CELTIC FROST ( Thrash metal , switzerland ) Vinyl Discography

"Celtic Frost" was an influential extreme metal / avant-garde band from Zürich, Switzerland. They are known for their heavy influence on the extreme metal and gothic metal genres. The group was first active from 1984 to 1993, and re-formed in 2001. Following Tom Gabriel Fischer's departure in 2008, Celtic Frost decided to break up again.

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Celtic Frost's frontman, guitarist and singer Tom Gabriel Fischer, adopted the alias Tom Warrior. With Steve Warrior on bass, he formed one of the earliest extreme metal bands, Hellhammer, in 1982. Steve Warrior was later replaced by Martin Eric Ain - also a pseudonym. The band attracted a small international fan-base, got signed to Noise Records in Germany and recorded their debut EP "Apocalyptic Raids" in March 1984.

By May 1984, Hellhammer had disbanded. Fischer and Ain, along with session drummer Stephen Priestly, regrouped as "Celtic Frost". Their 1984 debut LP, "Morbid Tales" was a hit on the underground metal scene, and the band set out on its first tour, through Germany and Austria. This was followed with an EP "Emperor's Return". One of their more influential recordings was 1985's "To Mega Therion" , followed in 1987 by "Into the Pandemonium" . These albums were some of the pivotal LPs for underground metal and inducted a new and more varied sound. Celtic Frost, along with Venom and Bathory were pioneers in the still underground black metal scene, although Celtic Frost were much more experimental with the addition of classical instruments, opera vocals and sampling. They were given the new title of avant-garde metal.

After a subsequent North American tour (which saw the addition of a second guitarist, Ron Marks to the groups ranks), financial trouble, personal tension between the band members and an ill-fated relationship with their record label led to a complete dissolution of the band. Six months later, Warrior decided to reform the band with Stephen Priestly back on drums, Oliver Amberg on guitars and Curt Victor Bryant on bass. The resulting album Cold Lake was a disappointment to most of the group's established fan-base but achieved notable success in the North American market. Bryant fired Amberg and former live guitarist Ron Marks returned as a guest for the recording of Vanity / Nemesis in 1990. The most significant change, however, was the return of early bassist Martin Eric Ain. But Celtic Frost's reputation did not fully recover. The group's next (and, as it would turn out, last for several years) album was a collection of rare and unreleased recordings called Parched with Thirst Am I and Dying in 1992. The compilation's title was inspired by an old Roman prayer. It featured unreleased material, re-recorded versions of older songs and some studio session versions, closing the chapter on one of the most important underground and experimental bands of all time.

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NOISE International N 0125-1

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Swiss release thumbnail CELTIC FROST - Cold Lake (1988, Germany)

"Cold Lake" is the Fourth full-length album by the Swiss Thrash Metal band: "Celtic Frost". It was produced by Karl-Ulrich Walterbach and released in the year 1986.

NOISE International N 0065 / LC 9066 /08-4428

Celtic Frost - Into the Pandemonium (German Pressing).


Swiss release thumbnail CELTIC FROST - Into the Pandemonium (First German Pressing). (1987, Germany)

Celtic Frost's "Into the Pandemonium," German release under NOISE label (N 0065), showcases avant-garde metal brilliance. The gatefold 12" vinyl LP, adorned with Hieronymus Bosch's "Garden of Delights," blends diverse influences. Recorded in Berlin in 1987, it defies norms, incorporating classical and industrial elements. Despite initial controversy, the album's daring experimentation has secured its place as a seminal work in extreme metal.

Accord 130094


Swiss release thumbnail CELTIC FROST - Into the Pandemonium (1987, France)

This album is more varied than many of Celtic Frost's past LPs, with unlikely covers (Wall of Voodoo, "Mexican Radio"), emotionally charged love songs and the band's signature industrial-influenced rhythmic songs of demons and destruction.

Noise N 0031

Celtic Frost - To Mega Therion

Swiss release thumbnail CELTIC FROST - To Mega Therion (1985, Germany)

Celtic Frost's 1985 debut album, "To Mega Therion," revolutionized thrash metal with its avant-garde blend of doom and gothic elements. The iconic album cover, a surreal masterpiece by Swiss artist H.R. Giger, added a visual dimension to the band's unorthodox sound. This artistic synergy between Celtic Frost's sonic innovation and Giger's biomechanical aesthetic created a timeless masterpiece that continues to influence and captivate audiences worldwide.

EMI Noise 1C 064-7 94070
Celtic Frost - Vanity Nemesis

Swiss release thumbnail CELTIC FROST - Vanity Nemesis (1989)

"Vanity/Nemesis" is the 1990 album by Celtic Frost. It can be seen as a return-to-form compared to the band's previous album, Cold Lake. This album shows the band heading in a thrash metal direction instead of the black metal sound of the first 2 albums, or the avant-garde metal of Into the Pandemonium.