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Coroner is a Swiss Thrash Metal from Zurich. The band-members of Coroner began their career as road-crew for another Swiss Thrash metal band: "Celtic Frost". During the 1980s they released three full-length albums: "R.I.P.", "Punishment For Decadence" and "No More Color."

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Coroner Band Information:

 The Swiss band CORONER is one of the most unique and influential bands in the history of heavy metal. Formed in Zurich in 1983, the band was comprised of Tommy Vetterli (guitar), Ron Broder (drums), and Marky Edelmann (bass/vocals). Their style combined elements of thrash metal, progressive rock, and classical music, creating a sound that was both aggressive and sophisticated.

 From their debut album "R.I.P." (1987) to their final release "Grin" (1993), CORONER consistently pushed the boundaries of what was possible within the heavy metal genre. They were known for their complex arrangements, technical precision, and socially conscious lyrics. Their music was characterized by intricate guitar riffs, intricate bass lines, and powerful drumming, all of which were brought to life through their masterful musicianship.

 What set CORONER apart from many of their contemporaries was their willingness to experiment and innovate. Their music was not limited to the traditional structures and conventions of heavy metal. Instead, they incorporated elements of jazz, classical music, and even electronic music into their sound, creating a unique and dynamic musical language.

 In addition to their musical prowess, CORONER also tackled a variety of social and political issues in their lyrics. Their songs dealt with topics such as environmentalism, war, and the human condition, reflecting a depth and maturity that was rare within the heavy metal genre.

 Despite their critical acclaim and influence on the heavy metal scene, CORONER never achieved the commercial success of some of their peers. However, their legacy lives on in the music of countless bands that have been inspired by their innovative approach to heavy metal.

 In recent years, CORONER has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity, with many of their classic albums being reissued and new fans discovering their unique sound. While the band has not released any new music since 1993, they remain an important and beloved part of the heavy metal canon, and their influence continues to be felt to this day.

Coroner Discography:

CORONER - No More Color

Thumbnail Of  CORONER - No More Color  album front cover

Noise International N 0138-1 / NUK 138 / Dark Wings Inc. , 1989 , Germany

"No More Color" is the third official full-length album, released by the Swiss Thrash Metal band Coroner.

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CORONER - Punishment For Decadence

Thumbnail Of  CORONER - Punishment For Decadence album front cover

Noise International N 0119-1 , 1988 , Germany

This edition of "Punishment of Decadence" has the original ( banned ) album cover, which was later replaced by the record company, without consent of Coroner

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Thumbnail Of  CORONER - R.I.P. album front cover

Noise International N 0075 , 1987 , Germany

R.I.P. is the first album released by the Swiss thrash metal trio, Coroner. This album marks the first chapter of the band's progression

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