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Titanic a group composed of four Norwegians and one Englishman who have travelled all over Europe and as fas as Israel before settling down in Paris. These web-page list the vinyl LP discography of the band: Titanic. Each record/album is listed in chronological/alphabetical order of Album-name. Please feel free to contact me with any additonal information you have on this Titanic discography

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On the discography listing below you will find TITANIC ( Prog Rock, Norway ) vinyl records released during the 1970s and 1980s. For each record you will have the record company's catalognr, album title, year and country of release. Complete information for each record can be viewed by selecting the corresponding links. Albums have been ordered in ascending alphabetical order of the album titles.

TITANIC Band Description:

In the realm of rock history, few bands have experienced a transformation as dramatic and geographically sprawling as Titanic. This Norwegian prog rock outfit, which would go on to achieve international recognition, had its humble beginnings in Oslo in the mid-1960s. However, the story of Titanic isn't merely about a band's evolution; it's a tale of transcending borders and boundaries to craft a unique musical legacy.

The Birth of Titanic in Oslo

Titanic's journey commenced under the moniker "Beatnicks". Founded in 1965 in Oslo, Norway, Beatnicks were initially a local band enjoying a fair share of success within the Norwegian music scene. However, destiny had something grander in store for this ensemble. It wasn't long before Beatnicks underwent a significant transformation.

The English Connection: Roy Robinson

The turning point for Beatnicks came when Roy Robinson, an Englishman from Manchester, joined the band. Robinson's powerful and soulful vocals added a new dimension to the group's sound. His presence marked the beginning of a profound metamorphosis for the band.

The Transition to Titanic

Beatnicks adopted the name "Titanic", which was undoubtedly symbolic of the remarkable journey they were about to embark upon. Titanic began to develop a unique sound characterized by intricate compositions, complex arrangements, and thought-provoking lyrics. Their music resonated with fans who appreciated the fusion of rock and progressive elements.

Leaving Home: The Paris Sojourn

As Titanic's music evolved, so did their aspirations. They realized that to achieve greater recognition and success, they needed to venture beyond the borders of Norway. In 1970, Titanic made a bold move by relocating to France, France. This decision was emblematic of their commitment to their craft and their willingness to explore new horizons.

France offered Titanic a diverse and music scene, providing ample opportunities for exposure and collaboration. The band's distinctive sound found an appreciative audience in the heart of Europe. They began to perform at renowned venues, gaining traction and acclaim on the continent.

Crafting Their Legacy

Throughout their career, Titanic released several albums that showcased their musical prowess and artistic evolution. Notable among these is their eponymous album "Titanic" (1970) .

As they continued to release albums and tour extensively, Titanic solidified their reputation as a prominent act in the progressive rock scene of the early 1970s.

The Legacy Endures

Though Titanic may not be a household name today, their impact on the progressive rock genre and their journey from Oslo to France remains an intriguing and inspirational story. Their willingness to embrace change, explore new musical frontiers, and transcend national boundaries exemplifies the essence of rock 'n' roll - the pursuit of artistic expression without constraints.

The saga of Titanic, from a modest start in Oslo to their transformation into a progressive rock powerhouse in France, serves as a testament to the boundless possibilities that await those who dare to dream and create.

The Titanic Saga: From Oslo to France - The Journey of a Norwegian Prog Rock Band

TITANIC - Ballad of a Rock 'n' Roll Loser 12" Vinyl LP
TITANIC - Ballad of a Rock 'n' Roll Loser album front cover vinyl record

Released in 1975, "Ballad of a Rock 'n' Roll Loser" emerged during a time of transition in the music industry. The raw energy of punk was challenging established norms, while disco was dominating the charts. Titanic adapted to this changing landscape by exploring a more personal and emotional side

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TITANIC - The Best of Titanic 12" Vinyl LP
TITANIC - The Best of Titanic album front cover vinyl record

In 1975, Norwegian prog rock band Titanic released "Best of Titanic," a 12" vinyl LP compilation album that served as a retrospective of their musical journey. This compilation, while not a studio album, captured the essence of the band's progressive rock explorations and their contribution to the genre

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TITANIC - Eagle Rock 12" Vinyl LP
TITANIC - Eagle Rock  album front cover vinyl record

"Eagle Rock" emerged during a period when hard rock was experiencing a surge in popularity. Bands like Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, and Black Sabbath were dominating the airwaves with their powerful riffs and electrifying performances. Titanic, with their distinctive blend of hard rock, progressive element

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TITANIC - Eye of the Hurricane 12" Vinyl LP
TITANIC - Eye of the Hurricane album front cover vinyl record

In the late 1970s, amidst the fading glow of disco and the rise of punk and new wave, Norwegian rock band Titanic released their fourth studio album, "Eye of the Hurricane." This 12" vinyl LP album, presented in a gatefold cover, signaled a shift in the band's musical direction while capturing the changing tides

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TITANIC - Sea Wolf 12" Vinyl LP
TITANIC - Sea Wolf  album front cover vinyl record

"Sea Wolf" emerged during a time of great experimentation and diversity in rock music. Bands were blending genres, incorporating new instruments and technologies, and tackling social and political themes. Titanic, with their unique blend of progressive rock, hard rock, and even hints of funk and soul

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TITANIC - S/T Self-Titled 12" Vinyl LP
TITANIC - S/T  Self-Titled album front cover vinyl record

In the heart of the early 1970s, amidst a vibrant and evolving European music scene, the Norwegian-British rock band Titanic released their self-titled debut album. This 12" vinyl LP, a Dutch export release on the CBS Records label with the iconic "Walking Eye" logo, marked a significant moment

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