"Just Another Night" is a 7" 45 RPM PS Single Vinyl featuring Mick Jagger's hit song. Released in 1985, it serves as the lead single from his debut album, "She's the Boss". Jagger's distinctive vocals and the song's catchy melody make it a standout track that captures the essence of his solo career, delighting fans and earning its place in music history. This web-page has hi-res photos of the picture sleeve.


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"Just Another Night" Album Description:

In the mid-1980s, the music scene witnessed the emergence of Mick Jagger as a solo artist with the release of the 7" 45 RPM PS Single Vinyl titled "Just Another Night." This musical masterpiece, encapsulating the spirit of its time, served as the lead single from Jagger's inaugural solo album, "She's the Boss."

The year 1985 marked a significant period in the evolution of music, with artists experimenting and pushing the boundaries of their creativity. As the frontman of the iconic Rolling Stones, Mick Jagger embarked on a solo journey that showcased his distinct musical prowess. "Just Another Night" stands as a testament to Jagger's ability to craft compelling songs that resonate across genres.

Released during a time when vinyl records were still a dominant medium for music consumption, the 7" 45 RPM PS Single Vinyl format provided a tangible and intimate experience for listeners. The physicality of the record, coupled with the cover art, added an extra layer of engagement to the overall musical experience.

The track itself is a sonic exploration of Jagger's musical identity outside the Rolling Stones. His unmistakable vocals take center stage, weaving a narrative that reflects both personal and universal themes. The lyrics, accompanied by a catchy melody, contribute to the song's enduring appeal.

"Just Another Night" not only showcased Jagger's vocal prowess but also featured a production style that echoed the trends of the era. The use of synthesizers, electronic elements, and a polished sound marked a departure from the raw and gritty rock 'n' roll characteristic of the Rolling Stones. This shift highlighted Jagger's adaptability and willingness to embrace the contemporary sounds of the 1980s.

The accompanying music video, a visual spectacle in its own right, added an extra layer of storytelling to the song. The video's aesthetics and cinematography reflected the MTV era, aligning with the changing landscape of music consumption and promotion.

As a lead single from "She's the Boss," "Just Another Night" set the tone for Jagger's solo career, laying the foundation for subsequent releases. The album as a whole showcased his versatility as an artist, exploring various musical styles and themes.

Music Genre:

 English Pop Rock 
Trivia: The model on the cover of Mick Jagger's "Just Another Night" 7" single is unidentified. The photo was taken by Erica Lennard, who also photographed the single's back cover and inside sleeve. The sleeve design was created by Peter Corriston.

Media Format:

 7" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record 

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