BITCH - Be My Slave 12" Vinyl LP Album

"Be My Slave," Bitch's debut 12" Vinyl LP Album, is a seminal work in American heavy metal. Produced by Phil Pecora and executive produced by Brian Slagel, the album, released in the mid-1980s, showcases Bitch's unique blend of theatricality and powerful vocals by Betsy Bitch. With Bill Metoyer as the sound engineer, the album's sonic richness and enduring legacy solidify its place in metal history.

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Essentials of: BITCH - Be My Slave
"Be My Slave" Album Description:

In the world of heavy metal history, certain albums stand out as pioneers, marking the inception of a band's musical journey. "Be My Slave," the debut full-length album by the female-fronted American heavy metal band Bitch, is one such iconic record that left an indelible mark on the metal landscape. In this expository article, we delve into the creation history of "Be My Slave," exploring the key players behind its production and the musical landscape that shaped its inception.

The Birth of Bitch:

Before we unravel the album's creation, it's essential to trace the roots of Bitch. Formed in the early 1980s by vocalist Betsy Bitch, the band embraced a unique blend of heavy metal with a strong emphasis on theatrical and visually striking performances. Betsy Bitch's powerful vocals and the band's energetic stage presence quickly garnered attention, paving the way for their debut album.

Phil Pecora's Production Magic:

The production of "Be My Slave" was entrusted to Phil Pecora, a seasoned producer known for his work with various metal acts. Pecora's expertise brought a polished sound to the album, enhancing the raw energy of Bitch's music. His keen understanding of the metal genre and meticulous approach in the studio contributed significantly to the sonic richness that defines "Be My Slave."

Brian Slagel's Executive Touch:

Brian Slagel, renowned as the founder of Metal Blade Records, assumed the role of Executive Producer for "Be My Slave." Slagel's visionary contributions to the metal industry are well-documented, and his involvement in the production process added a layer of strategic guidance. Under Slagel's stewardship, the album gained not only artistic credibility but also the backing of a label that would become synonymous with metal excellence.

Bill Metoyer's Sonic Engineering:

A crucial element in the album's creation was the expertise of Bill Metoyer, the sound engineer behind the mixing and mastering of "Be My Slave." Metoyer's proficiency in capturing the essence of metal music translated into a well-balanced and impactful sonic experience. The album's cohesive sound owes much to Metoyer's technical prowess, making it a timeless piece in the heavy metal tapestry.

Musical Landscape and Legacy:

Released in the mid-1980s, "Be My Slave" entered a dynamic period in the heavy metal scene. The album encapsulated the spirit of the era, characterized by a burgeoning underground metal movement and the rise of female-fronted bands challenging the genre's norms. Bitch's unapologetic approach and Betsy Bitch's charismatic presence contributed to the album's enduring legacy.

Music Genre:

Heavy Metal

Label & Catalognr:

Noise – N 001

Media Format:

Record Format: 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

1983 Germany

Production & Recording Information
Album Packaging

This album comes with the original custom inner sleeve with lyrics of all the songs and detailed production information.


Phil Pecora

Brian Slagel

Brian Slagel is an influential figure in the world of heavy metal music. Born on 17 February 1961, in Los Angeles, California, Slagel developed a deep passion for music at an early age. Growing up in the music scene of the 1970s and 1980s, he played an instrumental role in shaping the landscape of heavy metal as we know it today.


In his teenage years, Slagel immersed himself in the thriving metal scene of Los Angeles. He attended numerous concerts and built a vast network of connections with musicians, fans, and industry professionals. Recognizing the immense talent around him, Slagel decided to channel his passion into something more substantial.

In 1982, at the age of 21, Slagel founded Metal Blade Records in his small apartment. The label began as a means to support and promote local metal bands who were struggling to secure record deals. Slagel's vision was to create a platform where these talented artists could showcase their music and gain wider recognition.

Metal Blade Records released its first compilation album, "Metal Massacre", in 1982. The album featured now-legendary bands such as Metallica, Ratt, and Slayer, among others. This groundbreaking release played a significant role in catapulting Metal Blade Records and its roster of artists into the spotlight.

As the label continued to grow, Slagel nurtured and signed a multitude of influential bands, including Mercyful Fate , Cannibal Corpse, Gwar, and Armored Saint , to name just a few. His keen ear for talent and unwavering support for the genre helped Metal Blade Records become one of the most successful independent labels in the music industry.

Throughout his career, Slagel remained committed to preserving the authenticity and integrity of heavy metal music. While other labels veered towards more commercial sounds, Slagel stayed true to his roots, signing and promoting bands that embodied the spirit of the genre. He played a crucial role in the rise of the thrash metal movement, which had a profound impact on the music industry and inspired countless musicians.

In addition to his work as a label owner, Slagel has also served as a producer, working on albums for bands like Flotsam and Jetsam, Exciter, and Trouble. His deep understanding of the genre and his ability to bring out the best in artists allowed him to make significant contributions to their musical journeys.

