Steamhammer (aka Steam Hammer) is a division of SPV. Steamhammer distributed mainly German Hardcore Punk Crossover Thrash Metal bands and included bands like: Assassin, Destruction, Napalm

  Steamhammer also has several sublabels that it produces and distributes. These include metal label Steamhammer, Synthetic Symphony, Oblivion, SPV Recordings/SPV America, Audiopharm, and progressive label Inside Out. Its most successful artists include Motörhead , Helloween , Judas Priest , Sepultura , Dio , Iced Earth and Type O Negative .

Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title Year Country

SteamHammer SH 0020

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DESTRUCTION - Sentence of Death ( Blue / Green Label, 1984 Germany ) New Web-Page  

"Sentence Of Death" is the first official release by thrash metal band Destruction, released in 1984. The album's characteristic mix of thrash riffs with black metal influences has sometimes been dubbed Black thrash.

Steam-Hammer SH 0023 thumbnail image

METAL CHURCH - Self-Titled (1984, Germany ) New Web-Page  

This album "METAL CHURCH - S/T self-titled Elektra" is the self-titled debut album. Released in 1984, this album and its successor, 1986's The Dark, are considered metal classics. The cover art depicts a cruciform Gibson Explorer hidden in shadows and smoke. On this album "Metal Church" performs a fantastic cover of the song "Highway Star" (Deep Purple)

SteamHammer SH 0024

Crack Jaw

CRACK JAW - Nightout ( 1984, Germany )

Crack Jaw was a heavy metal band from Frankfurt-Am-Main, Germany, "Nightout" was the first full length official album. This album was released on 2nd Januray 1985. On the SteamHammer record label with catalog SH 0024. Nightout was never re-released on vinyl. This album "CRACK JAW - Nightout" includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by and artwork/photos

SH 0028
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MainEEaxe - Going For Gold ( 1985, Germany )

  This album "MainEEaxe - Going for Gold" is the third and last album by this Heavy Metal band

SH 0029
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DESTRUCTION - Infernal Overkill    

Steamhammer SH 0030, SPV GmbH SPV 08-1854

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LEATHERWOLF - (self-titled) Endangered Species 1984

This is the 1984 debut official full-length album by the American Heavy Metal band "Leatherwolf". This album is also known as "Endangered Species", NOT to be confused with the "Leatherwolf" album released in 1987.

Steam Hammer SPV 008-76201
DIMPLE MINDS Durstige Manner

DIMPLE MINDS - Durstige Manner ( 1990, West-Germany )

The Dimple Minds are a German punk band from Bremen , founded in 1986. Musically, they are characterized by proximity to the hardcore / punk metal scene, in the lyrcis does alcohol play a central role. Quote: "Everything we do is:, soccer, rock and beer and hot women!"

SH 0032
Iron Angel Hellish Crossfire
IRON ANGEL - Hellish Crossfire ( 1985 )
SH 0034
Hawaii The Natives Are Restless

HAWAII - The Natives Are Restless ( 1985 Germany ) New Web-Page

Hawaii was one of the two notable bands from Honolulu, Hawaii (the other being Sacred Rite). After Hawaii split up Marty formed band Cacophony with excellent Jason Becker.

SH 0036
Sortilège - Hero's Tears

Sortilège - Hero's Tears ( 1986, Germany )

This album demonstrates that French musicians can produce Heavy Metal music. This album is surprisingly French sound metal with a German production team.

SH 0041
Talon - Never Look Back
TALON - Never Look Back
SH 0046
Destruction - Eternal Devastation
Destruction - Eternal Devastation
SH 0047
Iron Angel Winds Of War

IRON ANGEL - Winds Of War ( 1988, Germany )

This album "Winds Of War " is the second official full-length album released by the German Speed/Thrash Metal band "Iron Angel". This album "Winds of War was recorded in April 1986 at Karo Music Studio, Munster, Germany. It was produced by Kalle Trap (Kalle Trap being producer for many of the leading German Thrash Metal bands during he 1980s) and engineered by Uwe Ziegler. Artwork was done by Edda & Uwe Karczewski , best known for the album covers of "Helloween".

SH 0061
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SODOM - Expurse of Sodomy ( 1987, Germany
SH 0062
Destruction - Mad Butcher


"Mad Butcher," the first song of the album, is a Destruction classic, but this revision is faster, with double solos from Harry and Mike. The second song "The Damned" is a cover song from The Plasmatics. The third song "Reject Emotions" is a thrash ballad. Finally, "The Last Judgement" is an instrumental song played by Harry. 

SteamHammer SH 0064
Speed Metal Hell Double Red Vinyl Limited Edition

VARIOUS - Speed Metal Hell Double Red Vinyl Limited Edition ( 1987, Germany )

"Speed Metal Hell" is a compilation album containinh 2LP's with some of Germany's best Heavy Metal bands like: Attila, Savage Grace, Battle Brat, and many others.

Steamhammer – SH 0069

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SATAN - Suspended Sentence ( 1987 Germany )New Web-Page 

"Suspended Sentence" was SATAN's last album before they changed their band-name in "Pariah".

