Rolling Stones - Angie b/w Silver Train - Nudity 7" Vinyl Single

The Rolling Stones' 1973 7" vinyl single, spotlighting "Angie" and "Silver Train," encapsulates the musical transformation of the early '70s. Amidst a shifting cultural landscape, these tracks, produced by Jimmy Miller, reflect the era's introspective turn. "Angie's" emotive melody contrasts with the blues-infused energy of "Silver Train," both serving as timeless echoes of a dynamic period in music history. Released in 1973, the vinyl single remains a poignant artifact of musical evolution.This page describes the 7" single with album photos of the covers, inner sleeves and record labels together with detailed description


Album Front Cover Photo of Rolling Stones Angie / Silver Train Nude  7" Single

"Angie" and "Silver Train" Album Description:

In the dynamic era of the early 1970s, music was undergoing a fascinating metamorphosis, reflecting the socio-cultural shifts and artistic experimentation of the time. The Rolling Stones, stalwarts of the rock and roll scene, played a pivotal role in shaping this musical landscape. Their 1973 release, the 7" vinyl single featuring "Angie" and "Silver Train," captures the essence of this transformative period.

Context of the Time Period:

The early 1970s marked a transition from the rebellious spirit of the 1960s to a more introspective and mature approach in music. The Vietnam War was winding down, and societal upheavals were giving way to a sense of reflection. The music of this period began to explore diverse themes, embracing a fusion of genres and pushing the boundaries of conventional sound.

The Rolling Stones, always attuned to the pulse of the times, released their album "Goats Head Soup" in 1973. "Angie," a standout track from the album, encapsulated the emotional depth and vulnerability that characterized this era. The song's melancholic melody and poetic lyrics resonated with listeners, offering a departure from the high-energy rock of their earlier years.

Meanwhile, Johnny Winter, an influential blues guitarist, contributed to the musical tapestry of 1973 with his rendition of "Silver Train." Winter's cover, featured on his album "Still Alive and Well," showcased the interplay between blues and rock, adding another layer to the evolving soundscape of the time. The fact that Winter released his version a few months before The Rolling Stones' album illustrates the cross-pollination of musical ideas during this period.

Johnny Winter was able to record his version of the Rolling Stones song "Silver Train" first because he was given a demo of the song by Rolling Stones guitarist Mick Taylor. Winter was a big fan of the Stones, and he was immediately impressed by the song "Silver Train". He recorded his version for his 1973 album "Still Alive and Well", which was released several months before the Rolling Stones' album "Goats Head Soup", which included "Silver Train".

Production Insight:

Central to the sonic allure of this 7" vinyl single is the guiding hand of renowned producer Jimmy Miller. A frequent collaborator with The Rolling Stones, Miller played a crucial role in shaping the band's sound during this era. His production style, characterized by a raw and authentic feel, lent itself perfectly to the emotive nuances of "Angie" and the blues-infused energy of "Silver Train."

Miller's expertise in capturing the essence of a live performance in the studio allowed both tracks to breathe with a sense of immediacy. The subtle nuances in Mick Jagger's vocals in "Angie" and the electrifying guitar riffs in "Silver Train" are testaments to Miller's ability to extract the best from the musicians he worked with.

Released in 1973:

The 7" vinyl single, featuring "Angie" on one side and "Silver Train" on the other, was unleashed upon the music scene in 1973. This was a time when vinyl records were the primary medium for enjoying music, and the tactile experience of holding a physical record added an extra layer of connection between the listener and the music.

As these tracks found their way into record stores and onto turntables, they became anthems of a generation navigating the complexities of a changing world. "Angie" and "Silver Train" stand as timeless reminders of the creative energy that pulsed through the early 1970s.

Production and Recording Information

Ther record was produced by: Jimmy Miller


In the early 1970s, when the single "Angie" was released (1973), public exposure of nudity was still uncommon and considered risqué in mainstream media. This photo, though not explicitly showing any sexual content, challenged those norms and sparked discussions about censorship and artistic expression.

Music Genre:

Classic Rock

Label & Catalognr:

RS 19 105

Media Format:

7" Single in Picture Sleeve

Year & Country:

1973 Made in Germany  

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