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  Noise International (a division of Modern Music) was a division of Modern Musik. Noise International produced mainly German Metal bands and included Helloween, Tankard, Kreator and others.

"Noise International" Company Description:

In the vibrant tapestry of the European metal scene, one cannot overlook the indelible mark left by Noise International, a division of Modern Musik. This epochal chapter in the history of metal saw the emergence of iconic German bands like Helloween, Tankard, Kreator, and others, forging a sonic legacy that resonates to this day.

Origins of Noise International:

The genesis of Noise International can be traced back to the early 1980s when Modern Musik, a visionary music label, recognized the burgeoning potential of the German metal landscape. With a keen ear for talent and an unwavering commitment to the genre, Noise International was conceived as a specialized division dedicated to curating and promoting the best of German metal.

Rise of German Metal:

The 1980s marked a pivotal period for the global metal scene, and Germany emerged as a powerhouse within this musical revolution. Thrash and speed metal were gaining momentum, and Noise International, with its finger on the pulse of the movement, became a driving force behind the ascent of German metal bands.

Helloween: The Pioneers of Power Metal

At the forefront of Noise International's portfolio stood Helloween, a band that would redefine the landscape of power metal. With their melodic prowess and intricate compositions, Helloween's albums under the Noise International banner, such as "Keeper of the Seven Keys," became landmarks in the genre, influencing countless bands worldwide.

Tankard: Thrashing the Norms

Noise International also embraced the raw intensity of thrash metal through bands like Tankard. With their relentless energy and social commentary, Tankard's albums like "Chemical Invasion" exemplified the uncompromising spirit of German thrash, earning them a dedicated global fanbase.

Kreator: Teutonic Titans of Thrash

Another jewel in Noise International's crown was Kreator, a band that played a pivotal role in shaping the thrash metal landscape. Albums like "Pleasure to Kill" and "Extreme Aggression" showcased Kreator's technical prowess and uncompromising aggression, solidifying their status as Teutonic titans of thrash.

Cultural Impact and Legacy:

Noise International's contribution to German metal extended beyond music; it became a cultural phenomenon. The label's meticulous approach to production, promotion, and artist development laid the foundation for the global recognition of German metal as a distinct and influential force.

Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title

Noise – N 001

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BITCH - Be My Slave ( 1983 Germany ) New Web-Page    

"Be My Slave," Bitch's debut 12" Vinyl LP Album, is a seminal work in American heavy metal. Produced by Phil Pecora and executive produced by Brian Slagel, the album, released in the mid-1980s, showcases Bitch's unique blend of theatricality and powerful vocals by Betsy Bitch. With Bill Metoyer as the sound engineer, the album's sonic richness and enduring legacy solidify its place in metal history.

N 003

Various Artists - Genres - Metal Rock From Hell - German Metal Attack

N 004

Rated X [DEU] Rock Blooded

N 006

Sampler LP with Running Wild, Hellhammer, Dark Avenger, HELLOWEEN

N 007

Grave Digger Heavy Metal Breakdown 12" vinyl LP

GRAVE DIGGER - Heavy Metal Breakdown

  "Heavy Metal Breakdown" is the first official full-length (debut) recording, released by the Germany Heavy Metal band "Grave Digger", this album was originally released in 1984. It is considered a classic in the power metal genre and features fast-paced, heavy guitar riffs and driving drum beats, as well as high-pitched vocal delivery and fantasy-themed lyrics. The album has become a cult classic and is regarded as one of the early pioneers of power metal.

N 007-PR

Rage - The Missing Link

N 008

Hellhammer - Apocalyptic Raids

N 0010

Running Wild - Victim of State's Power

N 0011

S.A.D.O. - Shout

N 0012
Running Wild - Gates to Purgatory

RUNNING WILD - Gates to Purgatory New Web-Page  

Running Wild's debut album, "Gates to Purgatory," released in 1984, marked a pivotal moment in heavy metal history. Predating their famed pirate themes, the album delved into satanic influences, creating a raw and rebellious sound. With haunting lyrics and iconic cover art, the album set the stage for Running Wild's future success, influencing subsequent metal bands and cementing its place as a pioneering force in the genre.

N 0013

Sinner Danger Zone

N 0014

Vicious Circle [GER] Take It

N 0015

Crown - Red Zone

N 0016

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GRAVE DIGGER - Shoot Her Down (1984)

Grave Digger's "Shoot Her Down" 12" White Label LP, a rare gem on White Noise International Label, encapsulates the band's early heavy metal prowess. The track's anthemic energy and the exclusive white label format make it a coveted collector's item. With a rich history in the making, this vinyl release stands as a testament to Grave Digger's enduring legacy and a cherished piece of heavy metal history.

N 0017

Celtic Frost - Morbid Tales Mini LP

N 0018

Ballantinez Charged

N 0019

Warrant [DEU] First Strike

Noise N0020

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GRAVE DIGGER - Witch Hunter (1985)

Grave Digger's 1985 album"Witch Hunter" is a classic in the German heavy metal scene. This album is widely regarded as one of the band's best works, and for good reason. It features powerful and energetic performances, memorable riffs and solos, and an overall sense of epicness that has made it a favorite among fans of traditional heavy metal.

N 0021
HELLOWEEN - self-titled debut album MLP

HELLOWEEN - HELLOWEEN self-titled (mini-LP) (1985)

Helloween's self-titled debut, released on 26 May 1985, stands as a pivotal moment in power metal history. Produced by Harris Johns, the mini-LP showcased the band's fusion of speed and melody. With tracks like "Starlight" and "Murderer," it left an indelible mark on the metal scene, influencing a new wave of bands. This iconic album remains a testament to Helloween's innovation and enduring impact on the genre.