DESTRUCTION - Release From Agony (1987, Germany)

this is the third full-length album by Destruction. It was the first Destruction full-length album to feature four members. ermany)


SH 0084
Sodom - Persecution Mania

SODOM - Persecution Mania ( 1987 )

"Persecution Mania" is the second album by Sodom. The album marked a drastic change of sound from primitive black metal to thrash metal. As well as defining Sodom's sound, it exemplified the thrash metal genre at a time when it arguably peaked in popularity. The album also bore similarity to the music of fellow German bands such as Destruction and Kreator, and the term "Teutonic" thrash was coined from this.

SPV 08-1806 thumbnail of front cover

DESTRUCTION - Infernal Overkill
SPV 08-1822
Black Tears - Child of the Storm    
SPV 1826
Witchkiller - Day of the Saxons    
SPV 08-1828
Brocas Helm - Into Battle    
SPV 08-1830
Metal Massacre V - Sampler    
SPV 08-1831
Sortilege - Metamorphosis    
SPV 08-1832
Zno White - All Hail to Thee    
SPV 08-833
North West Metalfest - feat Metal Church    
SPV 08-1839
Crack Jaw - Nightout    
SPV 08-1842
Metal Church - Metal Church    
SPV 08-1843
Trouble - Trouble    
SPV 08-1849
Trouble - The Skull    
SPV 08-1850
Metal Massacre VI - Sampler    
SPV 08-1852 thumbnail of front cover

MainEEaxe - Going For Gold

  This album "MainEEaxe - Going for Gold" is the third and last album by this Heavy Metal band

SPV 08-1853
Iron Angel - Hellish Crossfire    
SPV 08-1854
Leatherwolf - Leatherwolf    
SPV 08-1855
Laaz Rockit - City's Gonna Burn    
SPV 08-4422 thumbnail of front cover

OVERKILL - Taking Over ( 1987, Germany )

"Taking Over" is the second album by thrash metal band Overkill, released by Megaforce Records in 1987. The album, was the last to feature Rat Skates on drums, who would leave the band later that year. Taking Over reached #191 on the Billboard 200. 

SPV 08-4472
Running Wild - Ready For Boarding
RUNNING WILD - Ready For Boarding ( 1988, Germany )
SPV 08-6768
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NEON JUDGEMENT - Blood & Thunder ( 1989, West-Germany )

The "Neon Judgement" is a Belgian new wave band.

SteamHammer 08-7510
Steeler - Undercover Animal
STEELER - Undercover Animal ( 1988 )
Steamhammer 08-7517
Zed Yago - From Over Yonder ( 1988 )
SPV 08-7519 thumbnail image

ASSASSIN - Interstellar Experience

This is the original 1st release on Steamhammer records. This album was later re-issued on Axe Killer records. In the Dead-wax it reads "Ich Binen Biervapier", "Kill", "Fuck Off"

Steamhammer 08-7534

ANIHILATED - Created in Hate ( 1988 )
SPV 08-7563 thumbnail of front cover

NAPALM - Cruel Tranquility

  "Cruel Tranquility" is the first official full-length album by the American Thrash Metal and was released in 1986.

SPV 80 -7575
Sodom Mortal Way of Life

SODOM - Mortal Way of Life ( 1988 )

  This live recorded album "Mortal Way of Life" by the German Thrash Metal band "SODOM" was recorded during the SODOMANIA-Tour April-May 1988.

SPV 08-7578
Destruction - Live Without Sense
Destruction - Live Without Sense (1989)
SPV 08-7592
RISK - Hell's Animals

RISK - Hell's Animals

  The band "RISK" is founded by three ex-members of "Faithfull Breath" namely Heinrich Mikus, Jurgen Dusterloh, Peter Dell and was complemented with Roman Keymer and Thilo Hermann. The RISK band has been active from 1986 until 1993.

SPV 08-7594
PARIAH - Blaze of Obscurity

PARIAH - Blaze of Obscurity

Pariah was an intermediate bandname used by the NWOBM band "Satan" from 1988 until 1989 and 1997 until 1998.

SPV 08-7596
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SODOM - Agent Orange New Web-Page    
SPV 08-7609
Axel Rudi Pell - Wild Obsession

Axel Rudi Pell - Wild Obsession

"Wild Obsession" is the first solo album from German guitar player Axel Rudi Pell after leaving German heavy metal band Steeler.

SPV 008-76191
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Destruction - Cracked Brain (1990)

SteamHammer SPV 008 - 76261

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SODOM – Better Off Dead ( 1990, Germany ) New Web-Page    

"Better Off Dead" is the 4th album by the German Thrash Metal band: "SODOM". It has been produced by Harris Johns, who was assisted for the sound engineering by Angelo Plate, Thomas Patsch and David Nash. Recording of this album took place at Music Lab Studios, Berlin, while sound mixing was done at Dierks Studio Pulheim, during August until September 1990. It has been released on the Steamhammer record-label in 1990.

SPV 60-1823
Damien - Damien
SPV 60-1827
Obsession - Marshall Law
SPV 60-1838
thumbnail of front cover
Destruction - Sentence of Death
SPV 60-1841
Hardware - In the Cold Blood
SPV 60-2120

SODOM - In the sign of Evil

"In the Sign of Evil" has originally been released on "Devil's Game" records.

SPV 60-7607
SPV 60-7607
RISK - Ratman

SPV 266301 LP

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GRIM REAPER - Fear No Evil Ltd Red Coloured Vinyl

"Fear No Evil" is the second album released by the British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) band "Grim Reaper". This is the Limited Edition in Red Coloured vinyl