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Welcome to the Vinyl Records Gallery , a web-site dedicated to all Music Fans and especially to all music released during the 1960, 70 and 1980s on vinyl. Here you will find my perspnal collection of vinyl records, collected over decades. Each record is described in full details and where appropriate with detailed collector details as well with large high quality photos.

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LED ZEPPELIN - 1st + 2nd LED ZEPPELIN (Set of Two Albums) 12" Vinyl LP
LED ZEPPELIN - 1st + 2nd LED ZEPPELIN (Set of Two Albums) album front cover vinyl record

  Atlantic AK 2/35   , 1970 , USA

Led Zeppelin's debut and sophomore albums, released in the late 1960s, marked a transformative period in rock history. This rare "1st + 2nd Led Zeppelin" import/export edition for the German market adds exclusivity to their iconic status. Amid the counterculture movement, these albums blended blues, rock, and folk, influencing generations. The unique production details make this version highly sought after, symbolizing Led Zeppelin's enduring impact on global rock music.

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NAZARETH - The Catch 12" LP
Thumbnail of NAZARETH - The Catch album front cover

 Vertigo 818 823 , 1984 , Germany

Released in 1984, "The Catch" by Scottish hard rock band Nazareth is a 12" Vinyl LP with a captivating album cover. This studio album blends original tracks and cover songs, highlighting the band's musical diversity. Reviews were mixed, praising the musicianship and song quality but criticizing inconsistency. Despite varied opinions, the album endures as a classic from Nazareth's 1980s repertoire, cherished by fans for its enduring appeal and showcasing the band's artistic evolution.

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URIAH HEEP - Innocent Victim (Switzerland) 12" Vinyl LP
URIAH HEEP - Innocent Victim (Switzerland) album front cover vinyl record

Bronze 25 543 XOT +ML+   , 1977 , Switzerland

Uriah Heep's "Innocent Victim" Swiss release, marked by a distinctive +ML+ label, stands out as a rare find in vinyl collections. With limited quantities pressed due to Switzerland's smaller market size, this edition reflects historical import practices. The album, produced by Gerry Bron and Ken Hensley, showcases the band's musical prowess, complemented by David Shortt's cover design and John Holmes' snake illustration. The inclusion of a 12" insert with complete lyrics enhances its appeal for collectors.

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JUDAS PRIEST - Hero, Hero (White Vinyl) 12" Vinyl 2LP
JUDAS PRIEST - Hero, Hero (White Vinyl) album front cover vinyl record

 Gull records / Line Records LIDLP 5.0004 , 1985 , Germany

"Hero, Hero" isn't a Judas Priest album, but a 1985 compilation featuring early tracks on white vinyl. Spanning two LPs, it includes heavy metal anthems like "Tyrant" and "Victim of Changes," showcasing their raw power before mainstream success. While not an official album, it's a collector's item for fans seeking a vinyl time capsule of their formative years.


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WEHRMACHT - Biermacht
Thumbnail of WEHRMACHT - Biermacht album front cover

New Renaissance Records NRR50 , 1989 , USA

In the historical context of American Thrash Metal, "BIERMACHT," the final album by the Portland-based band Wehrmacht, stands as a testament to the genre's global reach. Despite their German moniker, the band's roots lie firmly in the USA. Released on a 12" Vinyl LP, the album encapsulates the energy and evolution of Thrash Metal during its time, making a lasting contribution to the genre's rich tapestry.

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GUNS N' ROSES - Appetite for Destruction (Uncensored) 12" Vinyl LP
GUNS N' ROSES - Appetite for Destruction (Uncensored) album front cover vinyl record

Geffen Records 924 148 / WX 125 , 1987 , Germany

The album cover was considered due to a very disturbing picture of an alien and robot rape scene which was the original graphics for the for the cover of Guns N' Roses' debut album. In the end it was decided to use a completely different image, although this picture did still appear on the inside sleeve of the album.

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DEEP PURPLE - In Rock (Netherlands) 12" Vinyl LP
DEEP PURPLE - In Rock  (Netherlands) album front cover vinyl record

Harvest – 5C 062-91442, Harvest – 1E 062 º 91442 , 1978 , Netherlands

"In Rock" is the fourth album by English rock band Deep Purple, released in June 1970. It was their fourth studio album and the first with the classic Mk II lineup. Rod Evans (vocals) and Nick Simper (bass) had been fired in June 1969 and were replaced by Ian Gillan and Roger Glover

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DEEP PURPLE - Mark I and II (Germany) 12" 2LP
DEEP PURPLE -  Mark I and II (Germany) album front cover

Purple Records 1C 188-94 865 , 1973 , Germany

"Deep Purple - Mark I and II" is a 2LP gatefold 12" vinyl album that offers a comprehensive journey through the band's evolution. The gatefold cover features captivating artwork and photos within its pages. Liner notes by Jens Larsen provide insights in both English and German, enhancing the listening experience. This release is a collector's delight, showcasing the iconic Mark I and II lineups of Deep Purple.