N 0022
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VA VARIOUS ARTISTS - Metal Attack Vol. 1 (1985)

  This album includes many unreleased tracks by the Best of Germany Heavy Metal, recorded during the "MORDBID TALES" recording sessions for the NOISE International Record Label. This album is a Compilation with Celtic Frost, Grave Digger, Running Wild, Helloween, Warrant, Sinner.

N 0023

Warrant [DEU] The Enforcer

N 0024

Celtic Frost - Emperor's Return

N 0025
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KREATOR - Endless Pain (1985)

"Endless Pain" is the debut (first) full-length album released by the Teutonic (German) Thrash Metal band "KREATOR". It was released in October 1985 under "Noise records N 0025". Executive producer was "Karl-Ulrich Walterbach" and production, sound engineering was managed by "Harris Johns". The album cover painting was done by "Phil Lawvere", and the band photo on the back cover by "Fred Baumgart".


SINNER Touch of Sin

SINNER - Touch of Sin (1985, Germany) New Web-Page  

This album "SINNER Touch of Sin" is the 4th full length album by this band.

The album "Touch of Sin" by "Sinner" was recorded June-July 1985 at the Soundhouse (Soundhaus) studio in Hamburg, Germany. Sound engineering was in the hands of Dirk Steffens. Matt Sinner. Dirk Steffens took care of the production, while Karl-Ulrich Walterbach was the executive producer.

N 0027

Tyran Pace - Long Live Metal

N 0028

Sinner - Bad Girl / The Storm Broke Loose

N 0029

Sinner - Out of Control / Bad Girl / The Shiver

N 0030
Running Wild - Branded and Exiled

RUNNING WILD- Branded and Exiled

"Branded and Exiled" (1985), Running Wild's pivotal album, marked the debut of guitarist Majk Moti and defined the Pirate Metal genre. With Rolf Kasparek's visionary songwriting, the album blended traditional heavy metal with maritime themes, unleashing tales of rebellion and adventure. Released under Noise Records, the collaboration catapulted the band to international acclaim.

N 0031
Celtic Frost	- To Mega Therion

Swiss release thumbnail CELTIC FROST - To Mega Therion

Celtic Frost's 1985 debut album, "To Mega Therion," revolutionized thrash metal with its avant-garde blend of doom and gothic elements. The iconic album cover, a surreal masterpiece by Swiss artist H.R. Giger, added a visual dimension to the band's unorthodox sound. This artistic synergy between Celtic Frost's sonic innovation and Giger's biomechanical aesthetic created a timeless masterpiece that continues to influence and captivate audiences worldwide.

N 0032
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HELLOWEEN - Walls Of Jericho

Helloween's 1985 release, 'Walls of Jericho,' epitomized the birth of power metal. Crafted by guitarist Kai Hansen and vocalist Michael Weikath, the album melded speed, melody, and fantasy-themed lyrics. Its impact reverberated, influencing the genre's trajectory. This iconic work remains a cornerstone in the evolution of power metal, leaving an indelible mark on heavy metal history.

N 0033

Rosy Vista You Better Believe It

N 0034

Grave Digger War Games

N 0035
Overkill	- Feel the Fire

OVERKILL - Feel the Fire

"Feel the Fire" is the debut album by American thrash metal band Overkill, released by Megaforce Records in 1985. The band spent the better part of 1985 and 1986 on the Feel the Fire tour, beginning as a support act for Megadeth's "Peace Sells US tour" and later in Europe with Anthrax and Agent Steel 

N 0036

Sinner - Born to Rock / Masquerade

N 0037
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KREATOR - Pleasure to Kill

Kreator's "Pleasure to Kill," a thrash metal masterpiece, encapsulates aggression through intense vocals, relentless riffs, and controversial themes. This 12" Vinyl LP Album, the original first edition, delivers an auditory onslaught. Released with a postcard, it stands as a relic of thrash history, showcasing the band's uncompromising musical prowess and their impact on the metal scene.

Noise – N 0038

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RAGE - Reign of Fear (1986, West-Germany)

"Reign of Fear" is the first full-length album by the German Heavy Metal band "Rage". Previously the band has released two recordings using the band-name. "Avenger". Because there was already an English band called "Avenger" they decided to change their name in "Rage"

N 0039

Pain [DEU] Insanity

N 0040


The album features the band's signature mix of thrash metal, progressive metal, punk, and experimental rock, and is notable for its complex arrangements, intricate guitar work, and imaginative soundscapes. The album received positive reviews from fans and critics, who praised its aggressive, energetic, and dynamic sound.

N 0041

Celtic Frost - Tragic Serenades

N 0043
Helstar	Remnants Of War

HELSTAR - Remnants of War (1986)

"Remnants of War" is the second album by the American Heavy Metal band Helstar and wasreleased by Combat Records in 1986. It was recorded following a lineup change and a change of studio to Mad Dog Studios in California. This album has originally been released on Combat Records (MX 8052), this version has been licensed to Noise International for the German market.

N 044

Deathrow Riders of Doom

N 0044

Deathrow Satan's Gift

N 0045
ABATTOIR - The Only Safe Place

ABATTOIR - The Only Safe Place

The album features the band's signature mix of thrash metal, progressive metal, punk, and experimental rock, and is notable for its complex arrangements, intricate guitar work, and imaginative soundscapes. The album received positive reviews from fans and critics, who praised its aggressive, energetic, and dynamic sound.

N 0046
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TANKARD - Zombie Attack

"Zombie Attack" marked Tankard's 1986 debut in the German thrash metal scene. This 12" Vinyl LP, adorned with James Warhola's vivid zombie-themed cover art and Fred Baumgart's dynamic photography, delivered an explosive sonic onslaught. A product of the burgeoning thrash movement, the album's intense tracks, including the titular "Zombie Attack," solidified Tankard's place as a seminal force. The album's enduring influence cements its status as a classic in European thrash metal history.

