Destruction - Mad Butcher 12" Vinyl LP Album

"Mad Butcher," the first song of the album, is a Destruction classic, but this revision is faster, with double solos from Harry and Mike. The second song "The Damned" is a cover song from The Plasmatics. The third song "Reject Emotions" is a thrash ballad. Finally, "The Last Judgement" is an instrumental song played by Harry. 

High Resolution Photo #1 DESTRUCTION Mad Butcher  

Music Genre:

Thrash Metal Music 

 Album details: 

Album cover artwork by: Sebastian Krüger

Sebastian Krüger a German Illustrator who has (during the 1980s) drawn around two dozen of album covers for bands like: Destruction, Risk, Sodom, Tankard, Running Wild.

Album Produced by Kalle Trapp

  Kalle Trapp (real name: Karl Heinz Trapp) a producer, sound engineer and musician from Germany, who worked from the Karo Musikstudio (Münster, Germany) and has been working for albums of "Angel Dust", "Blind Guardian", "Destruction", "Iron Angel", "Mad Max", Paganini, Paradox, Pestilence, Samain, Saxon, Sortilege and many others

 Record Label:  Steamhammer SH 0062
 Record Format 45rpm 12" Mini-LP / EP  

Year & Country:

1987 Made in Germany

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Album cover photos of : Destruction Mad Butcher

Photo of Front Cover 
High Resolution Photo #1 DESTRUCTION Mad Butcher  
Photo of Destruction's band members: Schmier, Harry and Olly on the album cover  
High Resolution Photo #2 DESTRUCTION Mad Butcher  
Photo of Record Label 
High Resolution Photo #3 DESTRUCTION Mad Butcher  

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Band Members and Musicians on: Destruction Mad Butcher

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Vocals, bass: Marcel "Schmier" Schirmer

    Schmier (real-name: Marcel Schirmer) vocals and bass player with the German Thrash Metal band "Destruction". He was one of the founding members of Destruction, which he left around 1989 to from the German Metal band "Headhunter" (not to be confused with Swiss band with the same name. Around 1999 he rejoined Destruction. Bands he has sung and played in are: Bassinvaders, Destruction, Headhunter (DEU), Pänzer (DEU).

  • Guitars: Harry Wilkens

    Harry Wilkens (full name: Harald Heinrich Wilkens) - Guitarist with Destruction from 1987 until 1990.

  • Drums: Oliver "Olly" Kaiser

Track Listing of: Destruction Mad Butcher

    Side One:
  • Mad Butcher
  • The Damned
    Side Two:
  • Reject Emotions
  • The Last Judgement

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