RONNIE JAMES DIO - Vinyl LP Albums Gallery and discography

  This is the complete LP discography of all vinyl recordings released by the Heavy Metal band and performer: DIO


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DIO Band Description:

 DIO was a heavy metal band that emerged in the 1980s as a result of Ronnie James Dio, who had previously been a member of the legendary bands Rainbow and Black Sabbath. Dio's eponymous band quickly gained a reputation for their distinctive sound and powerful live performances, becoming one of the most iconic bands of the era.

 The band's signature sound was characterized by powerful, driving guitar riffs, thundering bass lines, and Dio's distinctive vocals. Dio's soaring, operatic voice was a major part of the band's appeal, and helped to set them apart from other heavy metal bands of the time.

 The band's debut album, Holy Diver, was released in 1983 and was an instant classic. The album featured some of the band's most well-known songs, including the title track "Holy Diver," as well as "Rainbow in the Dark" and "Stand Up and Shout." The album was a critical and commercial success, and helped to establish Dio as one of the leading figures in heavy metal.

 Over the course of their career, Dio released ten studio albums, each showcasing the band's distinctive sound and musicianship. Some of the band's other notable albums include The Last in Line (1984), Sacred Heart (1985), and Dream Evil (1987).

 Despite numerous lineup changes over the years, Dio remained a consistent force in heavy metal music throughout the 1980s and into the 1990s. The band's live performances were particularly legendary, and Dio's stage presence and charismatic persona helped to make him a beloved figure among heavy metal fans.

 Tragically, Dio passed away in 2010, bringing an end to his remarkable career. However, his legacy lives on through the music of DIO, which continues to be celebrated by fans around the world.

Index of DIO (The Band) - Vinyl LP Albums Discography
DIO - Holy Diver 12" Vinyl LP
DIO - Holy Diver album front cover vinyl record

Dio's legendary debut album "Holy Diver" arrives in Germany and the Netherlands! This 1983 vinyl LP delivers heavy metal classics like "Holy Diver" and "Rainbow in the Dark."

- Holy Diver (1983, Germany ) - Holy Diver (1983, Netherlands)
DIO - Intermission 12" Vinyl LP
DIO - Intermission album front cover vinyl record

Recorded at the San Diego Sports Arena in 1985 during the "Sacred Heart" tour, "Intermission" served as a sonic testament to the band's intense stage presence and Dio's enduring power as a frontman.

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DIO - Last In Line (German & Netherlands Releases)
DIO - Last In Line (German & Netherlands Releases)  album front cover vinyl record

DIO's seminal album "The Last in Line" arrived in Germany and the Netherlands in 1984. This vinyl LP showcases the band's raw power with iconic tracks like "We Rock" and the album's namesake.

- Last in Line ( 1984, Germany ) - Last In Line ( 1984, Netherlands )
DIO - Lock Up The Wolves 12" Vinyl LP
DIO - Lock Up The Wolves album front cover vinyl record

Released in 1990, "Lock Up The Wolves" emerged at a pivotal juncture in Dio's musical evolution. The album marked a departure from some of his earlier works, as it unveiled a renewed sense of exploration

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DIO - Sacred Heart (Three European Releases)
DIO - Sacred Heart (Three European Releases) album front cover vinyl record

DIO's iconic third album "Sacred Heart" hit European, German, and Dutch record stores in 1985. This heavy metal masterpiece features hits like "Rock 'N' Roll Children" and the title track. Learn the history of this classic vinyl!

- Sacred Heart (1985, Europe) - Sacred Heart (1985, Germany) - Sacred Heart (1985, Holland)