"C" - Rock & Heavy Metal on vinyl albums for band-names starting with the letter "C"

This webpage lists all the Heavy Metal (incl Black, Crossover Death, Speed, Power, Thrash Metal) from the 1980s and collectable Hard Rock/Punk LP's as from the 1970s. Names are ordered in alphabetical order of the first part of the name. Bands which have a large discography (eg Accept, AC/DC) will have a seperate and dedicated webpage for their discography.

Photo of Early Celtic Frost band
Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title Year Country
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Cactus ( hard rock, blues rock, usa ) VINYL RECORDS DISCOGRAPHY


CACTUS a Hard Rock/BluesRock band from Long Island, New York it was formed by Tim Bogart and Carmine Appice in 1975. The Cactus band had it's main period 1969 until 1972, core band-members have been Carmine Appice - Drums, Jim McCarty - Guitars, Rusty Day - Vocals, Tim Bogert - Bass.

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Parallel Lines Records PMLP 3330
CALDERONE - Calderone S/T Self-Titled

CALDERONE - Calderone S/T Self-Titled

CALDERONE is a power/speed metal band from Berlin, Germany. The band was originally founded as "CRYPT" which was founded in 1986. Crypt was soon renamed into "Calderone" and has been active since. They released one official recording, an Extended Play (EP) record , called "Calderone".

1988 Germany

Nova Records 6.28 453

CAMEL - a Live Record 1978 Germany



CAMEL - Nude    
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Active Records ACT LP7 Active Records ACT LP7

CANDLEMASS - Ancient Dreams

CANDLEMASS is a Doom Metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. The band was founded in 1982 by "Leif Edling" and originally called "Nemesis". In 1984 this band was renamed into "Candlemass". "Ancient Dreams" is the third official full-length album by the Swedish Doom Metal band "Candlemass".

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canned heat ( blues / blues-rock, USA ) VINYL RECORDS DISCOGRAPHY


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Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band - The Legendary A&M Sessions


CAPTAIN BEEFHEART & HIS MAGIC BAND ( Blues-Rock / Avant-Garde , USA ) Vinyl Records Discography & Photo Gallery


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Caravan ( Acid-Psych / Prog Rock, Canterbury England ) Featured vinyl album Photo Gallery


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Green Label The ALPHABET Business Concern alph004

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"Big Ship" is the mini-album by Cardiacs, released in January 1987. It is an 12" album-sized vinyl record played at the speed of a single (45rpm). and was issued with a lyric insert. It was the first Cardiacs release to exclusively feature the so-called classic 1980s line-up of the band


UK / England

Original UK vinyl pressing

Roadrunner RR 9597
CARNIVORE - Retaliation

CARNIVORE - Retaliation (1987)

"Retaliation" by the American Speed/Thrash Metal band "Carnivore" is their second and final album. It was produced by Alex Perialas, recorded at Systems Two Brooklyn, and Pyramid Sound.

Earthshaker ES 4016 thumbnail of front cover

CARRIE - Secrets (1986)

is the first (debut) and only full length album released by this German Heavy Metal band

Black Dragon BD 006 P.A.I

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CASTLE BLAK - Babes in Toyland 1985


original french pressing

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CELTIC FROST Vinyl Discography

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CENTURY French Rock Discography

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Bonebreaker BONE 2

Chainsaw - Hell's Burning Up

CHAINSAW - Hell's Burning Up (1985)

"Hell's Burning Up" is the first and only album released by the German Speed/Thrash Metal band: Chainsaw


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CHARGE 69 - Vos Lois Ne Sont Pas Nos Regles (1999)

is the third studio album of the FrenchPunk Rock band Charge 69

CLAY Records CLAY LP 4

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CHARGED G.B.H . - City Baby Attacked by Rats

"City Baby Attacked By Rats" is the debut LP of the band Charged GBH. It is considered a landmark in the development of hardcore punk, especially the UK 82 scene

