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  This web-page is a gallery of album covers of RoadrunneR RR 9700 - RR 9799 Vinyl Records


large album front cover photo of: Exciter Long Live the Loud

Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title Year Country

RR 9702

Lizzy Borden - The Murderess Metal Road Show Double LP FOC Gatefold

LIZZY BORDEN - The Murderess Metal Road Show Double LP FOC Gatefold (1986)
RR 9703
Destructor - Maximum Destruction

DESTRUCTOR - Maximum Destruction (1986) New Web-Page  

  "Maxium Destruction" is the first official full-length album by the metal band: Destructor

RR 9710
EXCITER -- Heavy Metal Maniac

EXCITER - Heavy Metal Maniac (1986)

This album "EXCITER - Heavy Metal Maniac" is the first/debut album by the Canadian Thrash Metal band Exciter ( previously called "Hell Razor" )

RR 9713
Bl'ast The Power of Expression "The Power of Expression" is the first full length album released by the Californian hardcore punk band: Bl'ast

BLAST - The Power of Expression (1986)

"The Power of Expression" is the first full length album released by the Californian hardcore punk band: Bl'ast

RR 9717
Metallica - Master of the Puppets

METALLICA - Master of the Puppets (1986)

RR 9721

KING DIAMOND - Fatal Portrait (1985)

"Fatal Portrait" is the debut album by the Danish heavy metal band "King Diamond". The album was released in 1986 on Roadrunner Records.  

RR 9725
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S.O.D. - Speak English or Die

  Speak English or Die is the first album by the thrash/hardcore band Stormtroopers of Death (S.O.D.).   After Anthrax finished recording Spreading the Disease, there still was some studio time left, so Scott Ian and Charlie Benante called some friends, practiced some songs, and recorded it all within a week.

RR 9732
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RAZOR - Evil Invaders

"Evil Invaders" is the second full-length album and third official recording by the Canadian Speed/Thrash Metal band "Razor" from Guelph, Ontario. The album was produced by "Walter Zwol" and released during 1985.

RR 9734
Vicious Rumors - Soldiers of the Night

VICIOUS RUMOURS - Soldiers of the Night (1985)

  "Soldiers of the Night" is the first full-length album released by the Californian Metal band: "Vicious Rumors"

RR 9737

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FATES WARNING ‎– The Spectre Within

  "The Spectre Within" is the second studio album by progressive metal band "Fates Warning" and produced by Brian Slagel and Bill Metoyer. It includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by and artwork/photos

RR 9738

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New Entry OMEN - Warning of Danger (1985, Netherlands)

"Warning of Danger" is the second full length album by the American Heavy Metal band: "Omen". It has been recorded at the Eldorado Studios and Track Record Studio. Bill Metoyer has been taking care of the recording , while production was managed by "Brian Slagel" and Omen. Eddy Schreyer was the mastering engineer, mastering it at Eldorado Studio, Los Angeles.

RR 9739

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New Entry CHROME MOLLY - You Can't Have it All NWOBHM (1985, Netherlands)

This album "You can't Have it all" by "Chrome Molly" is their first official full-length album and has been produced by "Ray Neave" and "Andy Paul" , released in 1985. The album cover was designed/drawn by "Nick Waters" and "Gill Fisher" while the photos on the cover were done by "Paul Hart" and "Gary Wedekind".

RR 9740

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New Entry AVALANCHE - Pray for the Sinner (1985, Netherlands)

Avalanche is a three-men band from Kansas City, Missouri. This American Heavy Metal band was active from 1985 until 1988 and has released one full-length album called "Pray for the Sinner".

RR 9742
Chastain - Mystery of Illusion

CHASTAIN - Mystery of Illusion (1985)

  Mystery of Illusion is the debut studio album by heavy metal band Chastain, it was produced by Mike Varney

RR 9744

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BLOODLUST - Guilty as Sin (1986)

"Guilty as Sin" is the first and only full-length album by this American Speed Metal band.

Collector notes:
Guy Lord Mattaliano for most of his career (1984-Present) he has performed with the Heavy Metal band: Bloodlust. Other bands he has sung in, are: Lord, Onexhell, Rapture, Rock Hard, Warlock.

