"T" - Rock & Heavy Metal on vinyl albums or band-names starting with the letter "T"

This webpage lists all the Heavy Metal (incl Black, Crossover Death, Speed, Power, Thrash Metal) from the 1980s and collectable Hard Rock/Punk LP's as from the 1970s. Names are ordered in alphabetical order of the first part of the name. Bands which have a large discography will have a seperate and dedicated webpage for their discography.

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Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title
Strange Fruit SFRLP200
21 Years of Alternative Radio 1 Strange Fruit BBC Live Recordings

21 Years of Alternative Radio 1 Strange Fruit BBC Live Recordings

"21 Years of Alternative Radio 1 Strange Fruit BBC Live Recordings John Peel" unfolds across the grooves of a 2LP Vinyl Album, offering a comprehensive journey through alternative sounds from the BBC Live Recordings curated by John Peel. This collection encapsulates over two decades of diverse and groundbreaking music. The double vinyl format allows for an extensive exploration of live performances, making it a treasure trove for fans of alternative music. With each track, this compilation serves as a time capsule, capturing the essence of John Peel's influential role in promoting alternative sounds on BBC Radio 1.

CBS 450120
220 Volt - Young and Wild

220 Volt - Young and Wild (1987, Netherlands)

220 Volt - Young and Wild" is a thrilling 12" vinyl LP album that encapsulates the raw energy and spirit of '80s heavy metal. With their explosive guitar riffs, soaring vocals, and infectious hooks, 220 Volt delivers an electrifying experience from start to finish. This album showcases the band's musical prowess, catchy songwriting, and timeless appeal

A&M Records AMLH 64971

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38 SPECIAL - Tour de Force ( Southern Rock, 1983 Holland )

In 1984, the Southern rock band 38 Special released their studio album, "Tour de Force." The album, which was initially released as a 12" LP, was a major success for the band and cemented their place in the Southern rock pantheon.

A&M Records. AMLH 64835

"Wild-Eyed Southern Boys" is the fourth studio album by the southern rock band 38 Special, released in 1981.

38 SPECIAL - Wild-Eyed Southern Boys (1983, Holland)

"Wild-Eyed Sou"Wild-Eyed Southern Boys" is the fourth studio album by the southern rock band 38 Special, released in 1981. The album was a commercial success, reaching #11 on the Billboard 200 chart and spawning three hit singles: "Hold On Loosely", "Fantasy Girl", and "Back Alley Sally". The album was produced by Jim Peterik, who also co-wrote several of the songs on the album, including the hit singles. The album's sound is a mix of southern rock, hard rock, and pop, and features the band's signature guitar riffs and vocals. thern Boys" is the fourth studio album by the southern rock band 38 Special, released in 1981.

Line Records

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39 STEPS (1984, Canada)

39 Steps are an alternative rock/punk rock band from Canada, best known for their single Slip Into the Crowd, a song by The 222s, which was performed in the Woody Allen film "Hannah and Her Sisters" in a scene set at CBGB's NYC.

WB Warner Bros Records 56 124
TAI PHONG - S/T Self-Titled Sister Jane

TAI PHONG - S/T Self-Titled Sister Jane (1975, France)

The self-titled "Taï Phong" is the first/debut album by the French / Vietnamese Progressive Rock band, it was released in 1975. This web page has photos of album covers, inner sleeves, record labels together with production details, musicians and track-listing.

Mongol Home MONGOL 1

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TAKASHI - Kamikaze Killers (1984, USA)

"Takashi's debut album, 'Kamikaze Killers,' marks a relentless journey through the realms of heavy metal. Released by Mongol Home Records, this 12" LP Vinyl Album showcases the band's formidable sound and serves as a foundational piece in Takashi's musical legacy. With powerful riffs and a distinctive metal flair, 'Kamikaze Killers' solidifies Takashi's place in the heavy metal landscape."

Food-For-Thought Records Limited GRUB 1

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TALAS - Sink Your Teeth Into That (1982, England)

"Never Look Back" is the third recording and second official full-length albumy by the German Heavy Metal band "Talon". This album was produced by "Manfred 'Manny' Neuner" and released in 1985.