1982 Birmingham, England


CHARGED G.B.H - Leather Bristles No Survivors and Sick Boys UK

CHARGED G.B.H - Leather Bristles No Survivors and Sick Boys UK

1990 England

Mausoleum Records ‎– SKULL 8397

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CHASAR - Gypsy Roller 12" Vinyl LP Record

CHASAR is a Scottish Heavy Metal ( NWOBHM ) band from Alloe, Scotland. This band was formed in 1981 and had their main activity period from 1982 until 1988, they resurrected around 2009. In their first years CHASAR released two official full-length studio albums: "Chasar" in 1983 and "Gypsy Roller" in 1987. "Gypsy Roller" is the second and final studio album released by the Scottish NWOBHM band "CHASAR" in 1987.

Chastain - Mystery of Illusion


CHASTAIN ( Heavy Metal, USA ) Featured Vinyl Records Discography & Photo Gallery


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New Entry CHATEAUX - Chained and Desperate

"Chained and Desperate" by the British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) "Chateaux" is their first offical full-length album and was released in 1984 on Ebony Records.

  CHEAP TRICK - Dream Police

International Records Syndicate IRS SP-70010


CHELSEA - No Escape

Chelsea are an English punk rock band, formed in London in 1976. Three of the four original band members went on to help found Generation X .

1980 USA
High Dragon HD 02

Cherry Bombz - Coming Down Slow .

"Coming Down Slow" is the only album ever recorded by the Glam Punk band: The Cherry Bombz

1987 France

Chicken Shack


Chicken Shack - The Collection with Stan Webb and Christine Perfect    
thumbnail of front cover Chicken Shack - On Air    
A&M SP-69837

CHILLIWACK - All Over You .

Chilliwack are a Canadian rock band that had their heyday during the 1970s and 1980s. They are perhaps best remembered for their three biggest songs "My Girl (Gone Gone Gone)", "I Believe" and "Whatcha Gonna Do." The band's lineup has changed numerous times, though Bill Henderson has constantly remained a fixture, and Chilliwack continues to tour across Canada

1972 Canada

CHILLIWACK - Lights from the Valley ( 1979 West-Germany )  New Web-Page

"Lights from the Valley" is the 1978 and 7th studio album by the Canadian Progressive Rock band "Chilliwack". It is the first album with Brian MacLeod.

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CHINA - Vinyl Selection

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RoadrunneR – RR 9739

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CHROME MOLLY - You Can't Have it All NWOBHM (1985, Netherlands)

This album "You can't Have it all" by "Chrome Molly" is their first official full-length album and has been produced by "Ray Neave" and "Andy Paul" , released in 1985. The album cover was designed/drawn by "Nick Waters" and "Gill Fisher" while the photos on the cover were done by "Paul Hart" and "Gary Wedekind".


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CHRON GEN - Chronic Generation


UK / England

Original UK vinyl pressing

Secret Freebie

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CHRON GEN - Free Live EP / Live next door to Alice / Ripper / Puppets of War

Chron Gen (short for Chronic Generation) were a British punk band formed in January 1978 in Letchworth, Hertfordshire.

This album was recorded live at the Regal Auditorium, Hitchin 9 December 1981


Red Rhino / The Cartel / Agit Prop


CHUMBAWAMBA Never Mind The Ballots

"Never Mind the Ballots" (occasionally called Never Mind the Ballots... Here's The Rest of Your Life by fans and distributors, further expanding the pun upon which the name is based; also Never Mind the Ballots...) is an album by Anarchist punk band Chumbawamba. Most of the songs centre around lying politicians and their search for more voter control. It was originally released as a cassette and LP

1987 England

Carrere ATV Northern Productions 67907  

CHURCH - Blurred Crusade ( 1982 France )  New Web-Page

"The Blurred Crusade" is the second album by Australian group The Church which was released in March 1982 by EMI / Parlophone. It shows a change of direction from the new-wave leanings of the band's debut. The album peaked at No. 10 on the Australian Kent Music Report Albums Chart and "Almost with You" reached No. 21 on the related Singles Chart.