N 0047
Kreator - Flag of Hate

KREATOR - Flag of Hate

Kreator's 1986 "Flag of Hate" 12" vinyl LP, a pinnacle of German thrash metal, holds historical significance. The album, with its iconic cover, features three intense tracks, including the exclusive "Awakening of the Gods" on Side B. Recorded at Musiclab Studios in Berlin under the guidance of producer Harris Johns, the original issue captures the raw energy of the mid-'80s thrash scene, making it a prized gem for collectors and fans.

N 0048
Helloween	- Judas Maxi-single

HELLOWEEN - Judas / Ride The Sky / Guardians

The HELLOWEEN 12" Vinyl EP Album featuring "Judas," "Ride The Sky," and "Guardians" holds historical significance as the band's inaugural release. Initially absent of a barcode, subsequent re-issues incorporated this feature. This artifact showcases the band's early artistic prowess and the evolution of album production practices, marking a pivotal moment in HELLOWEEN's musical journey.

N 0049

Sinner - Comin' Out Fighting

N 0050 PD

Voivod - Thrashing Rage

N 0051

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The illustration on the front cover of a warrior carrying a sword in front of this head was by Frank Brunner is an American comics artist and illustrator best known for his work at Marvel Comics in the 1970s. Brunner has illustrated record album covers for: Faithful Breath, Mandator, Necronomicon and Veto.

N 0052

Digger [80s] Stronger Than Ever

N 0053

Sinner Hypnotised / Don't Tell Me (That the Love Is Gone)

N 0054

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ASGARD - In the Ancient Days (1986, Germany)

Asgard is a Dutch Power/Thrash metal which was originally named "Angel Dust". This is the only one official album: "In the ancient days". Rene Tholen, Peter Visscher, Harry Gravers, Appie van der Lei and Catrinus Homan originally started the "Angel Dust" band in Emmer-Compascuum, in the Dutch province Drenthe (Drenthe is known as the birthplace of the Polder-Blues band Cuby and the Blizzards.) Around 1985 "Angel Dust" was disbanded and Appie van der Lei , Catrinus Homan, Harry Gravers, Peter Visscher and Rene Tholen continued as the ASGARD band.

N 0055
Tyran' Pace	- Watching You

TYRAN' PACE - Watching You

  "Tyrant's Pace: Watching You" commands attention on the 12" Vinyl LP Album, a magnetic force in the metal realm. The album, complete with an original custom inner sleeve, delves into details, lyrics, and captivating photos of Tyran' Pace. A must for metal enthusiasts, especially fans of Helloween, EdGuy, Gamma Ray, Primal Fear, and more, "Watching You" echoes with the raw energy and sonic intensity that defines the metal genre. This record stands as a collector's gem, preserving the spirit of Tyran' Pace's contribution to the metal legacy.

N 0056 PD
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HELLOWEEN - Limited Edition Picture Disc

The Helloween self-titled vinyl picture disc mini-LP is a true gem for fans of the band. This superb 186gr picture disc not only showcases the band's iconic sound but also features a surprise track that adds an element of excitement. With the addition of Michael Kiske's exceptional vocals, this release becomes a must-have for collectors and enthusiasts, offering a unique and captivating listening experience.

N 0057
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HELLOWEEN - Keepers of the Seven Keys Part I

"Helloween's 'Keeper of the Seven Keys (Part I,)' a pivotal 1987 power metal album, emerges as a collector's gem with its genuine German gatefold 12" vinyl issue. Marked by a distinctive black label and white artwork, this edition embodies the band's evolution and showcases the allure of vinyl's tactile experience. A sought-after artifact, it encapsulates a crucial chapter in heavy metal history."

Blue / White Noise International 130081

HELLOWEEN - Keepers of the Seven Keys Part I

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HELLOWEEN - Keepers of the Seven Keys Part I (1987, France)

"Keep of the Seven Keys Part I" is the second full-length album from the German power metal/heavy metal band HELLOWEEN. It is often considered to be one of HELLOWEEN's best albums, as well credited by many to be the birth of power metal. There was a single released of "Future World", as well as a music video of "Halloween". HELLOWEEN originally planned to release Keeper of the Seven Keys Part 1 and Part 2 as a double album, but their record label insisted that they should be divided and released separately.



N 0057-9

HELLOWEEN - Keeper Of The Seven Keys - Part I (Picture Disc)

N 0058
Voïvod	- Killing Technology

VOIVOD - Killing Technology

Voivod's groundbreaking album "Killing Technology," released in 1987, marked a pivotal moment in the band's evolution from speed to thrash metal. The first issue of the 12" vinyl LP, adorned with dystopian cover art, is a coveted collector's item. Voivod's sonic experimentation, led by guitarist Piggy, and unique thematic elements propelled them to international acclaim, influencing subsequent generations of metal musicians.

N 0059

Sinner Rebel Yell / Germany Rocks

N 0062
Running Wild	- Under Jolly Roger

RUNNING WILD - Under Jolly Roger (1987, Germany)

This is world's first Pirate Metal album.
"Running Wild" is one of the German power metal bands to emerge in the early/mid 1980s (along with Helloween, Gamma Ray, Rage, Blind Guardian, Grave Digger, EdGuy, etc). The band has carved its niche in the metal world as the first "pirate metal" band, a theme which took off with the release of this album "Under Jolly Roger"

NOISE N 0065

Celtic Frost - Into the Pandemonium (German Pressing).


Swiss release thumbnail CELTIC FROST - Into the Pandemonium (First German Pressing). (1987)

Celtic Frost's "Into the Pandemonium," German release under NOISE label (N 0065), showcases avant-garde metal brilliance. The gatefold 12" vinyl LP, adorned with Hieronymus Bosch's "Garden of Delights," blends diverse influences. Recorded in Berlin in 1987, it defies norms, incorporating classical and industrial elements. Despite initial controversy, the album's daring experimentation has secured its place as a seminal work in extreme metal.

