Tankard - The Meaning of Life 12" Vinyl LP Album

Tankard's "The Meaning of Life," a thrash metal gem, showcases a compelling blend of music and artistry. Released in October 1990, the 12" Vinyl LP Album features a captivating cover concept by Buffo, with cover artwork crafted by Sebastian Kruger and Becker-Derouet. The collaboration results in a visually striking representation of the genre and complements the album's intense musical content, solidifying Tankard's enduring legacy in the thrash metal scene.

  "The Meaning of Life" is the fourth studio album from German thrash metal band Tankard.


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"The Meaning of Life," Album Description:

In the realm of German thrash metal, Tankard stands as a formidable force, and their fourth studio album, "The Meaning of Life," remains a testament to their musical prowess and enduring influence. Released on October 1990, this 12" Vinyl LP Album is a quintessential chapter in the band's discography, marked by intense riffs, powerful rhythms, and thought-provoking lyrical content.

The album's creation history unveils a fascinating journey of collaboration and creative ingenuity. The cover concept, attributed to Buffo, sets the tone for the visual representation of "The Meaning of Life." This artwork serves as a gateway into the thematic depths explored within the album, reflecting the band's desire to convey a profound message through their music.

The cover art itself is a product of the collaborative efforts of two notable artists—Sebastian Kruger and Becker-Derouet. Sebastian Kruger, renowned for his distinctive and detailed artistry, played a pivotal role in bringing the visual elements of the album to life. His work is characterized by a unique blend of realism and expressionism, capturing the essence of Tankard's music in a visually striking manner.

Becker-Derouet's involvement in the cover artwork further adds layers to the creation narrative. The collaborative synergy between Buffo, Sebastian Kruger, and Becker-Derouet resulted in an album cover that not only visually represents the thrash metal genre but also encapsulates the thematic richness of "The Meaning of Life."

Released during a significant era for thrash metal, the album resonated with fans and critics alike. The music encapsulates the aggressive and energetic spirit of the genre while delving into philosophical themes that transcend the conventional boundaries of thrash metal lyrics.

Music Genre:

 Alcoholic Speed Thrash Metal 

Production information:

Producers Harris Johns, Karl-U Walterbach

Harris Johns is a prominent European music producer renowned for his contributions to the heavy metal and punk genres. With a career spanning several decades, he has worked with numerous iconic bands, leaving an indelible mark on the music industry. Born in the late 1950s, Harris Johns developed a passion for music at an early age and pursued his dreams with unwavering determination.


In the late 1970s, Harris Johns emerged as a key figure in the burgeoning heavy metal and punk scene. His unique talent and distinctive approach to music production quickly caught the attention of many prominent bands. With a desire to create powerful and impactful soundscapes, he became known for his ability to capture the raw energy and intensity of these genres.

Throughout his career, Harris Johns has collaborated with a plethora of big-name bands, solidifying his reputation as a go-to producer. His notable works include projects with Helloween, Coroner, Tankard, Sodom, Voivod, Kreator, Exumer, Ratos de Porão, Slime, Daily Terror, and many others. Each album he worked on showcased his exceptional skill in sculpting the sonic landscapes that defined the heavy metal and punk movements.

For over a decade, Harris Johns operated his studio, Music Lab Berlin Studio, which served as the creative hub for many of his productions. In an effort to further his artistic vision, he established Spiderhouse, a recording facility situated in a former guest house in the countryside near Berlin. For ten years, Spiderhouse became a sanctuary where he could channel his creativity and bring forth groundbreaking music.

In 2007, Harris Johns made the decision to reopen the Music Lab Berlin, reestablishing it as a prime destination for bands seeking his expertise in music production. The studio became a hub of creativity and collaboration, attracting both established acts and up-and-coming artists. However, in 2016, Harris Johns decided to step away from the studio, concluding a significant chapter in his illustrious career.

Despite stepping back from the day-to-day operations of Music Lab Berlin, Harris Johns continues to contribute to the music industry. He remains active as a producer and dedicates his time to teaching music production skills. His wealth of knowledge and experience has made him an invaluable resource for aspiring producers and musicians, as he imparts his expertise and nurtures the next generation of talent.

As we reflect upon the 1980s, it becomes evident that Harris Johns' discography during this era stands as a testament to his immense talent. Some of the notable albums he worked on include groundbreaking releases such as:

These albums showcase Harris Johns' ability to capture the essence and intensity of the heavy metal and punk genres, earning him a place in music history.

Harris Johns' impact on the heavy metal and punk scenes cannot be understated. His talent, dedication, and distinctive approach to music production have left an indelible mark on the industry. As he continues to produce and educate, Harris Johns remains a respected and influential figure, shaping the future of music for generations to come.

Karl-Ulrich Walterbach is a prominent figure in the German heavy metal music scene. He is best known as the founder and owner of Noise Records, a renowned record label that played a significant role in the development and promotion of heavy metal music, particularly in Germany.


Walterbach founded Noise Records in 1983 in Berlin, Germany. The label quickly gained recognition for signing and releasing albums by some of the most influential bands in the heavy metal genre. Under Walterbach's leadership, Noise Records became synonymous with the German thrash metal movement of the 1980s, which included bands like Helloween, Kreator, and Running Wild.

