"SCORPIONS - Fly to the Rainbow" is a 12" vinyl LP album that showcases the German rock band's evolving sound and artistic vision. Released in 1974, this album captures the band's transition from their psychedelic rock roots to a more refined hard rock sound. With tracks like the dynamic title song "Fly to the Rainbow" , the album displays Scorpions' musical dexterity and the emergence of their signature guitar-driven sound. It stands as a testament to the band's growth and foreshadows their future success in the world of rock music. This web page has photos of album covers, inner sleeves, record labels together with production details, musicians and track-listing.


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"Fly to the Rainbow" Album Description:

In the evolution of the Scorpions' musical journey, "Fly to the Rainbow" serves as a pivotal chapter, a sonic odyssey that captures the band's metamorphosis. Released on 12" Vinyl LP, this album from 1974 marked a transitional phase for the Scorpions, blending hard rock with glimpses of the melodic metal sound that would define their later success.

Emergence of a Hard Rock Icon: Scorpions in the '70s

Originating from Hanover, Germany, the Scorpions embarked on a journey that would see them evolve from a blues-rock outfit to one of the preeminent hard rock and metal bands in the world. "Fly to the Rainbow" arrived at a crucial juncture, showcasing the band's musical experimentation and burgeoning creativity.

Crafting the Rainbow Flight: The Making of the Album

Recorded in 1974, "Fly to the Rainbow" was a sonic canvas where the Scorpions painted their musical aspirations. The 12" Vinyl LP format provided the ideal platform for the album's rich and dynamic sound. From the opening track, "Speedy's Coming," to the epic title track, the album signaled a departure from their earlier blues influences, embracing a heavier and more melodic direction.

The studio alchemy captured on this album laid the foundation for the Scorpions' future ventures into the realms of hard rock and metal. Rudolf Schenker's searing guitar work and Klaus Meine's distinctive vocals began to define the signature sound that would make the Scorpions legends in the years to come.

Legacy in Vinyl: "Fly to the Rainbow" and the Scorpions' Evolution

While not an instant commercial success, "Fly to the Rainbow" is revered by fans and critics alike as a crucial piece of the Scorpions' discography. The album's legacy endures in the hearts of those who appreciate the band's evolutionary journey and the raw energy captured on the 12" Vinyl format.

Band Members and Musicians on: SCORPIONS FLY TO THE RAINBOW

    Side One:
  1. Speedy's coming
  2. They Need A Million
  3. Drifting Sun
  4. Fly People Fly
    Side Two:
  1. This is my Song
  2. Far Away
  3. Fly to the Rainbow
Photos of the LP's cover: SCORPIONS FLY TO THE RAINBOW

High Resolution Photos of scorpions fly to the rainbow


High Resolution Photos of scorpions fly to the rainbow  


High Resolution Photos of scorpions fly to the rainbow  

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