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talking heads ( new wave, USA ) Vinyl Records Discography


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SteamHammer SH 0041

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TALON - Never Look Back (1985, Germany)

TALON is a Heavy Metal from Bayreuth, Bavaria, Germany they were active from 1982 until 1986. During this period they released four official recordings:
1984 Hatred Grows Slowly (Single),
1984 Neutralized,
1985 Never Look Back,
1986 Vicious Game,

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tangerine dream ( krautrock / prog rock, germany ) Vinyl Records Discography


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tank ( british heavy metal / nwobhm, england ) Vinyl Records Discography


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tankard ( thrash metal, germany ) Vinyl Records Discography


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21 Records SL 21504

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"Haw-Haw" by Taponés Visente is a very rare and highly sought-after 12" LP vinyl album from 1984 that showcases Visente's innovative artistry, experimental approach, and thought-provoking compositions, making it a cherished gem for collectors and enthusiasts of boundary-pushing music.

Aquarius Records / Heavy Metal America HM USA 30

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TEAZE - One Night Stands (1979, USA)

"Teaze: One Night Stands" lights up the stage in its USA Release 12" LP Vinyl Album, marking the band's fourth album and their breakthrough in the United States. With an electrifying mix of rock and glam, this album captures Teaze at their peak. "One Night Stand" not only solidifies Teaze's musical prowess but also introduces their infectious sound to American audiences, making it a pivotal release in the band's discography.

Polydor 583-042


Taste was a blues-rock band formed in Belfast, Northern Ireland in the late 1960s. The band consisted of Rory Gallagher on guitar and vocals, Eric Kitteringham on bass and vocals, and John Wilson on drums. They were active from 1966 to 1970, and released two studio albums, "Taste" (1969) and "On The Boards" (1970) and one live album "Live Taste" (1971).

TED NUGENT - S/T Self-Titled TED NUGENT - Vinyl Index

EMI Pathe 2C 070-14737

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TELEPHONE - Crache ton Venin (1979, France)

"Telephone: Crache Ton Venin" amplifies its impact on the 12" Vinyl LP Album, released in 1979 by the French New Wave band. This album, the second by Telephone, showcases their distinctive sound within the French music scene. Notably, "Crache Ton Venin" features a daring inner cover with nudity, adding an element of avant-garde artistry to the release. Released on the Pathé-Marconi record label, the album remains a cornerstone of Telephone's innovative contributions to French New Wave.

Virigin 201915

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TELEPHONE - Dure Limite Die-Cut Cover (1982, France)

"Telephone: Dure Limite" commands attention with its Die-Cut Cover on the 12" Vinyl LP Album. The fourth studio album by the French rock band Téléphone, released in 1982 on Virgin Records, showcases the band's dynamic sound. With tracks resonating from the heart of French rock, "Dure Limite" not only stands as a musical gem but also exemplifies Téléphone's innovation within the industry. The die-cut cover adds a visually distinctive touch to this classic album.

Goatgrind Records GGR008

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TENTACLES - Self-Titled ( Death metal )

Switzerland's Tentacles unleash their ferocious debut, a limited edition 12" vinyl LP with only 250 copies. Seamlessly blending death metal and grindcore, the self-titled album is a relentless onslaught of blast beats, guttural growls, and razor-sharp riffs. Beyond its auditory assault, the exclusive rarity and artistic presentation make this release a coveted gem for collectors, solidifying Tentacles' place in extreme metal history.

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ten years after ( rock / blues-rock, england ) Vinyl Records Discography


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City Kid Music, Clausie Music, GEFFEN Records CO XGHS 24120

"Mechanical Resonance" is the debut album by the American rock band Tesla. It was released in 1986.

TESLA - Mechanical Resonance (1986, Canada(

"Tesla: Mechanical Resonance" reverberates through the 12" LP Vinyl Album format, marking the debut release by the American rock band. Unleashed in 1986, this album catapulted Tesla into the rock scene with its powerful sound. The inclusion of an inner sleeve adds a collector's touch, enhancing the visual and tactile experience. "Mechanical Resonance" remains a pivotal chapter in Tesla's discography, capturing the essence of their musical resonance and early impact on the rock genre.