Over the years, Brian Slagel's contributions to heavy metal have been widely recognized and celebrated. In 2010, he received the "Lifetime Achievement" award at the Metal Hammer Golden Gods ceremony. His dedication to the genre has left an indelible mark on the music world, influencing generations of metal musicians and fans alike.

Today, Metal Blade Records continues to thrive under Slagel's guidance. His passion, perseverance, and unwavering belief in the power of heavy metal have cemented his legacy as one of the most influential figures in the genre. Brian Slagel's story is a testament to the transformative power of music and the immense impact that one person can have on an entire cultural movement.

Sound & Recording Engineers:

Bill Metoyer

Bill Metoyer a well-known American music producer and sound engineer who has worked in the heavy metal genre. He has produced and engineered albums for a number of notable heavy metal bands, including Slayer, Armored Saint, and Cryptic Slaughter.

Metoyer is known for his expertise in capturing the raw energy and intensity of heavy metal music, and for his ability to bring out the best in the bands he works with. His work has helped to define the sound of heavy metal and has had a significant impact on the genre.

In addition to his production and engineering work, Metoyer has also been involved in other aspects of the music industry, including music education and artist development. He is highly regarded by musicians and fans alike for his contributions to the heavy metal genre, and continues to be an influential figure in the world of heavy metal music.during the 1980s he was Vice-President and in-house sound-engineer of Metal Blade Records. As such he has produced and taken care of the sound of many Heavy Metal bands. Most notable: Flotsam and Jetsam, Fates Warning, Helstar, Savage Grace, Tyrant, Slayer, Trouble, Sacred Reich, Armored Saint, Atrophy, Abattoir, Bitch, D.R.I, Dark Angel, Cryptic Slaughter, Lääz Rockit, Morbid Angel, Omen, Lizzy Borden, Mentors and many others.

Recording Location:

Track Record, Los Angeles, California May-June 1983

Mastering Engineer and Location:

Kevin Gray, MCA Whitney, Glendale, California


Don Adkins

John Al Letcher

  • Betsy - Lead Vocals

     Betsy "Betsy Bitch" Weiss is from Brigantine, New Jersey and best know as singer with the American Heavy Metal band: "Bitch" from 1982 until today (and as of 2008 also in a band called "Witch". She has done at least one guest appearance and that is the duet with "Lizzy Burden" on the song "Don't Touch me There" (originally from "The Tubes".

  • David Carruth - Guitar
  • Mark Anthony Webb - Bass
  • Robby Settles - Drums
Tracklisting Side One:
  1. Right From The Start
  2. Be My Slave
  3. Leatherbound
  4. Riding In Thunder
  5. Save You From The World
  6. Live For The Whip
Tracklisting Side Two:
  1. Heavy Metal Breakdown
  2. Gimme A Kiss
  3. In Heat
  4. Make It Real (Make It Rock)
  5. World War III
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BITCH's Band Description:

 "Bitch" is an American heavy metal band that was formed in the 1980s. They are known for their aggressive style of music, which is characterized by fast tempos, heavy guitar riffs, and powerful vocals. They released several albums throughout the 1980s and 1990s, and are considered to be one of the pioneers of the American heavy metal scene.

 Some of Bitch's most popular songs include "Be My Slave," "Live for the Whip," and "Ain't None of Your Business." The band has been credited with influencing many other heavy metal and hard rock acts, and they continue to tour and perform to this day.

 Bitch is known for their high-energy live performances, and they have been praised for their musicianship and stage presence. Despite facing criticism and controversy due to the explicit lyrics and subject matter in their music, they have remained popular among heavy metal fans and continue to be respected in the metal community.

BITCH - Be My Slave 12" Vinyl LP

Thumbnail of BITCH - Be My Slave 12" Vinyl LP  album front cover

Noise – N 001 , 1983 , Germany

"Be My Slave," Bitch's debut 12" Vinyl LP Album, is a seminal work in American heavy metal. Produced by Phil Pecora and executive produced by Brian Slagel, the album, released in the mid-1980s, showcases Bitch's unique blend of theatricality and powerful vocals by Betsy Bitch. With Bill Metoyer as the sound engineer, the album's sonic richness and enduring legacy solidify its place in metal history.

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BITCH - The Bitch is Back 12" Vinyl LP

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  Metal Blade Records RR 9627 , 1987 , Holland

"Bitch is Back," the 1987 album by American Heavy Metal band Bitch, emanated from Los Angeles, leaving a lasting mark on the metal scene. The album title derives from their cover of Elton John/Bernie Taupin's song. Known for provocative live performances, incorporating sadomasochism, and bondage themes, Bitch made history as Metal Blade Records' inaugural signees and one of the pioneering metal bands with a female vocalist. Their impact on the genre remains indelible. Learn more