N 0069

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OVERKILL - Taking Over

In the realm of thrash metal, few albums have left as indelible a mark as OVERKILL's "Taking Over". Released in 1987, this second studio album by the American thrash metal band stands as a testament to the raw power and unbridled energy that defined the genre during its golden age. With its impactful music and iconic album cover, "Taking Over" remains a cherished relic for vinyl record collectors, serving as a time capsule that encapsulates the essence of a bygone era of heavy music.

N 0073

RAGE - Execution Guaranteed

In 1987, German heavy metal stalwarts RAGE released "Execution Guaranteed," a landmark album featuring guitarist Rudy Graf. The creation history reveals meticulous recording efforts, promising flawless execution. The LP, etched onto a 12" vinyl, delivers a sonic journey blending powerful vocals and intricate guitar work. Classics like "Down by Law" and the titular track solidified RAGE's status in heavy metal history, resonating with fans worldwide.

N 0075
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 R.I.P." is the debut album of Swiss thrash metal band CORONER, released in 1987. The album was an immediate critical success and helped establish the band's reputation as one of the most innovative and technically proficient bands in the genre.

N 0078

Celtic Frost The Collector's Celtic Frost

N 0081 / 08-4438 Deathrow	Raging Steel

DEATHROW - Raging Steel

Raging Steel" is the explosive third Thrash Metal album by Germany's Deathrow. This European release showcases the band's relentless energy and skill. Produced by the renowned Harris Johns, the album delivers intense riffs and blistering solos. The artwork by Phil Lawvere perfectly captures the album's ferocity, while Fred Baumgart's photography adds a visual dimension. A must-have for fans of aggressive and uncompromising metal.

N 0083-PD
Helloween	Future World

HELLOWEEN - Future World

Helloween's "Future World" 12" Vinyl Picture Disc, born in the late '80s during the band's peak, epitomizes the marriage of auditory and visual artistry. Crafted amidst the vinyl era's zenith, this collector's gem features vibrant artwork directly printed onto the disc's surface. With limited availability, it stands as a coveted relic, blending melodic power metal with striking visuals for an immersive musical journey.

N 0084

Kreator - Behind the Mirror

N 0085

Voivod - Too Scared to Scream / Cockroaches

N 0086
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KREATOR - Terrible Certainty

"Terrible Certainty" by KREATOR, the 1987 thrash metal masterpiece, emerged from the hallowed halls of Hannover's Horus Studio. Produced by Roy Rowland, the album's sonic onslaught, marked by lightning-fast riffs and Mille Petrozza's visceral vocals, solidified KREATOR's global metal dominance. With iconic artwork by Phil Lawvere and themes of dystopia, the album's impact echoes through generations, leaving an enduring mark on the thrash metal landscape.

N 0088

HELLOWEEN - Walls of Jericho (cd)

Noise International N 0089 / SPV 08-4446

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M.O.D Method Of Destruction - USA for MOD (1987, EEC)

  "U.S.A. for MOD" is the first full-length album by the "M.O.D." band. "t is a landmark album that helped shape the sound and ethos of the crossover thrash genre. Its mix of punk rock, metal, and hardcore, combined with its politically charged lyrics, make it a timeless classic that still resonates with fans today.

N 0091

S.A.D.O. Circle of Friends

N 0094

Celtic Frost I Won't Dance

N 0096
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TANKARD - Chemical Invasion

Tankard's "Chemical Invasion," a landmark in German thrash metal, emerged in 1987 with a unique focus on the Reinheitsgebot controversy of 1516. The album's rebellious spirit, blending aggressive riffing and irreverent humor, tackled societal norms. Musically, it delivered a relentless onslaught of thrash brilliance, solidifying Tankard's position in the genre. "Chemical Invasion" remains a pivotal release, reflecting the band's bold approach to both music and social commentary.

NOISE International N 0098 / 08-4455 / LC 9066s

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SABBAT History of a Time to Come

Sabbat's debut album, "History of a Time to Come," emerged in 1988 after the British thrash metal band secured a contract with Germany's NOISE Records. Recorded promptly, the album showcases Sabbat's aggressive energy, intricate guitar work, and intellectual lyrics.

N 0098

Sabbat - History of a Time to Come

N 0100

Kreator Terrible Certainty

N 0101
Sinner	- Dangerous Charm

SINNER - Dangerous Charm

The Sinner "Dangerous Charm" 12" Vinyl LP Album, released in 1987, is considered a classic in the heavy metal genre. The album was the band's debut album and was released on the Noise label. The Sinner Dangerous Charm LP was the first of many successful albums by the band, and it set the tone for their career, which has spanned several decades.

N 0102

Vendetta Go and Live... Stay and Die

N 0104

inner Fight the Fight / Tomorrow Doesn't Matter

N 105

Various Artists - Labels - Noise Records Doomsday News Picture Disc

N 0106-1
Voïvod	- Dimension Hatröss

VOIVOD - Dimension Hatross (1988)

Voivod's 1988 masterpiece, "Dimension Hatross," redefined metal with its avant-garde approach. The album's creation was driven by a desire to explore new musical frontiers, complemented by a 12" vinyl release and captivating insert. Embracing science fiction themes, the LP showcased the band's virtuosity, earning critical acclaim. A visionary work, "Dimension Hatross" remains a pivotal chapter in metal history, inspiring creativity and pushing boundaries.

N 0107

Sinner Knife in My Heart / Concrete Jungle

N 0108-1
Running Wild	- Ready for Boarding

RUNNING WILD - Ready for Boarding

"Ready For Boarding" by Running Wild, a live album recorded in Munich, Germany, captures the band's electrifying stage presence. Released on a 12" vinyl LP by Noise Records, it features a rare track, "Purgatory," dedicated to the PMRC. The album, with its powerful live performance and bold musical statements, remains a timeless gem, etching Running Wild's legacy in the world of heavy metal history.

