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  "Demon's 1985 release, 'Heart of Our Time,' stands as a quintessential piece within the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM). This 12" Vinyl LP Album, released by Clay Records, encapsulates the band's musical prowess during a pivotal era. Infused with the spirit of the NWOBHM movement, the album is a sonic journey, showcasing Demon's significant contribution to the evolving metal landscape of the time." This web-page has hi-res photos of the album covers, record label and a detailed description.


Album Front Cover Photo of DEMON - Heart of Our Time

"Heart of Our Time" Album Description:

In the vibrant tapestry of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM), Demon stands as a formidable force that left an indelible mark on the genre. Among their notable contributions, the 1985 release of "Heart of Our Time" on a 12" Vinyl LP via Clay Records emerged as a defining moment in the band's career. This article delves into the significance of this album within the context of its time, exploring its production intricacies, and recognizing the key players who contributed to its sonic brilliance.

The NWOBHM Movement:

The late 1970s and early 1980s saw the emergence of the NWOBHM movement, a pivotal period in the history of heavy metal. Bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, and Saxon spearheaded this movement, bringing a raw and energetic sound that revitalized the genre. Demon, hailing from the same era, added their unique flavor to the mix, earning acclaim for their musical prowess and stage presence.

"Heart of Our Time" - A Snapshot of 1985:

The release of "Heart of Our Time" in 1985 encapsulated the spirit of the mid-80s metal scene in Europe. The album resonated with fans across the continent, showcasing Demon's ability to blend melodic elements with powerful, driving rhythms. In the context of the time, the NWOBHM movement had matured, and Demon's contribution with this album illustrated their adaptability to evolving musical landscapes.

Production Excellence:

Behind the scenes, the production of "Heart of Our Time" bore the fingerprints of skilled individuals who played pivotal roles in shaping its sonic identity. Recorded at Amazon Studios in Liverpool, the album benefitted from the expertise of sound engineers Keith Andrews and Paul Sinkinson. Their collaboration brought forth a rich and dynamic audio experience, capturing the essence of Demon's live energy within the confines of a studio setting.

Mastering engineer Peter Dahl added the final touch, ensuring that the nuances of each track were preserved and enhanced. The result was a meticulously crafted masterpiece that stood out in the crowded metal landscape of the time.

Visual Artistry:

In addition to its musical prowess, "Heart of Our Time" featured striking visual elements that complemented the auditory experience. Dave Broadhurst, responsible for the album cover art, encapsulated the essence of Demon's music in a visual form. The artwork became synonymous with the album and contributed to its iconic status among fans and collectors.

Kelvin Morris, doubling as an album artwork creator and sound engineer, further enriched the visual and auditory dimensions of the album. The synergy between the sonic and visual aspects elevated "Heart of Our Time" to a holistic artistic expression.

Music Genre:

Heavy Metal NWOBHM Music

Album Production: 

Album produced by Demon and Mike Stone.

Mike Stone (Full-name: Michael Richard Seth Stone, 1951-2002) an American record producer and engineer who has worked with a wide range of rock and metal bands. He was born on 21 December 1951, in New York City.

Stone began his career as an engineer at Record Plant Studios in New York, where he worked on albums by artists such as KISS, Blue Öyster Cult, and Aerosmith. He later moved to Los Angeles and worked at Cherokee Studios, where he became known for his work with bands such as Queen, Van Halen, and Journey. He has produced all of Demon's records since 1981, many of Discharge's albums as well as producing several other bands.


Stone is perhaps best known for his work with Queen on their albums "News of the World" and "The Game," which included hits such as "We Will Rock You," "We Are the Champions," and "Another One Bites the Dust." He also worked with Journey on their album "Escape," which included the hit singles "Don't Stop Believin'" and "Open Arms."

In addition to his work as a producer and engineer, Stone has also served as a mixer, remixer, and mastering engineer on numerous albums. He has received several Grammy nominations for his work and has been recognized for his contributions to the field of audio engineering.

Recorded at Amazon Studios, Liverpool.

Keith Andrews - Sound Engineer

Keith Andrews sound and mixing engineer. Before working on "Demon's Taking the World by Storm" album, Andrews already engineered Demon's records: "British Standard Approved", "Heart of Our Time", "Breakout".

Paul Sinkinson - Sound Engineer

Peter Dahl - Mastering Engineer

Dave Broadhurst - Album Cover Art

Kelvin Morris - Album artwork, Sound Engineer

Record Label Information:

Clay CLAY LP 18
Album Packaging:  This album includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by Deemons. 

Record Format:

12" Vinyl LP Gramophone

Year & Country:

1985 Made in France

Band Members and Musicians on: Demon Heart of Our Time
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Dave Hill - Lead Vocals
  • John Waterhouse - Guitars
  • Gavin Sutherland - Bass
  • Steven Watts - Keyboards
  • John Wright - Drums

Track Listing of: Demon Heart of Our Time
  • Heart Of Our Time
  • Walk In Your Own Light
  • Genius?
  • Expressing The Heart
  • High Climber
  • Crossfire
  • Grown Ups
  • Summit
  • One Small Step


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Front Cover Photo Of DEMON - Heart of Our Time
Album Front Cover Photo of DEMON - Heart of Our Time


Close-up photo of records label DEMON - Heart of Our Time
Front Cover Photo Of DEMON - Heart of Our Time


Index of DEMON Selected Vinyl Album Discography and Album Cover Gallery

Band Information:

 DEMON is a British heavy metal band that has been active in the music industry for over four decades. The band was formed in 1979 and has since then released thirteen studio albums, three live albums, and two compilations.

One of the notable aspects of DEMON's music is their ability to blend various genres of music. The band's music combines elements of heavy metal, hard rock, and progressive rock. This unique style has earned them a loyal fan base, and they are considered one of the pioneers of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) movement in the late 1970s and early 1980s.

DEMON's debut album, "Night of the Demon," was released in 1981 and received critical acclaim. The album featured tracks such as "Don't Break the Circle" and "The Plague," which became fan favorites. The album's success helped the band to secure a record deal with major label CBS/Epic.

Over the years, DEMON has undergone several lineup changes, with Dave Hill being the only original member still present in the band. Despite these changes, the band's signature sound has remained intact, and their music continues to be highly regarded.

DEMON's music has been described as melodic and dynamic, with powerful guitar riffs, memorable choruses, and intricate arrangements. The band's lyrics often deal with themes of the occult, horror, and fantasy. However, they have also tackled more serious subjects, such as political and social issues.

In terms of commercial success, DEMON may not have achieved the same level of fame as some of their peers. Nevertheless, the band has remained a cult favorite among heavy metal fans, and their music continues to influence new generations of metal musicians.


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