SINNER TOUCH OF SIN Noise Records 12" Vinyl LP Album

 This album "SINNER Touch of Sin" is the 4th full length album by this band

 The album "Touch of Sin" by "Sinner" was recorded June-July 1985 at the Soundhouse (Soundhaus) studio in Hamburg, Germany. Sound engineering was in the hands of Dirk Steffens. Matt Sinner. Dirk Steffens took care of the production, while Karl-Ulrich Walterbach was the executive producer.


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Collector's notes ( detailed background information on the persons working on this album)

Dirk Steffens is a notable figure in the German music industry as a record producer. He has worked with several prominent bands and artists, particularly in the hard rock and heavy metal genres. Here are some details about Dirk Steffens and the artists and recordings he has produced:

1. Accept: Dirk Steffens collaborated with the German heavy metal band Accept, which rose to fame in the 1980s. He produced their albums "Breaker" (1981) and "Restless and Wild" (1982). These albums are considered influential in the development of the speed metal and power metal genres.


2. Running Wild: Dirk Steffens worked with the German pirate metal band Running Wild. He produced their album "Branded and Exiled" (1985), which is known for its energetic and aggressive sound.

3. Pink Cream 69: Dirk Steffens collaborated with the German hard rock band Pink Cream 69. He produced their self-titled debut album "Pink Cream 69" (1989), which helped establish the band's melodic hard rock sound.

4. Sinner: Sinner is a German heavy metal band, and Dirk Steffens has produced some of their albums. While I couldn't find specific details about the albums he produced for Sinner, his involvement likely contributed to the band's sound and production quality.

5. Zed Yago: Dirk Steffens also worked with the German heavy metal band Zed Yago.

It's worth noting that Dirk Steffens' production work was mainly active during the late 1970s and onwards, as you mentioned. He played a significant role in shaping the sound of various German heavy metal and hard rock acts during that era.

Karl-Ulrich Walterbach is a prominent figure in the German heavy metal music scene. He is best known as the founder and owner of Noise Records, a renowned record label that played a significant role in the development and promotion of heavy metal music, particularly in Germany.

Walterbach founded Noise Records in 1983 in Berlin, Germany. The label quickly gained recognition for signing and releasing albums by some of the most influential bands in the heavy metal genre. Under Walterbach's leadership, Noise Records became synonymous with the German thrash metal movement of the 1980s, which included bands like Helloween, Kreator, and Running Wild.

Walterbach's vision and passion for heavy metal music led him to become not only a label owner but also a producer and executive producer for numerous albums. He played a crucial role in shaping the sound and production of many German heavy metal records during the 1980s and 1990s.

These albums, along with countless others, played a crucial role in establishing Noise Records as a powerhouse label for heavy metal music. Walterbach's dedication to the genre and his ability to spot and nurture talent helped shape the landscape of German heavy metal.

However, it's important to note that Noise Records faced financial difficulties in the late 1990s, leading to its acquisition by Sanctuary Records in 2001. Despite the label's eventual dissolution, Walterbach's contributions to the heavy metal music industry and his impact on the German scene remain significant. His work as a producer and executive producer, as well as his role in founding and running Noise Records, solidified his reputation as a key figure in the history of German heavy metal.

Soundhouse (German spelling: Soundhaus) is a recording Studio in Hamburg, which has been used by German top metal bands like: Helloween, Sinner and "Running Wild".


Music Genre: Heavy Metal / Hard Rock 

Album Production information:

The album: "SINNER TOUCH OF SIN" was produced by: Dirk Steffens, Mat Sinner

Executive Producer: Karl-Ulrich Walterbach for Modern Music, Berlin, Germany

Sound/Recording Engineer(s): Dirk Steffens

This album was recorded at: Soundhouse Studio, Hamburg, Germany, June/July 1985

Album cover design: Atelier Sieke

Album cover photography: Johannes Fenn

Record Company / Catalog number / Label:  NOISE N0026
Record Format: 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  
Year & Country:  1985 Manufactured in West Germany
Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: SINNER TOUCH OF SIN
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Mat Sinner - Vocals, Bass
  • Bernie Van Der Graaf - Drums and Inspiration
  • Herman Frank - Guitars
  • SG Stoner - Guitars

Mat Sinner is a bassist, vocalist, and record producer from Stuttgart, Germany. Sinner has been involved in numerous bands and projects throughout his musical career.

Herman Frank is a guitarist mainly known from his performances with Accept and Victory, but also played in Hazzard, Sinner and "The Element".

Complete Track-listing of the album "SINNER TOUCH OF SIN"

The detailed tracklist of this record "SINNER TOUCH OF SIN" is:

    Track-listing Side One:
  1. Born To Rock 4:00
  2. Emerald 3:54
  3. Bad Girl 3:50
  4. Shout 3:41
  5. The Storm Broke Loose 4:16
    Track-listing Side Two:
  1. Out Of Control 3:42
  2. Too Late To Run Away 3:44
  3. Hand Of Fate 3:48
  4. Masquerade 3:17
  5. Open Arms
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SINNER - Dangerous Charm

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Noise N 0101-1 , 1987 , Germany

"Dangerous Charm" is the 1987 album released by the Germany Heavy Metal band "Sinner", album cover artwork was illustrated by Malbuch.

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SINNER - Touch of Sin

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NOISE N0026 , 1985 , West-Germany

This album "SINNER Touch of Sin" is the 4th full length album by this band .

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