Scorpions Virgin Killer ITaly 12" VINYL LP ALBUM

  Virgin Killer is the fourth studio album by the German heavy metal band Scorpions. It was released in 1976 and was the first album of the band to attract attention outside Europe. The title is described as being a reference to time as the killer of innocence. The original cover featured a nude prepubescent girl, which stirred controversy in the U.K., U.S. and elsewhere. As a result, the album was re-issued with a different cover in some countries.


High Resolution Photos of scorpions virgin killer italy

Music Genre:

  Teutonic Hard Rock, Heavy Metal Music 

Record Label Information:

  RCA Victor PPL1 4225  

Media Format:

  12" Vinyl LP  Gramophone Record
Album weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

  1977 Made in Italy  

Band Members and Musicians on: Scorpions Virgin Killer

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Klaus Meine vocals

    Klaus Meine a German singer and was born 1948, Hannover, Germany. He has been lead singer with the German Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band "Scorpions" since 1969. Meine is considered one of the greatest rock singers of all time and has been inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

    He co-wrote many of the band's most famous songs, including "Wind of Change" and "Still Loving You". He is considered one of the most distinctive and powerful singers in the hard rock and heavy metal genres, and is known for his high-pitched tenor voice. Meine joined the Scorpions in 1969 and has been the band's lead singer ever since. He has also been involved in various solo projects and collaborations with other musicians throughout his career.

    Meine made a guest-appearance on Michael Schenker's album "Rock Will Never Die".

  • Ulrich Roth guitar, vocals

    Ulrich Roth ( also known as Uli Jon Roth ) a German guitar player and best known as the Lead Guitarist of the German Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band "Scorpions". He started his career in a band called "Dawn Road" around 1973. The band-members Uli Jon Roth, Achim Kirschning, Francis Buchholz, Jürgen Rosenthal joined Rudolf Schenker and Klaus Meine to form "Scorpions". Roth was guitarist with "Scorpions" from 1974 until 1977 and formed is proper band "Electric Sun".

  • Rudolf Schenker guitar, vocals

    Rudolf Schenker - Founder and Guitarist with the German Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band "Scorpions" and founder of the rock band Scorpions. He was born on 31 August 1948 in Hildesheim, Germany. He formed Scorpions in 1965, and has been a member of the band ever since. In addition to playing guitar, Schenker is also a songwriter and occasional vocalist for the band. He is known for his distinctive guitar style, which combines elements of hard rock, heavy metal, and classical music. He is considered one of the most important figures in the German hard rock and heavy metal scene. He has been inducted into the Guitar World Hall of Fame in 2014.

    Rudolf is brother of Michael Schenker and Barbara Schenker. He uses guitar made by the German guitar maker Dommenget.

    See also Michael Schenker

  • Francis Buchholz bass

    Francis Buchholz - Bass guitar player from Hannover, Germany and was born in 1954. Buchholz started his musical career , together with Ulrich Roth and Hans-Jurgen Rosenthal, during 1972 in a band called "Dawn Road". "Dawn Road" dismantled around 1974 and members joined "Scorpions". Buchholz performed with the Scorpions from 1973 until 1992. Playing on many of their most popular albums, including "Lovedrive" (1979), "Blackout" (1982), and "Love at First Sting" (1984). Buchholz is regarded as one of the best bass guitarists in heavy metal and his playing style, characterized by its melodic phrasing and rhythmic drive, has been a major influence on many other musicians in the genre.

  • Achim Kirschning synthesizer, keyboards
  • Rudy Lenners percussion, drums

    Rudy Lenners - Drums, Producer, Illustrator is from Belgium and was born in 1952. Lenners has been performing with "Scorpions" from 1975 until 1977. He replaced Jürgen Rosenthal and appeared on two Scorpions albums: "In Trance" and "Virgin Killer", he was replaced by Herman Rarebell in 1977. in 1983 Lenners performed with the Belgian band "Key West" and recorded te album "First Invasion". Later during 1985 he played drums with the "Steelover" band.

Track Listing of: "Virgin Killer"

The Song/tracks on "Virgin Killer" are

  • Pictured Life (Meine, Roth, Schenker) 3:21
  • Catch Your Train (Meine, Schenker) 3:32
  • In Your Park (Meine, Schenker) 3:39
  • Backstage Queen (Meine, Schenker) 3:10
  • Virgin Killer (Roth) 3:41
  • Hell Cat (Roth) 2:54
  • Crying Days (Meine, Schenker) 4:36
  • Polar Nights (Roth) 5:04
  • Yellow Raven (Roth) 4:58

Album cover photos of : Scorpions Virgin Killer

High Resolution Photos of scorpions virgin killer italy    
Photo of "Virgin Killer" Album's Back Cover  

High Resolution Photos of scorpions virgin killer italy  


High Resolution Photos of scorpions virgin killer italy    

Note: the above pictures are actual photos of the album and allow you to judge the quality of cover. Slight differences in color may exist due to the use of the camera's flash.

Index of SCORPIONS - Vinyl Discography & Album Cover Gallery

  Scorpions is a German rock band that was formed in 1965 in Hanover, Germany. The band's original lineup consisted of Klaus Meine (vocals), Rudolf Schenker (guitar), Matthias Jabs (guitar), Francis Buchholz (bass), and Herman Rarebell (drums). The band's early years were spent playing in clubs and bars in Germany, and they released their first album, "Lonesome Crow," in 1972.

 In the following years, Scorpions released several successful albums, including "Fly to the Rainbow" (1974), "In Trance" (1975), and "Taken by Force" (1977). The band gained international fame in the 1980s with the release of the albums "Animal" (1982) and "Blackout" (1982). These albums produced several hit songs, including "No One Like You," "Rock You Like a Hurricane," and "Still Loving You."

 In the 1990s, Scorpions released several more successful albums, including "Crazy World" (1990) and "Face the Heat" (1993). The band also gained a new generation of fans with the release of their power ballad "Wind of Change," which became a hit in many countries and was written by Scorpions lead singer Klaus Meine.

 In 2015 Scorpions announced that their 17th studio album "Return to Forever" would be their last one, and that they would retire from touring after the album's release. However, in 2018 the band announced a new album, "Born to Touch Your Feelings - Best of Rock Ballads" and a world tour.

 Throughout their career, Scorpions has sold over 100 million records worldwide and has received numerous awards and accolades for their contributions to the music industry. They are considered one of the most successful German rock bands of all time.