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testament BAND ( thrash metal, usa ) Vinyl Records Discography


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Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title
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Thin lizzy ( hard rock, ireland ) Vinyl Records Discography


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4AD 70291

THE MORTAL COIL 4AD - It'll end in Tears


THIS MORTAL COIL 4AD - It'll end in Tears (France)

"It'll End in Tears" is the album released in 1984 by 4AD using the name "This Mortal Coil" as an umbrella title for a loose group of guest musicians and vocalists brought together by label boss Ivo Watts-Russell. This album features many of the artists on the 4AD roster at the time of issue, including "Dead Can Dance"

RoadrunneR 9879

THUNDERFIRE - S/T Self-Titled SS Still Sealed

THUNDERFIRE - S/T Self-Titled SS Still Sealed (1983)

The self-titled album "Thunderfire" from Belgium emerges as a rare treasure on a 12" LP Vinyl Album. This particular release, still sealed, adds an extra layer of exclusivity, making it a coveted item for collectors. The scarcity and sealed condition enhance the album's desirability, underscoring its unique status in the realm of Belgian metal. "Thunderfire" stands as a testament to the band's musical imprint, and its rarity further solidifies its allure among collectors of rare and sought-after metal releases.

Black Label, Metal Enterprises presents ME 540

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"Thunderstorm: S.N.A.F.U." storms onto the 12" LP Vinyl Album, representing the only official release by the German Heavy Metal band. Released in 1989, this album showcases Thunderstorm's sonic prowess in the realm of heavy metal. Each track resonates with the energy and intensity characteristic of the genre. "S.N.A.F.U." stands as a testament to Thunderstorm's contribution to the German heavy metal scene, capturing the spirit of the late '80s metal landscape.

Displeased Records

THY REPENTANCE - Ural Twilight Automnalias  is the first full length album by this black metal band Thy Repentance


THY REPENTANCE - Ural Twilight Automnalias

"Thy Repentance: Ural Twilight Autumnalias" emerges as a black metal masterpiece on the Limited Edition 12" LP Vinyl Album, restricted to 666 copies. This album, the first full-length offering by Thy Repentance, immerses listeners in a dark and atmospheric journey. The limited edition adds exclusivity to the sonic experience, making each copy a coveted possession for fans of black metal. "Ural Twilight Autumnalias" stands as a testament to Thy Repentance's early contribution to the black metal genre.

ILPS 9153
Tír na nÓg TIR NA NOG

Tír na nÓg TIR NA NOG (1971, England)

"Tír na nÓg" is the first album by Irish band Tír na nÓg. It was released on May 1971 in the United Kingdom by Chrysalis Records and distributed by Island Records but was not published in the United States because Leo O'Kelly and Sonny Condell refused to record a cover of Bob Dylan's "Maggie's Farm" for the album, a song they regularly played live.

Sydney Productions 11036
TITAN - Titan Self-Titled

French release thumbnail TITAN - Titan Self-Titled (1986, France)

The self-titled album "Titan" by the French Heavy Metal band "Titan". It is their first full-length album after some of the members have left the French "Killers" band. It is released on the French record label "Sydney Productions". Sydney Productions is a French record label and has mainly released albums for the Heavy Metal bands: ADX, Killers, Steel Angel, High Power and TItan.

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titanic ( prog rock, france ) Vinyl Records Discography


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Mercury 830 979

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TNT - Tell No Tales (1987, Holland)

"TNT: Tell No Tales" roars into the Norwegian Hard Rock Glam Metal scene on the 12" LP Vinyl Album. This third studio album by the band TNT showcases their sonic evolution. Released with hard-hitting riffs and glam metal flair, "Tell No Tales" solidifies TNT's place in the hard rock landscape. With each track, the album narrates a musical saga that captures the essence of the band's creative zenith during this era, leaving an indelible mark on Norwegian rock history.

Toad - Baby You / I'm Going

TOAD - Baby You / I'm Going

"Toad: Baby You b/w I'm Going" graces the 7" Picture Sleeve Vinyl Single, a 1977 release by the Swiss Acid/Psych band. Led by singer and guitarist Vic Vergeat, Toad delivers a sonic journey with this single. The tracks "Baby You" and "I'm Going" showcase the band's acid-infused sound, captured within the grooves of this vinyl. The picture sleeve adds visual allure to this vintage release, making it a cherished item for collectors of Toad's psychedelic rock era.