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CINDERELLA - Vinyl Albums

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Displeased Records – D-00117

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CIRCLE OF THE DEAD CHILDREN - Human Harvest (2003, Netherlands) New Web-Page

This album "CIRCLE OF THE DEAD CHILDREN - Human Harvest" includes the original custom made inner sleeve (OIS) with album production details, complete lyrics of all songs by and artwork/photos

Metal Blade Records – RR 9656

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CITIES - Annihilation Absolute(1986, Netherlands)

CITIES was a Heavy / Power Metal band from New York City, this band has been active from 1985 until 1986. During this period they have released two official records, in 1985 the released the EP "Annihilation Absolute" and in 1986 an LP with the same name was released.

"Annihilation Absolute" has been recorded 3 July until 4 September 1986 at Systems Two, Brooklyn, N.Y. and is the last full-length record by the American Metal band: CITIES.

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David T Chastain's CJSS ( Heavy Metal, U.S.A. ) Vinyl Records Discography & Photo Gallery


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4AD CAD 613

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CLAN OF XYMOX Medusa ( 1986 )

"Clan of Xymox", also known as Xymox, are a goth band founded in the Netherlands in 1981. In the 1980s they knew moderate success, even scoring a hit single in the United States; they have been referred to as the "founding fathers of goth." Though the band is still active and continues to tour and release records, of the original members (Ronny Moorings, Pieter Nooten, Frank Weyzig, and Anke [also Anka] Wolbert), only Moorings remains in the band today.

This album "Medusa" is the second full length album of Xymox


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THE CLASH - Vinyl Discography

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Carrere 2934 106


clout ( pop-rock, south-africA ) VINYL RECORDS DISCOGRAPHY

  Clout were originally a five-piece, South African million-selling all-girl rock group formed in 1977, best known for their song "Substitute".


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Roadrunner RR 9857
CLOVEN HOOF - Self-Titled 1983 Holland
EPIC EPC 25536

New Web-page  COBRA - First Strike

1983 Holland
Criminal Response Records CDP 2
Cobra - Warriors of the Dead

COBRA - Warriors of the Dead

1985 Gt.Britain

Kreation Records COFFINS - Mortuary in Darkness

COFFINS - Mortuary in Darkness

Turbo Music 354.0009.1-30
Cold Steel - Freakboy

COLDSTEEL - Freakboy

1992 Germany
Bronze HELP-4
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Colosseum - Valentyne Suite .

"Valentyne Suite" was the 2nd album released by the English Prog-Rock Band Colosseum

1969 England
Free Thought
Commonwealth - Nepenthe Transparent Vinyl
Commonwealth - Nepenthe Transparent Vinyl 1991 USA

Alternative Rock, New Wave 


This is the acclaimed debut album of American alternative rock band Concrete Blonde.

1986 / 1987  

IRS Promo L33-17310


CONCRETE BLONDE - Dance Along the Edge White Label Promo

This s a rare promotional only and previously not for sale record

1986 / 1987  


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CONFLICT Ungovernable Force (2002, Italy)

This album is considered by many in the punk rock community to be the band's most coherent and complete representation of their politics and aesthetic, it has become an enduring classic in anarchist punk music culture.

Coroner - Punishment for Decadence


CORONER ( Speed / Thrash Metal, Switzerland ) VINYL RECORDS DISCOGRAPHY


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Obscure Abhorrence

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is the 2007 mini-lp by this Portugerse Black Metal band and was originally recorded between 2002 and 2004

thumbnail of front cover CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - Eye for an Eye
Relativity RO 2401
thumbnail of front cover
CORROSION OF CONFORMITY - Vote With A Bullet 1992 Holland

SteamHammer SH 0024

Crack Jaw

CRACK JAW - Nightout ( 1984, Germany )

Crack Jaw was a heavy metal band from Frankfurt-Am-Main, Germany, "Nightout" was the first full length official album. This album was released on 2nd Januray 1985. On the SteamHammer record label with catalog SH 0024. Nightout was never re-released on vinyl. This album "CRACK JAW - Nightout" includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by and artwork/photos

Music For Nations VMLP023

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thumbnail of front cover

CRADLE OF FILTH - Dusk And Her Embrace Picture Disc

is the second studio album by English extreme metal band Cradle of Filth. It was released on 19 November 1996 and is their first release on the label Music for Nations.