N 0111

Scanner [DEU] Hypertrace

Noise International N 0112-1

thumbnail of front cover

RAGE - Perfect Man (1988, Germany)

"Perfect Man" i s the third full-length album released the Teutonic Speed metal band "RAGE", it was recorded during February-March 1988 and released the same year. Production was managed by "Armin Sabol". Mixing and arrangement in the hands of "Will Reid-Dick". The album cover and original custom inner sleeve were done by "Hansi Haberkorn", "Joachim Luetke" for the design and graphics, while "Martin Becker" was the photographer.

Martin Becker (Photographer) during the 1980s "Martin Becker" has photographed around two dozen heavy metal bands. These bands include the two Swiss bands: "Coroner" and "Celtic Frost" as well other bands like: "Kreator" , "Rage" ,  "Running Wild" , "Tankard" and several others.


NOISE 0113-1

thumbnail of front cover

TURBO - Last Warrior (Poland) (1988,Germany)

Turbo is a Polish Heavy Metal / Thrash Metal band from Pozna?, Poland. Active since 1980 until today with a couple of breaks. In the early 1980s their they performed in the Polish, near the end of the 1980s the changed into using the English Language.

"Turbo - Last Warrior" is their sixth full length album and the first album in English.

N 0114

V 2 - V 2

N 0115

S.A.D.O. Dirty Fantasy

N 0115-6

S.A.D.O. On the Races

N 0116-5
HELLOWEEN - Dr Stein 12" Maxi

HELLOWEEN - Dr Stein 12" Maxi-Single

The 12" Maxi-Single Vinyl of Helloween's "Dr. Stein" stands as a collector's gem in Germany. Released on a distinctive yellow record label adorned with captivating "pumpkin" artwork, this edition embodies the band's iconic presence. A cherished piece among enthusiasts, its historical significance is rooted in the vibrant tapestry of Helloween's musical journey, reflecting an era when vinyl reigned supreme in the realm of musical expression.

N 0116-5

HELLOWEEN - Dr. Stein 3-track maxi (Yellow Vinyl

Helloween's iconic "Dr. Stein" EP, now available on a stunning Yellow Vinyl 12", encapsulates the essence of the band's power metal prowess. This edition, a testament to the enduring appeal of physical formats, stands out with its vibrant color. Released amid Helloween's illustrious career, the Yellow Vinyl EP pays homage to the era when such extended plays were cherished collector's items, a sonic treasure for fans of metal's golden age.

N 0116-5

HELLOWEEN - 3-Track Maxi EP Transparent vinyl, Popup gatefold album cover

Helloween's "Dr. Stein" 12" Vinyl LP Album, limited to 750 copies, boasts a rare transparent vinyl pressing and a gatefold cover. The surprise lies within – an amusing pop-up phallus-shaped pumpkin. This unique release marries musical artistry with playful creativity, captivating collectors and fans alike, showcasing Helloween's commitment to delivering exclusive and memorable experiences in the realm of rare vinyl.

N 0116-6

HELLOWEEN + Poster 7" Single

Helloween's 1988 7" vinyl single, "Dr. Stein" b/w "Savage," epitomizes the band's rise in the power metal scene. Released by Noise International, the A-side's iconic "Dr. Stein" and its B-side counterpart "Savage" showcase the group's dynamic sound. The inclusion of a Derek Riggs-designed poster enhances its collector's appeal, cementing its status as a treasured relic from the golden era of European power metal.

N 0117-1

album front cover thumbnail

HELLOWEEN - Keeper Of The Seven Keys - Part II

Released in 1988, "Keeper of the Seven Keys Part II" is Helloween's third studio album, following the triumph of Part I. This German power metal masterpiece seamlessly continues its predecessor's legacy, captivating audiences across Europe, Asia, and the United States. The 12" Vinyl LP format enhances the sonic experience, making it a cherished gem for metal enthusiasts and a pivotal chapter in Helloween's illustrious career.

N 0117-9

HELLOWEEN Keeper Of The Seven Keys - Part II (Picture Disc)

N 0118-4
thumbnail of front cover

KREATOR - Out of the Dark Into The Light

Kreator's "Out of the Dark... Into the Light" 12" Vinyl LP, born in May 1988 at Musiclab Berlin, unveils a thrash metal odyssey. Side A's studio tracks reflect meticulous artistry, while Side B captures the band's live brilliance at "Dynamo" Eindhoven. The album, a time capsule of raw energy and innovation, stands as a testament to Kreator's enduring impact on the genre, inviting listeners to relive a pivotal moment in thrash metal history.

N 0119-1
thumbnail of front cover

CORONER - Punishment for Decadence

Coroner's "Punishment for Decadence" 12" Vinyl LP, featuring the original "uncensored" album front cover, has become highly collectible. The rarity of the uncensored version, replaced without the band's consent, adds historical significance. The visual display online enhances the album's allure, making it a sought-after gem for collectors and enthusiasts passionate about preserving the unique history of metal albums.

N 0120-1

Helter Skelter - Welcome to the World of Helter Skelter

N 0121

Vendetta Brain Damage

N 0122-1
Running Wild	- Port Royal

RUNNING WILD - Port Royal New Web-Page  

"Port Royal" by Running Wild, a landmark in heavy metal, emerged as the epitome of Pirate Metal. Released in 1988, on a 12" vinyl LP, the album marked a deliberate shift for the German band. Meticulously crafted in collaboration with Noise International, it blended ferocious riffs and anthemic tracks to narrate pirate tales. "Port Royal" remains a timeless masterpiece, influencing a subgenre and securing its place in heavy metal history.

