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Trust is a French rock band closely associated with both AC/DC and the New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

  TRUST is a Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band from Paris, France it was formed by Bernard "Bernie" Bonvoisin (vocals, lyricist), Norbert "Nono" Krief (guitar, composer), Raymond "Ray" Manna (bass guitar) and Jean-Émile "Jeannot" Hanela (drums) in 1977. TRUST had it's main succes period from 1977 until 1985, during which they released 9 Official albums.

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TRUST Band Description:

TRUST is a French rock band that has been active since 1977. The band is known for its hard-hitting rock sound and politically charged lyrics, which often address issues of social injustice, corruption, and the struggles of the working class. TRUST has been an influential force in the French music scene, and their music has inspired generations of fans and musicians alike.

TRUST was formed in 1977 in Nanterre, a suburb of Paris, by vocalist Bernie Bonvoisin and guitarist Norbert "Nono" Krief. The band's early lineup also included bassist Raymond Manna and drummer Jean-Emile Hanela. Their first album, "L'Elite," was released in 1979 and quickly established the band's reputation as a political and social force in French rock music. The album's title track, which criticized the elite classes and their greed and corruption, became an instant classic and a rallying cry for French youth.

TRUST's second album, "Repression," was released in 1980 and continued in the same politically charged vein as their debut. The album's lead single, "Antisocial," was a scathing indictment of social injustice and inequality, and it remains one of the band's most popular and enduring songs. The track has been covered by numerous artists over the years and is still a staple of TRUST's live performances.

Over the years, TRUST has released numerous albums and undergone several lineup changes. However, their commitment to social and political issues has remained a constant theme in their music. The band has continued to address issues such as poverty, racism, and corruption, and their songs have resonated with audiences across France and beyond.

In addition to their music, TRUST is also known for their dynamic live performances. The band's concerts are high-energy affairs, with Bonvoisin's intense stage presence and Krief's blistering guitar solos wowing audiences time and again. TRUST's live shows are legendary in France and have been attended by millions of fans over the years.

Despite their success, TRUST has faced numerous challenges over the years. In the early 1980s, the band was criticized by some for their confrontational lyrics and aggressive sound, and they were even banned from French radio and television for a time. However, TRUST refused to back down, and their fans rallied around them, supporting the band through thick and thin.

Today, TRUST is still going strong, with a loyal fan base and a reputation as one of the most important bands in French rock history. The band's influence can be heard in the work of countless French musicians, and their music continues to inspire and challenge listeners to this day.  

TRUST's Discography: Hard-Hitting Rock with a Social Conscience, Inspiring Generations of Fans and Musicians
TRUST - Marche Ou Crève 12" Vinyl LP
TRUST - Marche Ou Crève album front cover vinyl record

In the heart of the early 1980s, amidst a wave of social unrest and economic uncertainty in France, a hard rock band named Trust emerged, their raw energy and rebellious spirit resonating with a generation disillusioned by the status quo. Their 1981 album, "Marche ou Crève" (Walk or Die), became an anthem

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TRUST - Paris by Night 12" Vinyl LP
TRUST - Paris by Night album front cover vinyl record

"Paris by Night" arrived at a time when French rock music was experiencing a resurgence, fueled by a desire for authenticity and a rejection of mainstream trends. Trust, with their uncompromising sound and provocative lyrics, embodied this spirit, channeling the frustrations and aspirations of a generation.

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TRUST - Repression 12" Vinyl LP
TRUST - Repression album front cover vinyl record

"Répression" is a dichotomous creation, reflecting the band's vision and their desire to appeal to a wider audience. The album was released in two distinct versions: the French iteration, titled "Répression", with catalog number CBS 84 318, and the English version, "Repression", with catalog number CBS EPC 84811.

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TRUST - Rock 'n' Roll 12" Vinyl LP
TRUST - Rock 'n' Roll album front cover vinyl record

The 1984 TRUST Rock 'n' Roll 12" LP Vinyl Album is a classic album that showcases the talent of one of the most iconic French rock bands of the 1980s. The album was released on 30 November 1984, and was the band's fourth studio album. It features nine tracks that demonstrate the band's signature sound

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TRUST - S/T Self-Titled (Three Versions)
TRUST - S/T Self-Titled (Three Versions) album front cover vinyl record

Emerging amidst the economic and social turmoil of the late 1970s, Trust's raw, aggressive sound and socially conscious lyrics resonated with a youth grappling with unemployment, political unrest, and a sense of alienation. While drawing inspiration from classic heavy metal bands like Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin

- S/T Self-Titled (1983, Europe) - S/T Self-Titled (1978, France) TRUST - Self-Titled (L'Élite)