Walterbach's vision and passion for heavy metal music led him to become not only a label owner but also a producer and executive producer for numerous albums. He played a crucial role in shaping the sound and production of many German heavy metal records during the 1980s and 1990s.

These albums, along with countless others, played a crucial role in establishing Noise Records as a powerhouse label for heavy metal music. Walterbach's dedication to the genre and his ability to spot and nurture talent helped shape the landscape of German heavy metal.

However, it's important to note that Noise Records faced financial difficulties in the late 1990s, leading to its acquisition by Sanctuary Records in 2001. Despite the label's eventual dissolution, Walterbach's contributions to the heavy metal music industry and his impact on the German scene remain significant. His work as a producer and executive producer, as well as his role in founding and running Noise Records, solidified his reputation as a key figure in the history of German heavy metal.

Some of the Bands he has worked with:



Running Wild

Recorded at Musiclab Studio/Berlin April and May 1990.
Mixed at Hansa Studio Berlin, June 1990
Backing vocals by Gerre, Ken (Criminal Justice), Tommy (Megalomaniax)
Album cover concept by Buffo
Cover artwork by Sebastian Kruger/Becker-Derouet
Photography Buffo, Petra Gall

Uwe "Buffo" Schnädelbach a German Photographer, Editor and Band manager (Tankard). During the 1980s he has photographed a dozen of Heavy Metal bands.

Sebastian Krüger a German Illustrator who has (during the 1980s) drawn around two dozen of album covers for bands like: Destruction, Risk, Tankard, Running Wild.

Record Label Information:

 Noise International N 0156-1  


  This album includes a 12" insert with Tankard band-member photos, band-details and lyrics of all the songs

Media Format:

 12" Vinyl LP  

Year & Country:

 1990 Made in Germany  
Band Members and Musicians on: Tankard - The Meaning of Life
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Andreas "Gerre" Geremia - Vocals, Bass(since 1982 with the Tankard band)
  • Andy Boulgaropoulos - Guitar ( with Tankard from 1982 until 1995)
  • Axel Katzmann - Guitar (with Tankard from 1982 until 1995)
  • Frank Thorwarth - Bass (with Tankard since 1982)
  • Arnulf Tunn - Drums, (drummer with the Germany Thrash Metal band "Tankard" from 1989 until 1993)
Track Listing of: Tankard - The Meaning of Life

The Song/tracks on "Tankard - The Meaning of Life" are:

    Side One:
  • Open All Night
  • We Are Us
  • Dancing on our Grave
  • Mechanical Man
  • Beermuda
    Side Two:
  • The Meaning of Life
  • Space Beer
  • Always Them
  • Wheel of Rebirth
  • Barfly
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Tankard: Thrash Metal with a Sense of Humor and a Passion for Beer

TANKARD Band Description:

Tankard is a thrash metal band from Frankfurt, Germany that was formed in 1982. The band's name comes from the fact that they often drink beer from tankards while playing. Tankard is known for their humorous lyrics that often focus on drinking and partying, but they are also musically talented and have a loyal fanbase.

The band's original lineup consisted of Andreas "Gerre" Geremia on vocals, Axel Katzmann and Andy Bulgaropulos on guitars, Frank Thorwarth on bass, and Oliver Werner on drums. They released their debut album, "Zombie Attack," in 1986, which featured fast, aggressive riffs and Gerre's distinct, rough vocals. The album was well-received by the metal community and helped to establish Tankard as one of the top thrash bands in Germany.

Over the years, Tankard has released a total of 18 studio albums, as well as several live albums, compilations, and EPs. Their music has evolved over time, with the band incorporating elements of punk, hardcore, and even traditional German folk music into their sound. However, they have always maintained their thrash metal roots and continue to write high-energy, fast-paced songs that are perfect for headbanging.

One of the things that sets Tankard apart from other metal bands is their sense of humor. While many metal bands focus on darker themes like death, Satanism, and politics, Tankard takes a more lighthearted approach to their lyrics. Many of their songs are about drinking beer, partying with friends, and enjoying life. For example, their song "Chemical Invasion" is about a group of aliens who come to Earth to drink all of the beer. Similarly, "A Girl Called Cerveza" is an ode to the joys of drinking beer and hanging out with friends.

Despite their humorous lyrics, Tankard is a serious band with a lot of musical talent. Their guitar riffs are fast and intricate, and their drumming is powerful and precise. Gerre's vocals are raw and aggressive, but he also has a great sense of melody that helps to elevate the band's music. Tankard's songs are catchy and memorable, with choruses that are easy to sing along to.

Tankard has faced some criticism over the years for their humorous lyrics and party-focused image. Some metal fans argue that the band is not "serious" enough and that they are just trying to capitalize on the metal scene's love of drinking and partying. However, Tankard has always maintained that they are a legitimate metal band with serious musical chops. They have also been vocal about their love of beer and their belief that metal should be fun and inclusive.

In addition to their music, Tankard is also known for their live shows. The band is energetic and engaging on stage, and they often interact with the audience during their performances. Gerre is known for his charismatic stage presence, and the rest of the band members are talented musicians who know how to put on a great show.