N 0123-1
thumbnail of front cover

TANKARD - The Morning After

"The Morning After" by German thrash metal band Tankard, released in 1988, is a seminal third studio album. Tankard's evolution from their 1982 formation led to this classic, blending relentless thrash riffs and humorous lyrics. Produced by Harris Johns, the album's iconic artwork, featuring the beer-swilling alien "Alien," complements its enduring legacy. Celebrated for its musicality and creativity, "The Morning After" solidified Tankard's status in the thrash metal pantheon.

N 0124

Midas Touch Presage of Disaster

N 0125-1
thumbnail of front cover


Switzerland's Celtic Frost is a name synonymous with innovation and boundary-pushing within the metal genre. With their fourth full-length album, "Cold Lake", released in 1988, the band embarked on an audacious musical journey that defied expectations and challenged their own established sound. While often met with mixed reception from fans and critics alike, "Cold Lake" remains a fascinating chapter in Celtic Frost's history, marking a significant departure from their earlier thrash metal roots.

N 0126-5
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HELLOWEEN I Want Out 12" Maxi-Single

"I Want Out" was written by Kai Hansen, who confirmed in an interview, that it was a hint of him really wanting "out" of the band. Musically, the song is characterised by a recognisable introduction and Michael Kiske's trademark high pitched singing in the chorus. It is also notable for being punk-influenced (especially the rebellious lyrics) in contrast to other Helloween songs, or Hansen's post-Helloween work.

N 0126-6

HELLOWEEN I Want Out + Poster 7" Single

Helloween's 7" vinyl single, "I Want Out" b/w "Don't Run for Cover," is a collector's delight. Released in the Picture Sleeve format, this edition boasts a compelling fusion of melodic metal. Accompanied by a Large Poster, the release not only delivers musical prowess but also visual appeal. A must-have for enthusiasts, it encapsulates Helloween's sonic excellence and adds a touch of artistry to the vinyl experience.

N 0126-8
Helloween I Want Out 12" Picture Disc

HELLOWEEN - I want Out (Picture Disc)

The Helloween "I Want Out" PD Picture Disc 12" Vinyl Maxi-Single showcases their iconic sound and features the unforgettable tracks "I Want Out", "Save Us", and "Don't Run For Cover". With its striking artwork by Tony Moltram, this collector's item captures the band's power metal brilliance, captivating melodies, and impressive musicianship.

N 0127-4

Mania Wizard of the Lost Kingdom

N 0128-1

Deathrow Deception Ignored

Noise International ‎– N 0129-1

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KREATOR - Extreme Aggression ( 1989 Germany ) New Web-Page  

"Extreme Aggression," the 1989 thrash metal masterpiece by Kreator, marked a pinnacle in the genre's history. Recorded in Los Angeles, the album's polished production accentuated the band's aggressive sound. The iconic cover art, designed by Malbuch, visually captured the album's intensity. With relentless thrash anthems and impactful lyrics, "Extreme Aggression" received critical acclaim, solidifying Kreator's status and influencing generations, ensuring its enduring legacy in the thrash metal pantheon.

N 0130-1

Various Artists - Labels - Noise Records Doomsday News II

N 0131-5

Tankard Alien

Noise International – N 0132-1

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SABBAT - Dreamweaver New Web-Page  

Sabbat was a British heavy metal band formed in 1985 in Nottingham, England. The band's sound was influenced by thrash metal and black metal, and they quickly gained a reputation for their intense live shows and dark lyrics. Sabbat's second album, "Dreamweaver," was released in 1989 and is considered by many to be a classic of the genre.

N 0133-1
M.O.D.	Gross Misconduct

M.O.D. - Gross Misconduct

In the realm of crossover thrash metal, M.O.D. (Method Of Destruction) has solidified their place as a force to be reckoned with. With their explosive energy, blistering riffs, and unapologetic lyrics, M.O.D.'s 1989 studio album "Gross Misconduct" stands as a testament to their raw power and rebellious spirit. Produced by the talented Alex Perialas and recorded at the iconic Pyramid Sound in New York, this 12" vinyl LP is a classic gem in the genre's history.

N 0135-1

Mordred Fool's Game

N 0136-6

Coroner Die by My Hand / Tunnel of Pain

N 0137
Rage	Secrets in a Weird World

RAGE - Secrets in a Weird World

"Secrets in a Weird World," RAGE's 1989 masterpiece, forged in collaboration with producer Karl-Ulrich Walterbach, epitomizes German Heavy Metal's zenith. Meticulously crafted, its fusion of melodic intricacies and aggressive riffage showcased the band's prowess. The analog recording process on a 12" Vinyl LP format captured a raw, authentic energy. A timeless classic, the album's impact reverberates, etching its indelible mark on metal history.

N 0138-1
Coroner	- No More Color

CORONER - No More Color

Coroner's 1989 release, "No More Color," stands as a seminal moment in thrash metal history. The Swiss band's third album, marked by technical prowess and socio-political lyricism, redefined the genre. Produced by Tom Morris, its innovative sound, showcased in tracks like "No More Color" and "Read My Scars," solidified Coroner's status as a trailblazing force in heavy metal, leaving an enduring impact on subsequent generations of metal enthusiasts.

N 0138-2

Coroner No More Color

N 0139-1

Mania Changing Times

N 0140-1

Watchtower Control and Resistance

N 0140-2

Watchtower Control and Resistance

N 0141-2

Scanner Terminal Earth

N 0142-1

Voïvod Nothingface

N 0143-2

London Playa del Rock

N 0146-5

Lanadrid Sister Alley

N 0147-1

S.A.D.O. Sensitive

N 0148-1

HELLOWEEN Pumpkin Tracks

N 0149-1

D.A.M. Human Wreckage

N 0151-1
Kai Hansen / Gamma Ray	Heading For Tomorrow

KAI HANSEN / GAMMA RAY - Heading for Tomoroow

Kai Hansen a German Singer and Guitar Player which got famous by performing in German 1st Tier bands like: Helloween , "Gamma Ray" , "Iron Fist" and other bands. He was born on 17 January 17 1963, in Hamburg, Germany.