Hallelujah X 656
Toad - Best of Toad

TOAD - Best of Toad (1978, Switzerland)

This is the extremely rare and hard to find Swiss release of "Best of Toad" Because of the small market size in Switzerland(more often record were imported from Germany, France, or Holland) , This Swiss edition was pressed in limited quantities

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tokyo blade ( british heavy metal / nwobhm , Country ) Vinyl Records Discography


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TOM WAITS ( Rock / Jazz-Rock , USA ) Vinyl Records Discography & Photo Gallery


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TORCH ( Heavy MetaL, Sweden ) Vinyl Records Discography & Photo Gallery

Torch is a Heavy Metal band from Sweden and is evolving from the former "Black Widow" band. Torch has been active from the year 1980 until 1986 and resurrected in 2003. Here you will find the albums they released from 1982 until 1984.


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Peaceville – VILE 5


TORANAGA - Bastard Ballads ( 1989 United Kingdom ) New Web-Page  

Toranaga was a British Thrash Metal ( NWOBHM ) band from Bradford, West Yorkshire, England. The band was formed in 1985 and complete in 1988 with  Andy Mitchell ( Guitars ), Steve Todd ( Drums ),  Andy Burton ( Bass Guitar ) and  Mark Duffy ( Singer ). "Bastard Ballads" is their official debut album and was released in 1988.

No Colours Records NC 071

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TORRENT Between The Stones Limited Edition

This album "TORRENT Between The Stones Limited Edition" is the work of the two masterminds of the bands Judas Iscariot and Nargaroth, namely Akhenaten and Kanwulf (Ash), work together on material that does not fit to either of the bands.   Limited Edition of 666 copies, each copy individually and manually numbered.

CBS 32222

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TOTO - Hydra (1979, Holland) ,

"Toto: Hydra" sails into the realm of USA Pop-Rock on the 12" Vinyl LP Album. Released with a blend of craftsmanship and pop-rock sensibilities, this album showcases Toto's musical versatility. "Hydra" solidifies their position in the pop-rock landscape with tracks that capture the band's signature sound. Each groove on the vinyl resonates with Toto's ability to blend intricate musicality and catchy melodies, making "Hydra" a notable chapter in their discography.

CBS 85529

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TOTO - IV (1982, Holland).

With Toto IV, the band struck back at critics and disenchanted fans alike, delivering one of the most commercially successful records of the 80s. Producing the smash-hits "Africa" and "Rosanna", Toto IV rocketed the band into instant international stardom. Toto IV was awarded 6 Grammy Awards, including "Record of the Year" for "Rosanna", "Album of the Year" for Toto IV, and "Producer of the Year" for the band. "Africa" topped the charts in February of '83 and was a constant presence on radios across the globe. Toto IV gained even more success with 3 other singles being released, "Make Believe", "I Won't Hold You Back", and "Waiting For Your Love".

Mausoleum Records - SKULL 8395

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TOX - Prince Of Darkness Skull (1985, Switzerland)

TOX was a heavy metal band from Germany that formed in the early 1980s. Their debut album, "Prince of Darkness," was recorded in December 1984 and January 1985 at Spygel Studios Kirchheim, Germany, and released in 1986. The album is available on 12" vinyl LP and contains nine tracks. T "Prince of Darkness" is a classic heavy metal album that features traditional heavy metal instrumentation, including guitars, bass, drums, and vocals. The production is clean and polished, with a focus on melodic guitar riffs and catchy choruses. The guitar solos are intricate and well-executed, adding a level of technicality to the album.

