CYCLONE is a Speed / Thrash Metal band from Vilvoorde Belgium and was originally called "Centurion". This band was founded in 1983 and disbanded in 1993. During their existence they released two official records "Brutal Destrucion" in 1986 and "Inferior To None" in 1990. This web page has photos of album covers, inner sleeves, record labels together with production details, musicians and track-listing.


large album front cover photo of:  CYCLONE BRUTAL DESTRUCTION

Cyclone - Brutal Destruction: Belgium's Thrash Metal Mayhem Unleashed
Album Description:

1986 was a killer year for metal, and straight outta Belgium, Cyclone unleashed their debut album, "Brutal Destruction." This 12" vinyl slab of sonic fury is a certified headbanger's delight, packed with enough energy to level a city block.

Thrashing Through the European Scene

With the thrash metal craze sweeping the globe, Europe was becoming a hotbed of heavy talent. Cyclone, hailing from Belgium, brought their own brand of aggression to the scene, proving that thrash wasn't just an American or German thing. "Brutal Destruction" is a testament to their dedication to pure, unadulterated metal mayhem.

A Sonic Wrecking Ball

This album isn't for the faint of heart. Cyclone's musical exploration is all about speed, aggression, and sheer sonic power. It's a head-on collision of razor-sharp riffs, thunderous drums, and vocals that sound like they were ripped from the depths of hell.

Thrash Metal Through and Through

If you're looking for a genre label, look no further than thrash metal. Cyclone wears their influences on their sleeves, taking cues from the likes of Slayer, Kreator, and Metallica. But they also inject their own unique flavor into the mix, creating a sound that is distinctly their own.

No Time for Controversy

Cyclone isn't here to play nice. Their lyrics are as brutal as their music, tackling themes of war, violence, and social decay. They don't shy away from controversy, and their in-your-face attitude is sure to resonate with rebellious metalheads everywhere.

Crafted in the Metal Forge

The album was recorded at the legendary Galaxy Studios in Belgium, known for its work with other heavy hitters like Channel Zero and Acid. The production is raw and powerful, capturing the band's live energy and intensity.

Summary: Cyclone's "Brutal Destruction" is a ferocious 12" vinyl LP that epitomizes the relentless force of thrash metal. Released with unbridled intensity, the album unleashes a storm of crushing guitar riffs, thunderous drums, and aggressive vocals. With blistering speed and technical precision, Cyclone delivers a sonic assault that is both chaotic and precise, leaving listeners in awe of their unyielding brutality. "Brutal Destruction" is an essential addition to any thrash metal aficionado's collection.


Produced by Gus Roan

Music Genre: 

Hardcore Speed/Thrash Metal Music

Album Production:

  All songs written by G.Gevels, J.Kerbusch, P. van Lint

Record Label Information:

  Roadrunner RR 9687

Media Format:

  12" Vinyl LP Gramophone

Year & Country:

  1986 Made in Holland

Track Listing of: Cyclone Brutal Destruction
    Side One:
  1. Prelude to the End
  2. Long to Hell
  3. Fall Under his Command
  4. The Call of Steel
    Side Two:
  1. Fighting the Fatal
  2. In the Grip of Evil
  3. Take Thy Breath
  4. Incest love

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