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"Emotional Rescue," the Rolling Stones' 1980 masterpiece, unveils a musical odyssey recorded in 1979 across Nassau, Paris, and New York City. Emerging from legal turmoil, Keith Richards' exoneration marked a pivotal moment. Helmed by the Glimmer Twins and engineered by Chris Kimsey, the album's diverse influences blend seamlessly. Peter Corriston's artistry on the cover complements this sonic journey, making it a timeless testament to the band's adaptability. This web-page has hi-res photos of the album covers, record label and a detailed description. 


large album front cover photo of: Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue

"Emotional Rescue" Album Description:

In the musical tapestry of the late 1970s, the Rolling Stones embarked on a significant journey that resulted in the creation of their album "Emotional Rescue." Recorded over the course of 1979, this iconic 12" Vinyl LP encapsulates a pivotal time for the band, marked by geographical transitions and legal triumphs. This expository article delves into the album's contextual background, production intricacies, and the artistic collaborations that shaped its sonic landscape.

Time Period's Context:

The late 1970s was a dynamic period in music history, witnessing the emergence of diverse genres and the evolution of rock music. Against this backdrop, the Rolling Stones, a band already deeply entrenched in the annals of rock, found themselves at a crossroads. The disco era was in full swing, punk rock was making waves, and the Stones, true to their nature, sought to adapt without compromising their signature sound.

1979 was a year of transition for the band, with recording sessions taking place in three distinctive locales—Nassau, Bahamas; Paris, France; and New York City, USA. Each setting infused its unique vibe into the album, contributing to the eclectic mix of influences that define "Emotional Rescue."

An intriguing facet of the album's temporal context lies in the legal saga of Keith Richards. The guitarist's exoneration from a Toronto drugs charge loomed large over the recording process, offering a sense of liberation and renewal. The specter of potential incarceration lifted, allowing Richards to fully engage in the creative process, shaping the album's narrative.

Production Odyssey:

At the helm of the recording process were the legendary Glimmer Twins—Mick Jagger and Keith Richards. Their collaborative production efforts, coupled with the adept engineering of Chris Kimsey, yielded a sonic journey that traversed the boundaries of rock, funk, and disco.

The decision to commence recording in Nassau, Bahamas, added a layer of exotic allure to the album. The tropical setting, with its sun-soaked landscapes and laid-back atmosphere, seeped into the music, creating a vibrant energy that permeates tracks like "Dance Pt. 1" and "Summer Romance."

Paris, a city renowned for its artistic inspiration, became another crucible for the album's production. The European influence is palpable in the sophisticated arrangements and nuanced instrumentation of tracks such as "Indian Girl" and the titular "Emotional Rescue."

The final touches, including end-of-year overdubbing, were applied in the bustling metropolis of New York City. This urban backdrop injected an urban grittiness into certain tracks, completing the album's kaleidoscopic journey.

Peter Corriston's contribution to the album extended beyond the auditory realm. The album cover design, a visual manifestation of the music within, mirrored the eclectic fusion of influences. Its vibrant colors and abstract imagery captured the essence of "Emotional Rescue," adding a visual dimension to the album's narrative.

Music Genre:

 Rock Blues Music 
 Album Production: 

Recorded throughout 1979, first in Nassau, Bahamas, then Paris, with some end-of-year overdubbing in New York City, Emotional Rescue was the first Rolling Stones album recorded following Keith Richards' exoneration from a Toronto drugs charge that could have landed him in jail for years.

Engineer: Chris Kimsey , Produced by the Glimmer Twins.

Album cover design by Peter Corriston

Record Label Information:

 Rolling Stones records 1C 064-63 774 / Musidor / Promotone BV  
Packaging: This album includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by The Rolling Stones.

Media Format:

 12" LP Vinyl Gramophone Record 

Year & Country:

  1980 Made in Germany  
Band Members and Musicians on: Rolling Stones Emotional Rescue
    The Rolling Stones Band:
  • Mick Jagger
  • Keith Richards
  • Charlie Watts
  • Ron Wood

    Ron Wood (Full-name: Ronald David Wood) an English guitarist and bassist, and member of the Rolling Stones, one of the most influential and successful rock and roll bands in history. Wood was born in Hillington, England, in 1947 and began his career as a guitarist in several blues and rock and roll bands. He joined the Rolling Stones in 1975 as a guitarist and has been a member of the band ever since.


     Wood is known for his versatile guitar playing style, which is characterized by its bluesy sound and ability to play in a variety of musical styles. He has been praised for his ability to add unique elements to the band's sound and for his ability to complement the other musicians in the band. He is also known for his energetic and flamboyant stage presence, which has helped to make the Rolling Stones one of the greatest and most enduring live bands in the world.

     In addition to his work with the Rolling Stones, Wood has also pursued a successful solo career, releasing several critically acclaimed solo albums, including "I've Got My Own Album to Do" and "Gimme Some Neck." He has also collaborated with a wide range of musicians, including Rod Stewart, Jeff Beck, and The Faces. Despite his success, Wood remains a humble and unassuming person who is widely respected and admired by fans and musicians alike.

     Ronald David Wood was born in Hillingdon, Greater London, England, United Kingdom on 1/6/1947.

     His partner is Katia Ivanova. He married Krissy Findlay in 1971. He married Jo Karslake in 1985. On 21 December 2012, he married Sally Humphreys. He was 24 years old when he married Krissy Findlay. He was 38 years old when he married Jo Karslake. He was 65 years old when he married Sally Humphreys. He got divorced from Katia Ivanova in 2008. He got divorced from Krissy Findlay in 1978. He got divorced from Jo Karslake in 2009. He has one son with Krissy Findlay: Jesse Wood. He has two children with Sally Humphreys: Alice Rose Wood 30 May 2016, Gracie Jane Wood 30 May 2016. He has three children with Jo Karslake: Jamie Wood, Tyrone Wood, Leah Wood.

     His partner Krissy Findlay died on 2005.

  • Bill Wyman
  • Ian Stewart

    Ian Stewart - Piano (full-name: Ian Andrew Robert Stewart, co-founder of the Rolling Stones and active band-member until 1963. Later he became their road-manager and guest musician on piano, organ, marimba and percussion and has been performed with many other bands including George Thorogood, Led Zeppelin and others)

  • Bobby Keys
  • Nicky Hopkins

    Nicky Hopkins - Piano (full-name: Nicholas Christian Hopkins a well-known British pianist having worked with "The Rolling Stones" , "The Kinks", "The Who", "Jeff Beck Group", "Quicksilver Messenger Service", "Screaming Lord Sutch's Savages", "Cyril Davies (R&B) All-Stars", "The Beatles" , "Jefferson Airplane" and others)

  • Sugar Blue
  • Michael Shrieve
  • Max Romeo
Track Listing of: Rolling Stones Emotional Rescue
    Side One:
  1. Dance
  2. Summer Romance
  3. Send it to me
  4. Let me go
  5. Indian Girl
    Side Two:
  1. Where the boys go
  2. Down in the Hole
  3. Emotional Rescure
  4. She's so Cold
  5. All About You

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Front Cover Photo Of Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue
Front Cover Photo Of Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue


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Photo Of The Back Cover Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue
Photo of album back cover Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue


Close up of Side One Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue record's label
Close up of Side One Rolling Stones - Emotional Rescue


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