Tyrant BAND ( Heavy Metal, Germany ) Vinyl Records Discography 1984-1986

  This web-page shows the albums released by the German Heavy Metal band: TYRANT. This band was formed in Ulm around 1981.


Index of TYRANT Vinyl Album Discography and Album Cover Gallery

TYRANT - Fight for your life (12" LP)

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 Scratch Records – 941308 , 1986 , Germany

"Fight for your Life" is Tyrant's follow-up album of "Mean Machine" and Tyrant's second full length album.

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TYRANT - Mean Machine (12" LP)

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Mausoleum Records Skull 8366 +SUISA+ / LC 8920 , 1984 , Switzerland

This is the extremely rare and hard to find Swiss release of Tyrant's Mean Machine.

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TYRANT - Running Hot (12" LP)

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Scratch Records 802 072 , 1986 , Germany

L"Running Hot" is the third official full-length (LP) album by the German (Teutonic) Heavy Metal band "Tyrant".

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