Virgin 208 414
T‘Pau- Bridge of Spies

T‘Pau - Bridge of Spies (1987, EEC Europe)

"Bridge of Spies" is the first album by British rock band T'Pau. It spent one week at #1 in the UK Albums Chart. As well as reaching Number One on the British album chart itself it also spawned five hit singles - "Heart and Soul" (also a Top 5 in the US), the best-selling Number One hit "China in Your Hand" (re-recorded especially for single release), "Valentine," a live version of "Sex Talk" (previously released in its original form as "Intimate Strangers") and "I Will Be With You.". T

FM Coast-To-Coast Revolver WKFMLP 108

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TRADIA - Trade Winds (1988, UK)

Tradia's "Trade Winds" is a captivating 12" vinyl LP album, released a UK pressing that encapsulates the band's unique fusion of traditional and contemporary folk music.

Island 85 807 IT

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TRAFFIC - Low spark of High Heeled Boys Die-Cut Cover

This album "The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys2 is the fifth studio album by English rock band Traffic, released in 1971. As with other Traffic albums, The Low Spark of High Heeled Boys featured different forms and offshoots of rock including jazz rock, progressive rock, as well as classic rock and roll. The name of the album's title track was suggested by the actor Michael J. Pollard.

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TRAFFIC - When the Eagle Flies

"When the Eagle Flies" is the 1974 studio album by the English Prog Rock band "TRAFFIC". The album was produced by Chris Blackwell and features Jim Capaldi, Rosko Gee, Steve Winwood, Chris Wood and partially Rebop Kwaku Baah.

TORRID 88581-5002

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TRASH BROADWAY - Trash Broadway S/T Self-Titled (1989)

"Trash Broadway," an American Rock (Glam Metal) band, introduces their self-titled debut on the 12" Vinyl LP Album. This singular official release marks a noteworthy chapter in their musical journey. Each track resonates with the glam metal spirit, showcasing Trash Broadway's sonic prowess. The album stands as a testament to their contribution to the glam metal genre, encapsulated within the grooves of this self-titled LP.

CBS S 64168
TREES - On The Shore

TREES - On The Shore (1970, England)

Trees was an English folk rock band that existed between 1969 and 1972. Although the group met with little commercial success in their time, the reputation of the band has grown over the years. Like other folk contemporaries, Trees' music was influenced by "Fairport Convention", but with a heavier and more psychedelic edge. The group's material was divided between adaptations of traditional songs and original compositions.

This album "On The Shore" features cover artwork by the Hipgnosis studio.

CBS S 63837 thumbnail of front cover

TREES - Garden of Jane Delawney (1970, England)

"The Garden of Jane Delawney" is the debut album of British folk rock band Trees. Whilst nearly every song on the album appears to be a traditional folk song, this is actually only the case for about half of them, the others having been penned for the album by front-man Bias Boshell. The title track is a particularly good example of his apparent talent for writing songs that sounded like they had existed for hundreds of years as folk songs.


T.REX (Tyrannosaurus Rex) ( Glam Rock, England ) Vinyl Records Discography & Photo Gallery


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TRIUMPH (Canada) - Vinyl Record Collection

HARVEST 1C 062.29 441  

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TRIUMVIRAT - Mediterranean Tales / Across the Waters

"Triumvirat: Mediterranean Tales / Across the Waters" sets sail on the 12" Vinyl, bearing the debut voyage of the German progressive rock group. Released with the catalog number 1C 064-29441, this album marks the inception of Triumvirat's musical odyssey. Each track within "Mediterranean Tales" unfolds across the vinyl, showcasing the band's early exploration of progressive rock. This debut album stands as a significant milestone, laying the foundation for Triumvirat's enduring legacy in the realm of progressive rock.

Capitol ST-11551

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TRIUMVIRAT - Old Loves Die Hard (1976, Canda) .

Triumvirat was a German progressive rock trio that formed in 1969 in Cologne, Germany. The founding members were: keyboardist/composer Hans-Jürgen (later simply Jürgen) Fritz , drummer/lyricist Hans Bathelt, and bassist Werner Frangenberg.

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trust ( hard rock / heavy metal , france ) Vinyl Records Discography

TRUST is a Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band from Paris, France it was formed by Bernard "Bernie" Bonvoisin (vocals, lyricist), Norbert "Nono" Krief (guitar, composer), Raymond "Ray" Manna (bass guitar) and Jean-Émile "Jeannot" Hanela (drums) in 1977. TRUST had it's main period 1977 until 1985, during which they released 9 Official albums.

