Beatles - Hey Jude b/w Revolution - Odeon Records 7" PS Single

Introducing the legendary Beatles 7" PS Single: "Hey Jude" b/w "Revolution." Two timeless tracks that shaped music history. This web page has photos of album covers, inner sleeves, record labels together with production details, musicians and track-listing.


large album front cover photo of: Beatles Hey Jude / Revolution Odeon 7": PS Single

Album Description:

In the vast tapestry of music history, few bands have left an indelible mark quite like The Beatles. Their pioneering sound, innovative songwriting, and cultural impact continue to resonate with generations of music enthusiasts. One such milestone in their discography is the 7" PS (picture sleeve) single released by Odeon Records, featuring the iconic tracks "Hey Jude" and "Revolution". Let's delve into the timeless magic encapsulated within this legendary release.

"Hey Jude" - A Transcendent Anthem

Released in August 1968, "Hey Jude" quickly became a cultural phenomenon and one of The Beatles' most beloved songs. Penned by Paul McCartney and performed by the band, it showcased their ability to seamlessly blend heartfelt lyrics, soul-stirring melodies, and innovative production techniques.

Clocking in at over seven minutes, "Hey Jude" challenged the conventions of pop singles at the time. The song's emotionally charged lyrics and McCartney's soulful vocal delivery captured the essence of empathy and consolation. The cathartic "na-na-na" outro became an anthemic sing-along moment that united audiences across the globe.

"Revolution" - A Sonic and Social Revolution

On the B-side of the single, "Revolution" demonstrated The Beatles' willingness to push boundaries and engage in political discourse. John Lennon, the primary songwriter, crafted a powerful protest song that critiqued the establishment and advocated for change. The electrifying guitars and gritty vocal performance showcased the band's evolution towards a more rock-oriented sound.

"Revolution" reflected the turbulent times of the late 1960s, capturing the essence of social unrest and political activism. The song's impact extended beyond its musical brilliance; it acted as a sonic catalyst for social change and inspired countless individuals to question the status quo.

The Odeon Records 7" PS Single

The Odeon Records 7" PS Single release of "Hey Jude" b/w "Revolution" encapsulated the spirit of The Beatles' music in a visually stunning package. The picture sleeve featured a bold image of the band against a vibrant backdrop, instantly capturing attention and inviting listeners to explore the sonic treasures within.

Collectors and enthusiasts cherish this release for its historical significance and aesthetic appeal. The attention to detail in the artwork, the delicate vinyl grooves, and the Odeon Records label all contribute to its value as a timeless artifact.

Legacy and Impact

The impact of "Hey Jude" and "Revolution" extends far beyond their initial release. Both songs continue to resonate with listeners, serving as a testament to The Beatles' songwriting prowess and musical genius. Their ability to capture universal emotions and convey powerful messages remains unmatched.

The Odeon Records 7" PS Single stands as a testament to the enduring legacy of The Beatles and their indomitable influence on popular music. It serves as a reminder of the band's ability to transcend boundaries and create songs that transcend time.

Music Genre: 70s English Beat, Pop, Rock and Roll
 Packaging:  P/S Picture Sleeve  
 Tracks Hey Jude / Revolution
 Record Label:  Odeon O 23 880 / 7 XCE 21186
Media Format 7" Single Record, PS Picture Sleeve  
Album weight: 50 gram  
Country  Made in Germany  

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