Hansen began his music career in the early 1980s as the guitarist and vocalist of the band Gentry, which later evolved into Helloween. Helloween's debut album, "Walls of Jericho", was released in 1985 and helped to define the power metal genre. Hansen's guitar playing and songwriting were a significant part of the band's success, and he remained with the band until 1989.

In 1989, Hansen left Helloween to form his own band, "Gamma Ray. The band's debut album, "Heading for Tomorrow", was released the same year and helped to establish Gamma Ray as one of the premier power metal bands. Hansen continued to lead the band and released numerous critically acclaimed albums with them throughout the 1990s and 2000s.

In addition to his work with Helloween and Gamma Ray, Hansen has also collaborated with other musicians, including "Blind Guardian" and Avantasia. He has also released solo albums under the name Kai Hansen.

Hansen's guitar playing is characterized by his technical proficiency and melodic sensibility. His solos are known for their emotional depth and expressiveness, and his songwriting often incorporates themes of science fiction and fantasy.

Hansen's influence on the power metal genre is significant, and he is widely regarded as one of the genre's most important figures. His contributions to Helloween and Gamma Ray have helped to define and shape power metal, and his work continues to inspire and influence musicians around the world.

In addition to his music career, Hansen is also known for his love of motorcycles and is an avid rider. He continues to perform and record music with Gamma Ray and remains a prominent figure in the power metal scene.

N 0151-2

GAMMA RAY - Heading for Tomorrow

N 0151-3

Gamma Ray Heaven Can Wait / Mr. Outlaw

N 0151-7

Gamma Ray Heaven Can Wait / Mr. Outlaw

N 0152-2

Dave Sharman 1990

N 0153-1
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BATHORY - Hammerheart

In the world of metal history, Bathory's "Hammerheart," the fifth chapter in their discography, stands as a defining moment in the evolution of Viking metal. Released as a 12" vinyl LP, this album, following the footsteps of its predecessor "Blood Fire Death," marked a pivotal shift away from black metal, solidifying Bathory's legacy as viking metal pioneers.

N 0153-2

BATHORY - Hammerheart

N 0154-2

Aggressor - Neverending Destiny

N 0155-3

Various Artists - Labels - Noise Records Doomsday News III

N 0156-1
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TANKARD - The Mean of Life

Tankard's "The Meaning of Life," a thrash metal gem, showcases a compelling blend of music and artistry. Released in October 1990, the 12" Vinyl LP Album features a captivating cover concept by Buffo, with cover artwork crafted by Sebastian Kruger and Becker-Derouet. The collaboration results in a visually striking representation of the genre and complements the album's intense musical content, solidifying Tankard's enduring legacy in the thrash metal scene.

N 0157-2

Secrecy Art in Motion

N 0158-1

Kreator - Coma Of Souls

N 0158-2

Kreator - Coma Of Souls

N 0159-2

Mordred In This Life

N 0160-2

Rage - Reflections of a Shadow

N 0161-2

ADX - Weird Visions

N 0162-2

Sabbat - Mourning Has Broken

N 0163-2

Skyclad - Wayward Sons of Mother Earth

N 0164-2

D.A.M. - Inside Out

N 0165-2

Grinder - Nothing Is Sacred

N 0166-1

Tankard - Fat, Ugly & Live

N 0166-2

Tankard - Fat, Ugly & Live

N 0167-2

Rights of the Accused Kick-Happy, Thrill-Hungry, Reckless, & Willing

N 0168-2

Lemming Project Extinction

N 0169-3

Rage Extended Power

N 0170-3

Mordred Falling Away

N 0171-2

Running Wild Blazon Stone

N 0172-1

Running Wild Death or Glory

Noise N 0176-1
HELLOWEEN - The Best The Rest The Rare incl free 12" Record


HELLOWEEN - The Best, The Rest, The Rare incl free 12" Record

"Helloween - The Best, The Rest, The Rare" is a seminal compilation album showcasing the German power metal band's diverse catalog. Released in 1991, it features a curated selection of their finest tracks, including rare gems. The inclusion of a free 12" vinyl LP adds a collector's touch. This album stands as a testament to Helloween's musical prowess and enduring influence in the metal genre.

N 0176-2

HELLOWEEN The Best - The Rest - The Rare

N 0177-2

Coroner Mental Vortex

N 0178-2

Gamma Ray Sigh No More

N 0179-6

Mordred Esse Quam Videri

N 0180-3

Messiah - Psychomorphia

N 0181-2

Naked Sun Naked Sun

N 0182-2

Secrecy Raging Romance

N 0183-2

Messiah - Choir of Horrors

N 0184-2

Running Wild The First Years of Piracy

N 0185-2

Dave Sharman Exit Within

N 0186-2

Skyclad A Burnt Offering for the Bone Idol

N 0187-2

Fleischmann Power of Limits

N 0188-3

Mordred Vision

N 0189-2

Rage Trapped!