Cacophonous NIHIL 1 PD

thumbnail of front cover

thumbnail of front cover

Price 27.99€

CRADLE OF FILTH - The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh Picture Disc

is the debut studio album by English extreme metal band Cradle of Filth. It was released on 24 February 1994 through Cacophonous Records

2003 Gt Britain
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CRAMPS ( garage punk rock, usa ) VINYL RECORDS DISCOGRAPHY


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CRASS Records 521984

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CRASS - Stations Of The Crass

Large Poster cover design with artwork / photos on the inside cover pages


1979 UK
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cream ( blues-rock / rock, england ) VINYL RECORDS DISCOGRAPHY


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BRAIN 1017
Creative Rock - Gorilla
CREATIVE ROCK - Gorilla 1972 Germany
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Metal Blade Records 72492

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CRISIS PARTY - Rude Awakening ( 1989 USA )

This is the one and only album release by the rock band "Crisis Party"




CRO-MAGS Best Wishes ( 1989 England )

Cro-Mags are a hardcore punk turned crossover thrash band from New York City. The band, which had a strong cult following, released many records, their first two considered the most influential. They were among the first bands to fuse hardcore punk with thrash metal and were associated with the birth of a tougher attitude within the hardcore scene in the late 1980s. They were also one of the first hardcore punk bands associated with the Hare Krishna movement.

Beck's Records BR 001

CRO-MAGS - We Gotta Know Unofficial 1986
NEAT RO 9403
CRONOS - Dancing in the Fire
CRONOS - Dancing in the Fire 1990 Holland
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Metal Blade RR 9607
CRYPTIC SLAUGHTER - Money Talk 1987 Holland

Beggars Banquet BEGA 57

THE CULT - Dreamtime ( 1984 UK ) New Web-Page  

Good Life Recordings GL 030

CULTURE - Born of You

Culture was a Florida-based vegan/straight edge hardcore band. They formed in 1992, and lasted until 1998, when Damien Moyal merged the remaining members into the second incarnation of As Friends Rust.

CURE - Quadpus


THE CURE ( New Wave, England ) Vinyl Records Discography & Photo Gallery


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Vendetta Records – LP 20628


CURSED - Rhapsody ( 1991 Germany ) New Web-Page 

Rare crossover punk metal

Warner Bros Records K 46092
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CURVED AIR - Second Album

"Second Album" was the second album released by British Prog rock group "Curved Air." It reached No. 11 in the UK Charts on 9 October 1971, and "Back Street Luv" became a UK No. 4 chart hit on 7 August 1971.

1971 UK / England

Mausoleum Records – SKULL 8375



CUTTY SARK - Heroes ( 1985 Belgium ) New Web-Page

"CUTTY SARK" was a German Heavy Metal band from Bonn, the band was formed in 1976 and active from 1976 until 1987 and 1998 until 1999. During the 1980s "CUTTY SARK" released three records "Hard Rock Power" in 1983, "Die Tonight" in 1984 and "Heroes" in 1985, "Regeneration" was released in 1998.

Roadrunner RR 9687
CYCLONE - Brutal Destruction
CYCLONE - Brutal Destruction (1986)
EPIC 481136
Cyco Miko - Lost My Brain Once Again . "Lost My Brain! (Once Again)" is the first of two solo albums from Mike "Cyco Miko" Muir – lead singer of Suicidal Tendencies and Infectious Grooves. It was released in January, 1996 on the Epic Records label.

CYCO MIKO - Lost My Brain Once Again ( 1995 France ) .

"Lost My Brain! (Once Again)" is the first of two solo albums from Mike "Cyco Miko" Muir – lead singer of Suicidal Tendencies and Infectious Grooves. It was released in January, 1996 on the Epic Records label.