RONNIE JAMES DIO - Vinyl LP Albums Gallery and discography

  This is the complete LP discography of all vinyl recordings released by the Heavy Metal band and performer: DIO


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Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title Year Country

Vertigo 832 530

DIO Dream Evil 12" Vinyl LP

DIO - Dream Evil (1987)

  "Dream Evil" is Dio's fourth album, released on July 21, 1987. It features former Rough Cutt members Craig Goldy and Claude Schnell

Mercury 811 021-1

DIO - Holy Diver ( 1983 Germany )

Dio's 1983 album "Holy Diver" stands as a pinnacle in heavy metal history. The German release of the 12" LP Album Vinyl played a vital role in Dio's global ascent, showcasing Ronnie James Dio's vocal prowess and Vivian Campbell's guitar artistry. A timeless masterpiece, "Holy Diver" endures as a symbol of metal excellence.


Mercury 811 021

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DIO - Holy Diver (1983, Netherlands) New Web-page    

Holy Diver is the debut album by American heavy metal band Dio, released in 1983. Vocalist Ronnie James Dio had just finished his first tenure in Black Sabbath, whose drummer Vinny Appice he took with him to put together his own band

Vertigo 830 078-1


DIO - Intermission (1986)

Intermission is the live album released by Dio in 1986

Vertigo – 822 366-1

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DIO - Last In Line ( 1984, Netherlands ) New Web-Page  

  "The Last in Line" is the second studio album by heavy metal band Dio, released on 13 July 1984.

Vertigo 822 366

DIO - Last in Line ( 1984, Germany )

The Last in Line is the second studio album by heavy metal band Dio, released on July 13, 1984.

Vertigo 846 033

DIO Lock Up The Wolves UK 12" Vinyl LP  

DIO - Lock Up The Wolves (1990, England)

 Vertigo – 824 848-1

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DIO - Sacred Heart ( 1985, Europe )  New Web-Page  

"Sacred Heart" is Dio's third studio album. It was released in August 15, 1985

Vertigo 824 848

DIO - Sacred Heart (1985, Holland)

Vertigo 824 848 1

DIO - Sacred Heart (1985, Germany)