Tyrant BAND ( Heavy Metal, Germany ) Vinyl Records Discography 1984-1986

  This web-page shows the albums released by the German Heavy Metal band: TYRANT. This band was formed in Ulm around 1981.


TYRANT Band Information:

Tyrant is a heavy metal band that hails from Pasadena, California. The band was formed in 1978 by guitarist and vocalist Greg May, bassist and vocalist Rocky Rockwell, and drummer Rob Roy. The band is known for its unique blend of heavy metal and progressive rock, as well as their highly theatrical live performances. In this web-page, we will explore the history, sound, and legacy of Tyrant.

Tyrant's early years were spent honing their sound and playing local shows in and around Los Angeles. Their first demo, titled "Hold Back the Lightning," was recorded in 1980 and received positive reviews from local metal fans. This demo caught the attention of Metal Blade Records, who signed the band and released their debut album, "Legions of the Dead," in 1985. The album showcased Tyrant's technical prowess and ambitious songwriting, earning the band a reputation as one of the most innovative bands in the heavy metal scene.

Tyrant's sound is characterized by a combination of heavy riffs, complex rhythms, and intricate guitar solos. The band's early material often featured extended instrumental passages and complex song structures, which set them apart from many of their peers in the heavy metal scene. The band's use of keyboards and synthesizers also added a progressive rock element to their sound, further distinguishing them from other heavy metal acts of the time.

One of Tyrant's signature songs is "Hold Back the Lightning," which features an extended instrumental section that showcases the band's technical prowess. The song's lyrics are also notable for their apocalyptic imagery, which was a recurring theme in Tyrant's music. Other notable songs from the band's early years include "The Battle of Armageddon," "Warriors of Metal," and "Fallen Angel."

Tyrant's live shows were highly theatrical and featured elaborate costumes, pyrotechnics, and other special effects. The band's stage presence was influenced by the theatricality of bands like Kiss and Alice Cooper, and their live shows were a major draw for fans of the heavy metal scene in Southern California.

Despite their critical acclaim and growing fan base, Tyrant faced numerous obstacles throughout their career. In the mid-1980s, the band was dropped by Metal Blade Records due to creative differences. They continued to tour and record independently, but struggled to achieve the same level of success they had enjoyed earlier in their career. By the early 1990s, the band had disbanded, with Greg May and Rocky Rockwell going on to form the band Abattoir.

Despite their relatively short career, Tyrant's influence on the heavy metal scene has been significant. The band's unique blend of heavy metal and progressive rock helped pave the way for other innovative bands like Dream Theater and Symphony X. Their technical prowess and ambitious songwriting also inspired countless musicians in the heavy metal scene and beyond.

In recent years, Tyrant has enjoyed a resurgence of interest from fans of the heavy metal scene. Their early albums have been reissued on vinyl and CD, and the band's legacy continues to inspire a new generation of musicians. Tyrant's music has also been featured in numerous documentaries and retrospectives on the history of heavy metal. 

Index of TYRANT Vinyl Album Discography and Album Cover Gallery

TYRANT - Fight for your life (12" LP)

Thumbnail Of  TYRANT - Fight for your life album front cover

 Scratch Records – 941308 , 1986 , Germany

  "TYRANT's 'Fight for Your Life,' the powerful follow-up to 'Mean Machine,' is a sonic battleground on SCRATCH Records. Produced by metal maestro Tom Krüger, the album showcases the band's unwavering intensity. Kerrmit's vocals lead a brotherhood of talent, crafting anthemic themes of resilience. A classic in its own right, 'Fight for Your Life' cements TYRANT's legacy, marrying raw energy with Krüger's refined touch.

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TYRANT - Mean Machine (12" LP)

Thumbnail Of  TYRANT - Mean Machine album front cover

Mausoleum Records Skull 8366 +SUISA+ / LC 8920 , 1984 , Switzerland

 This is the extremely rare and hard to find Swiss release of Tyrant's Mean Machine   Because of the small market size (more often record were imported from Germany, France, or Holland) in Switzerland, this Swiss edition was pressed in limited quantities   The stamper contains "Swiss Made" with the icon of a Swiss Crossbow

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TYRANT - Running Hot (12" LP)

Thumbnail Of  TYRANT - Running Hot album front cover

Scratch Records 802 072 , 1986 , Germany

"TYRANT's 'Running Hot' blazes a trail on SCRATCH Records, a 12" vinyl testament to German heavy metal prowess. Released as their third LP album, it ignites with scorching riffs and Kerrmit's commanding vocals. The sonic journey, produced by Tom Krüger, solidifies TYRANT's place in metal history. 'Running Hot' is a firestorm of musical intensity, a quintessential addition to any metal enthusiast's vinyl collection."

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