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PINK FLOYD - Ummagumma (Italy) 12" Vinyl LP
Thumbnail of PINK FLOYD - Ummagumma (Italy) album front cover

EMI Harvest 3C 154-04222 , 1969 , Italy

The Italian release of Pink Floyd's "Ummagumma" in 1969, featuring the uncensored Gigi painting on the cover, marked a pivotal moment in music history. Blending live recordings from iconic venues with innovative studio work, the album showcases the band's transition from psychedelia to progressive rock. Weighing in at 490 grams, this vinyl masterpiece stands as a testament to Pink Floyd's experimental brilliance and enduring influence on the evolving rock landscape.

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PINK FLOYD - The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (2nd Pressing) 12" Vinyl LP
PINK FLOYD - The Piper at the Gates of Dawn (2nd Pressing)
 album front cover

 Columbia SCX 6157 , 1967 , Gt Britain

Pink Floyd's "The Piper At The Gates of Dawn" 2nd pressing, a 1967 vinyl gem, encapsulates the band's inception in the dynamic musical landscape. Marked by a white-on-black EMI logo, fold-over back cover, and distinctive Columbia label, it's a time capsule reflecting the countercultural spirit. Cataloged as Columbia SCX 6157, its nuanced details offer a tangible link to Pink Floyd's early artistic exploration amidst the transformative late '60s music scene.

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PINK FLOYD - Dark Side of the Moon First Release 12" LP

Thumbnail of PINK FLOYD Dark Side of the Moon First Release album front cover

EMI Harvest 1C 062-05 249 , 1973 , Made in Germany

This German 1st release LP of Pink Floyd's "The Dark Side of the Moon" is a significant piece of music history. The album's success in Germany helped solidify Pink Floyd's status as one of the most influential bands of all time.

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PINK FLOYD - Animals (Germany Pink Vinyl) 12" Vinyl LP
PINK FLOYD - Animals (Germany) album front cover

Harvest 1C 064.98 434 / LC 1305 , 1977 , Germany

Pink Floyd's 1977 "Animals" shines as a musical and visual marvel, with a distinctive German release on pink vinyl. Roger Waters' meticulous craftsmanship at Britannia Row Studios is evident in the sonic brilliance. The gatefold cover, designed by Waters and executed by the Hipgnosis Design Group, complements the iconic inflatable pig. This limited edition's farbige pressung status adds a collector's touch, encapsulating Pink Floyd's innovative spirit in a timeless gem.

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PINK FLOYD - Atom Heart Mother (Canada 3rd Release) 12" Vinyl LP
PINK FLOYD - Atom Heart Mother (Canada 3rd Release) album front cover

Harvest SMAS 382  , 1970 , Canada

This page shows the release of Pink Floyd's Atom Heart Mother in its third Canadian Edition. A distinctive feature is the catalog number SMAS 382 imprinted on the record label, setting it apart from the catalog number on the album's front cover. This edition adds a nuanced touch to the timeless album, embodying the evolution and uniqueness within the chronicles of music history during its specific time period.

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OZZY OSBOURNE - The Ultimate Sin 12" Vinyl LP
OZZY OSBOURNE - The Ultimate Sin album front cover

  Epic EPC 26404 , 1986 , Holland

The Ultimate Sin is the fourth studio album by Ozzy Osbourne. It was released on 22 February 1986, and it was remastered and re-issued on 22 August 1995. This album features guitarist Jake E. Lee (formerly of Mickey Ratt, Rough Cutt and Dio). This is the only Osbourne album to feature bassist Phil Soussan - who wrote the album's U.S. hit single "Shot in the Dark" - and the first to feature the late drummer, Randy Castillo. L

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APHRODITE'S CHILD - Rain and Tears 12" Vinyl LP
Thumbnail of APHRODITE'S CHILD - Rain and Tears album front cover

Fontana 6420 006 , , Germany

Aphrodite's Child's 1968 debut album, "Rain and Tears," produced by Vangelis Papathanassiou, marked a pivotal moment in the late '60s music scene. Recorded at London's Morgan Studios and released under Philips Records, it showcased a fusion of psychedelic rock and progressive pop. Reflecting the era's cultural upheaval, the LP's innovative sound, underpinned by Vangelis' early electronic experimentation, continues to resonate, making it a timeless emblem of musical evolution.

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THE CARS - Candy-O

Thumbnail Of  THE CARS - Candy-O album front cover

Elektra ELK 52 148 , 1979 , France

In 1979, The Cars released "Candy-O," a groundbreaking second studio album. Drummer and artistic director David Robinson collaborated with pin-up artist Alberto Vargas for the iconic cover. The synthesis of Vargas' timeless pin-up aesthetics and The Cars' new wave sound created a cultural milestone. "Candy-O" remains a testament to the fusion of music and visual art, leaving an enduring legacy in the annals of rock history.

