineer at The Masters, Netherlands. (formerly Holland Cutting Room). In the mid 80's he did all vinyl mastering for Roadrunner Records. In the stamper/matrix you may find his signature "Holland Cutting" hand-etched in the inner (running out grooves) of the vinyl lp's.

Some Roadrunner records have also been issued on the " Music for Nations " record label.

This section contains the complete LP record catalog (work in progress) of Roadrunner records with detailed collector's information

Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title Year Country
RR 2374
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SEPULTURA - Slave New World

This Extended Play record "Slave New World" by Sepultura, this band covers three songs from others-

Roadracer Records – RO 2406-6

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New Entry SEPULTURA - Arise 12" Maxi (1992, Netherlands)

This album contains three tracks. The track "Arise" was recorded during the European "Arise" tour on 31st May 1991. The tracks "Inner Self" and "Troops Of Doom" have not been previously released.

Roadracer RO 2424 6
Sepultura - Under Siege (Regnum Irae)

SEPULTURA - Under Siege (Regnum Irae) (1991)

RR 2425 6

ANNIHILATOR - Stonewall MLP (1990)

RR 2455
King Diamond - The Dark Sides

KING DIAMOND - The Dark Sides (1988)

Road Runner RR 9184

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MERCYFUL FATE - Return of the Vampire (1992)

is the compilation album of rare demo tracks by Mercyful Fate recorded before their first, official release in 1982. It is released in 1992 by Roadrunner Records RR 9184.

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