SINNER - TOUCH OF SIN 12" Vinyl LP Album

- Noise Records, incl OIS (Original Inner Sleeve)


 The album "Touch of Sin" by "Sinner" was recorded June-July 1985 at the Soundhouse (Soundhaus) studio in Hamburg, Germany. Sound engineering was in the hands of Dirk Steffens. Matt Sinner. Dirk Steffens took care of the production, while Karl-Ulrich Walterbach was the executive producer.


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"Touch of Sin" Album Description

German heavy metal pioneers Sinner delivered their sophomore punch in 1985 with "Touch of Sin," a vibrant and energetic album that captured the raw spirit of the era. Released on the influential Noise Records label, home to acts like Helloween and Grave Digger, "Touch of Sin" is considered a key release in the development of the European power metal scene.

The Soundhouse Sessions

Fueled by the vision of bassist and vocalist Mat Sinner, the band converged on Soundhouse Studio in Hamburg, Germany, during the summer of 1985. Behind the boards was respected sound engineer Dirk Steffens. Known for his work with notable metal acts, Steffens helped shape the album's sonic intensity. Sinner, with the addition of new guitarists Herman Frank and SG Stoner, aimed for a heavier, more aggressive sound, and "Touch of Sin" did not disappoint.

Raw Power and Melodic Sensibility

From the opening riffs of the anthemic "Born to Rock" to the closing notes of the emotive "Open Arms," "Touch of Sin" showcased Sinner's knack for crafting catchy, headbanging anthems infused with undeniable melodic flair. Tracks like "Emerald," "Shout," and "The Storm Broke Loose" are prime examples of their ability to balance ferocity with hooks.

Sinner's musical prowess is clearly displayed on "Touch of Sin." The driving rhythms provided by drummer Bernie Van Der Graaf lay a solid foundation, while the intricate guitar work of Frank and Stoner shines throughout. Meanwhile, Mat Sinner's gritty vocals and powerful bass lines anchor the band's sound.

Featured Song: Born To Rock

"Born to Rock" is a high-octane anthem celebrating the spirit of heavy metal. From its opening riff, the song radiates pure energy and defiance. The lyrics declare a lifelong dedication to rock & roll, rejecting societal norms and embracing the power of music. Sinner drives home the message that they were truly born for this lifestyle and will never relinquish their passion. "Born to Rock" is a fist-pumping declaration of heavy metal pride and a perfect encapsulation of the band's musical spirit.

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Music Genre: Heavy Metal / Hard Rock 

Album Production information:

The album: "SINNER TOUCH OF SIN" was produced by: Dirk Steffens, Mat Sinner

Dirk Steffens is a notable figure in the German music industry as a record producer. He has worked with several prominent bands and artists, particularly in the hard rock and heavy metal genres. Here are some details about Dirk Steffens and the artists and recordings he has produced.

Executive Producer: Karl-Ulrich Walterbach for Modern Music, Berlin, Germany

Karl-Ulrich Walterbach: German music producer who transformed the heavy metal scene. Founder of the iconic Noise Records, he launched the careers of Helloween, Celtic Frost, and countless others. Learn more

Sound/Recording Engineer(s): Dirk Steffens

This album was recorded at: Soundhouse Studio, Hamburg, Germany, June/July 1985

Album cover design: Atelier Sieke

Album cover photography: Johannes Fenn

Record Company / Catalog number / Label:  NOISE N0026
Record Format: 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  
Year & Country:  1985 Manufactured in West Germany
Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: SINNER TOUCH OF SIN
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Mat Sinner - Vocals, Bass
  • Bernie Van Der Graaf - Drums and Inspiration
  • Herman Frank - Guitars
  • SG Stoner - Guitars

Mat Sinner is a bassist, vocalist, and record producer from Stuttgart, Germany. Sinner has been involved in numerous bands and projects throughout his musical career.

Herman Frank is a guitarist mainly known from his performances with Accept and Victory, but also played in Hazzard, Sinner and "The Element".

Complete Track-listing of the album "SINNER TOUCH OF SIN"

The detailed tracklist of this record "SINNER TOUCH OF SIN" is:

    Track-listing Side One:
  1. Born To Rock 4:00
  2. Emerald 3:54
  3. Bad Girl 3:50
  4. Shout 3:41
  5. The Storm Broke Loose 4:16
    Track-listing Side Two:
  1. Out Of Control 3:42
  2. Too Late To Run Away 3:44
  3. Hand Of Fate 3:48
  4. Masquerade 3:17
  5. Open Arms
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Inner Sleeve   of "SINNER TOUCH OF SIN" Album
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