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ALAN PARSONS PROJECT - Eve  album front cover

 Arista 1C 064-063 063 , 1979 , Germany

The 12" vinyl LP album "Eve" by the Alan Parsons Project features an iconic cover design by Hipgnosis that features Debbie and Lisa Dean, two models who posed in identical black dresses and white gloves, creating a striking and mysterious image that has become a defining part of the album's legacy.

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VANADIUM - Metal Rock 12" LP

Thumbnail Of  VANADIUM - Metal Rock 12" LP album front cover

Mausoleum Records SKULL 8306 , Belgium

"Vanadium's 'Metal Rock' album, a 1982 masterpiece, encapsulates the essence of Italian heavy metal. Released on Durium for the Italian market and Mausoleum Records for Belgium, it marks a cross-cultural musical odyssey. With potent sound and distinctive style, the LP remains a pivotal artifact in the global metal movement. Experience a timeless fusion of power and artistry."

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KROKUS - The Blitz 12" Vinyl LP
KROKUS  - The Blitz album front cover

 Aridsta 206 494 / LC 3484 , 1984 , Germany/Europe

Released in 1984, Krokus' "The Blitz" is a hard rock classic produced by Bruce Fairbairn, known for his work with The Scorpions. The album's evolution toward a more polished sound marked a pivotal phase in the band's career. With sound engineer Bob Rock and mastering by George Marino, the album's meticulous details and powerful tracks solidify its status as a timeless sonic masterpiece in the hard rock genre.

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Various Artists - METAL MADNESS 12" 2LP
Various Artists - METAL MADNESS album front cover

Concept Records CC-0021 , - , Made in Australia

"Metal Madness": A 2LP gatefold vinyl encapsulating the roaring spirit of heavy metal's heyday. Inside, captivating artwork and photos frame a curated selection of tracks. A sonic journey through diverse subgenres, this compilation resonates with the raw power that defined an era. A collector's gem embodying the essence of rebellion and musical prowess from 1970s to early 1990s

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VA - Live and Heavy 12" Vinyl LP
The album cover of "Live and Heavy" vividly captures the essence of rock energy. A man's impassioned scream resonates as he leans into PA loudspeakers, symbolizing the raw power of live music.
The album cover of "Live and Heavy" vividly captures the essence of rock energy. A man's impassioned scream resonates as he leans into PA loudspeakers, symbolizing the raw power of live music.

Nems NEL 6020 , 1981 , Made in UK

"Live and Heavy" this anthology unites legends like Deep Purple, Motorhead, and Black Sabbath in live renditions that pulse with raw vitality. From Deep Purple's iconic "Smoke on the Water" to Black Sabbath's classic "Paranoid", this album encapsulates the electrifying essence of an era when live performances ignited the rock scene.

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CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - Money Talks 12" LP Album
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - Money Talks album front cover
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - Money Talks album front cover

Metal Blade Records RR 9607 , 1987 , Made in Holland

Cryptic Slaughter's "Money Talks" LP, a Metal Blade Records gem, unchains a relentless blend of hardcore punk and thrash metal. Produced by Bill Metoyer and the band, its raw energy reverberates through precise engineering. Bill Crooks' fierce vocals meet Les Evans' versatile guitars, Rob "Blasko" Nicholson's driving bass, and Scott Peterson's thunderous drums. A rebellious outcry against societal norms, this vinyl encapsulates their unapologetic attitude and enduring influence.

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COBRA - Warriors of the Dead 12" Vinyl LP
COBRA -  Warriors of the Dead album front cover
COBRA - Warriors of the Dead album front cover

Criminal Response Records CDP 2 , 1985 , Made in Gt Britain

"Warriors of the Dead" is COBRA's iconic NWOBHM debut. Released in 1985 under Criminal Response Records, the album showcases raw energy and precision. With Paul Edmundson's potent vocals, searing guitar solos, and fantasy-themed lyrics, it resonates with power. The Terry Greer-designed cover art perfectly captures its mystical essence. An enduring classic, the LP's anthems continue to echo the golden era of British heavy metal.

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CELTIC FROST - Cold Lake 12" Vinyl LP
CELTIC FROST - Cold Lake album front cover
CELTIC FROST - Cold Lake album front cover

Noise International N 0125-1 , 1988 , Made in Germany

"Cold Lake", Celtic Frost's 1988 album, marks a daring departure from their thrash metal roots, embracing glam rock and pop metal. This musical shift, along with lineup changes, divided fans and critics. Despite controversy, the album stands as a testament to the band's willingness to experiment and evolve, leaving a lasting mark on the metal genre's history.

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CANNED HEAT - Future Blues 12" Vinyl LP
CANNED HEAT - Future Blues album front cover
CANNED HEAT - Future Blues album front cover

Liberty LST-11002 , 1970 , USA

Canned Heat's iconic 1970 album "Future Blues" marks both a farewell to original member Alan Wilson and a creative transition. With hits like their rendition of "Let's Work Together" and Dr. John's jazz-infused collaborations, the album showcases blues-rock brilliance. Recorded at Village Recorders in Los Angeles, it features Wilson's mastery of slide guitar and harmonica, leaving a lasting legacy as a timeless musical journey.

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