N 0190-2

Tankard Stone Cold Sobe

N 0190-9

Tankard Stone Cold Sobe

N 0191-2

Celtic Frost Parched With Thirst Am I and Dying

N 0192-2

Exciter Kill After Kill

N 0193-2

Kreator Renewal

N 0194-3

Skyclad Tracks From the Wilderness

N 0195-2

Messiah - Rotten Perish

N 0196-2

Voivod The Best Of

N 0197-2

Lemming Project Hate and Despise

N 0199-2

Celtic Frost Vanity / Nemesis

N 0200-2

Kreator Out of the Dark... Into the Light

N 0201-2

Various Artists - Labels - Noise Records Extreme Noise

N 0202-3

Rage Beyond the Wall

N 0203-2

Gamma Ray Insanity and Genius

N 0203-3

Gamma Ray Future Madhouse

N 0204-2

Fleischmann Fleischwolf

N 0205-2

Crusher Corporal Punishment

N 0206-2

Burning Heads Burning Heads

N 0207-2

Loudblast Sublime Dementia

N 0208-2

Gunjah Heredity

N 0209-2

Skyclad Jonah's Ark

N 0209-3

Skyclad Thinking Allowed

N 0210-2

Coroner Grin

N 0211-2

Mordred The Next Room

N 0211-3

Mordred Grand Summit

N 0212-2

Coroner Coroner

N 0212-3

Mordred Splinter Down

N 0213-2

Helicon Helicon

N 0214-2

Various Artists - Labels - Noise Records Louder Than Words

N 0215-2

Juggernaut - Black Pagoda

N 0216-2

Head Like A Hole 13

N 0217-2

Rage The Missing Link

N 0218-2

Conception Parallel Minds

N 0218-3

Conception Roll the Fire

N 0219-2

Rage 10 Years in Rage - The Anniversary Album

N 0220-2

Poverty's No Crime Symbiosis

N 0221-2

Sanvoisen Exotic Ways

N 0222-2

Sevenchurch Bleak Insight

N 0222-2

Kreator Scenarios of Violence

N 0223-3

Loudblast Cross the Threshold

N 0225-2

Head Like A Hole Flik Y'Self Off Y'Self

N 0226-2

Kamelot Eternity

N 0227-2

Gamma Ray Land of the Free

N 0227-3

Gamma Ray Rebellion in Dreamland

N 0228-2

Skyclad The Silent Whales of Lunar Sea

N 0229-2

Conception In Your Multitude

N 0231-3

Crusher Act II: Undermine

N 0232-2

Conception The Last Sunset

N 0233-2

Tankard Two Faced

N 0233-3

Tankard Ich Brauch Meinen Suff

N 0234-2

Grave Digger The Best of the Eighties

N 0235-2

Sinner Germany Rocks - The Best Of

N 0238-2

Mind Odyssey Keep It All Turning

N 0239-2

Skyclad Prince of the Poverty Line

N 0240-2

HELLOWEEN Keeper of the Seven Keys Parts 1 & 2

N 0241-2

Gunjah Manic Aggression

N 0242-2

Fleischmann Das Treibhaus

N 0243-2

Helicon Mysterious Skipjack

N 0244-2

Messiah - Underground

N 0244-3

Messiah - The Ballad of Jesus

N 0245-2

Harrow The Pylon of Insanity

N 0249-2

Shihad Churn

N 0253-2

Zaxas Zaxas

N 0254-1

Shihad Killjoy

N 0254-2

Shihad Killjoy

N 0254-3

Shihad You Again

N 0255-2

Gunjah Politically Correct ?

N 0256-2

Q-Squad Psyched...

N 0259-2

Tankard The Tankard

N 0261-2

Running Wild Masquerade

N 0262-3

Gamma Ray Silent Miracles

N 0265-2

Gamma Ray Alive '95

N 0266-2

Kreator Scenarios of Violence

N 0269-2

Shihad Shihad

N 0272-2

Kamelot Dominion

N 0274-2

Conception Flow

N 0275-2

Skyclad Old Rope

N 0278-2

Mercury Rising Upon Deaf Ears

N 0279-2

Sanvoisen Soul Seasons

N 0281-2

Hundred Years Skyhook

N 0283-2

Gamma Ray Somewhere Out in Space

N 0283-3

Gamma Ray Valley of the Kings

N 0286-2

Iron Savior Iron Savior

N 0290-2

Pissing Razors Pissing Razors

N 0292-2

Mercury Rising Building Rome

N 0296-2

Iron Savior Unification

N 0297-2

Kamelot Siege Perilous

N 0298-2

Stigmata - Solumn Mente Infirmis

N 0303-2

Stigmata IV The Court of Eternity

N 0304-3

Iron Savior Coming Home

N 0306-2

Symphorce Truth to Promises

N 0310-2

Gamma Ray Powerplant

N 0310-3

Gamma Ray It's a Sin

N 0311-2

Pissing Razors Cast Down the Plague

N 0312-2

Lefay The Seventh Seal

N 0315-2

Substance D Addictions

N 0316-2

Iron Savior Interlude

N 0317-2

Lefay Symphony of the Damned

N 0318-2

Running Wild Masquerade [remaster]

N 0319-2

Running Wild Black Hand Inn [remaster]

N 0320-2

Running Wild Blazon Stone [remaster]

N 0321-2

Running Wild Death or Glory [remaster]

N 0322-2

Running Wild Pile of Skulls [remaster]

N 0323-2

Kamelot The Fourth Legacy

N 0325-2

Celtic Frost Morbid Tales / Emperor's Return

N 0331-2

Lefay SOS

N 0332-2

Gamma Ray Blast From the Past

N 0334-2

Symphorce Sinctuary

N 0337-2

Iron Savior Dark Assault

N 0338-2

Kamelot The Expedition

N 0339-3

Iron Savior I've Been to Hell

N 0343-2

Kreator Past Life Trauma 1985-1992

N 0345-2

Kamelot Karma

N 0364-2

Rage Reign of Fear [remastered]

N 0365-2

Rage Execution Guaranteed [remastered]

N 0366-2

Rage Perfect Man [remastered]

N 0367-2

Rage Secrets in a Weird World [remastered]

N 0368-2

Rage Reflections of a Shadow [remastered]

N 0369-2

Rage Trapped! [remastered]

N 0370-2

Rage The Missing Link [remastered]

N 0371-2

Rage 10 Years in Rage - The Anniversary Album [remastered]

N 0373-2

DragonForce Valley of the Damned

N 0377-2

Kamelot Epica

N 0385-2

DragonForce Sonic Firestorm