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Mausoleum Records – SKULL 8394

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New Entry TSA - Heavy Metal World Skull (1985, Belgium)

"TSA: Heavy Metal World" thunders onto the Skull Mausoleum Records 12" LP Album Vinyl, representing the third full-length release by the Polish Heavy Metal band. This English version, released as a Limited Edition of 7000 copies, showcases TSA's metal prowess. With each track, "Heavy Metal World" immerses listeners in the sonic realm of Polish heavy metal, solidifying TSA's place in the genre. The limited edition status adds exclusivity to this classic album, making it a prized possession for metal enthusiasts.

Enigma 3263
T.S.O.L (True Sounds of Liberty) - Hit and Run

T.S.O.L (True Sounds of Liberty) - Hit and Run (1987, Netherlands)

"T.S.O.L: True Sounds of Liberty" unleashes "Hit and Run" on the 12" Vinyl LP Album, a landmark in their discography. The band's sonic rebellion permeates this release, showcasing their punk prowess. With tracks like "Hit and Run," T.S.O.L solidifies their place in punk history. The vinyl format adds a gritty authenticity to the experience, making this album a resonant emblem of T.S.O.L's contribution to the punk genre. Each groove captures the rebellious spirit of True Sounds of Liberty.

Enigma Records , Torrance CA, Wishbone WBLP 1

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TSUNAMI - S/T Self-Titled (1983)

"Tsunami: S/T Self-Titled" crashes onto the 12" LP Vinyl Album, serving as the debut release by the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band Tsunami. Adorned with a gatefold cover, this album unfolds as a sonic force. Each track resonates with the power and intensity characteristic of hard rock and heavy metal. The vinyl format, coupled with the gatefold cover, enhances the collector's experience, making this debut album a compelling chapter in Tsunami's journey through the realms of rock and metal.

Island Records / Megaforce Worldwide 90521

T.T. QUICK - Metal of Honor

T.T. QUICK - Metal of Honor (1986, USA)

TT Quick's "Metal of Honor" is an iconic 12" LP vinyl album that exemplifies the raw power and energy of American heavy metal in the mid-1980s. Released in 1986, this debut album marked the beginning of a promising career for the New Jersey-based band, led by guitarist David Dipietro and vocalist Mark Tornillo. With its blistering guitar solos, aggressive vocals, and thunderous rhythm section, "Metal of Honor" quickly gained recognition among metalheads and became a classic of the genre.

NOISE 0113-1

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TURBO - Last Warrior (Poland) (1988,Germany)

Turbo is a Polish Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal band from Pozna?, Poland. Active since 1980 until today with a couple of breaks. In the early 1980s their they performed in the Polish, near the end of the 1980s the changed into using the English Language.

"Turbo - Last Warrior" is their sixth full length album and the first album in English.

Twisted Sister - Big Hits and Nasty Cuts The Best of Twisted Sister

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MCA Records 203 671

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TYGERS of PAN TANG - Spellbound (1981)

This album "TYGERS of PAN TANG - Spellbound" is the second album by British heavy metal band Tygers of Pan Tang, produced in 1981 on MCA. Spellbound is the first of two full length Tygers of Pan Tang albums to feature John Sykes, who later joined "Thin Lizzy" and "Whitesnake". "Gangland" was covered by German thrash metal band Kreator in 1987 on their "Behind the Mirror" single and on 1988 EP Out of the Dark ... Into the Light.

Noise N 0055
Tyran' Pace - Watching You  

TYRAN' PACE - Watching You (1986, Germany)

"Tyrant's Pace: Watching You" commands attention on the 12" Vinyl LP Album, a magnetic force in the metal realm. The album, complete with an original custom inner sleeve, delves into details, lyrics, and captivating photos of Tyran' Pace. A must for metal enthusiasts, especially fans of Helloween, EdGuy, Gamma Ray, Primal Fear, and more, "Watching You" echoes with the raw energy and sonic intensity that defines the metal genre. This record stands as a collector's gem, preserving the spirit of Tyran' Pace's contribution to the metal legacy.



TYRANT ( Heavy Metal, germany ) Vinyl Records Discography

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