During the 1980's, Sandy K. Vasquez has played bass with the Heavy Metal band Bloodlust. In the 21st century he performs with Primal and Ruthless.

In 1988 Guy Lord and Anthony Romero joined together to form the LORD band.

RR 9750

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New Entry ATTACKER - Battle At Helms Deep (1985, Holland)

"Battle At Helms Deep" is "Attacker's" first (debut) album. This is the version with the original album cover art with the "Green Monster" by Attacker, Steven Carr, and Ken Pontac. Later issues of this album have an album cover with a brownish monster over an open fire (which was most likely the very first album cover design)

RR 9752

NASTY SAVAGE - Nasty Savage S/T Self-Titled

NASTY SAVAGE - Nasty Savage S/T Self-Titled (1985)

Nasty Savage was a thrash metal band originating from Brandon Florida, USA. The band rose to popularity primarily due to lead vocalist "Nasty" Ronnie Galetti's over-the-top stage show performances (in early shows Ronnie would smash television sets over his head.) The first album featuring the hit single "XXX" was recorded at Progressive Music in Tampa. These recordings helped get the band signed with heavy metal label Metal Blade Records. After releasing four albums between 1983 and 1989 they broke up. After there had been speculation about a reunion for some time, an album of new material was released in the spring of 2004. Since then, the band has played an occasional live show but has not recorded.

RR 9757
POSSESSED - Seven Churches

POSSESSED - Seven Churches (1985, Netherland)

"Seven Churches" is Possessed's debut album . The album had a massive impact on heavy metal in general, but also in establishing death metal. Many die-hard fans have dubbed Possessed and Seven Churches as the "granddaddy of death metal", 

RR 9759
AGENT STEEL - Skeptics Apocalypse

New Entry AGENT STEEL - Skeptics Apocalypse (1985, Holland)

"Skeptics Apocalypse" is the first official album by the American Speed/Power metal band "Agent Steel", it was recorded "somewhere in Los Angeles" (as it is mentioned on the album cover).

RR 9760

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RAILWAY - Railway II (1985)

Railway II was their 2nd full length album and released in 1970

RR 9762
PILEDRIVER - Metal Inquistion

PILEDRIVER - Metal Inquistion (1985)

    "Piledriver" was a Canadian power/speed metal band, founded in 1985 by Gord Kirchin. They were known for an over-the-top image and flamboyant song titles/lyrics ("Sex With Satan", "Alien Rape", "Sodomize the Dead", "Witch Hunt", "Human Sacrifice", etc). "Metal Inquisition" was Piledriver's debut/first album.

RR 9761

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HATRIK - The Beast (1985)
RR 9772
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HALLOW'S EVE - Tales of Terror

"Tales of Terror" is the 1985 debut album by the American Thrash Metal band "Hallow's Eve". The album was produced by Brian Slagel.

Attic Records / Viper RR 9776
ANVIL - Backwaxed

ANVIL - Backwaxed (1985)

Attic / RoadrunneR RR 9780

LEE AARON - Call of the Wild

LEE AARON - Call of the Wild (1985)

"Call of the Wild" is the third studio album by singer Lee Aaron, released on June 27, 1985 through Attic Records. It reached #86 on the RPM Canadian Albums Chart on August 24, 1985 and held that position for three weeks.

Music For Nations RR 9782

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New Entry EXCITER - Long Live the Loud (1985)
RR 9786
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MEGADETH - Killing is my Business and Business is Good

Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good! is the debut album by American thrash metal band Megadeth. It was originally released in 1985 on Combat Records. The album's artwork, featuring a plastic skull with tinfoil, was not intended to be the original artwork. Mustaine wanted a picture of Megadeth mascot Vic Rattlehead on the cover, however the studio lost the artwork, so they improvised the low-budget replacement.

RR 9787
EXODUS - Bonded by Blood

EXODUS - Bonded by Blood (1985)

This album "Bonded By Blood" is the debut/first full-length album by the American Thrash Metal band "Exodus"

RoadrunneR RR 9788

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ABATTOIR Vicious Attack(1985)

This album is the first album by this American Speed Metal Band: Abattoir

Music for Nations / RoadRunner RR 9789

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ROGUE MALE - First Visit (1985, Netherlands)

    "First Visit" is the debut / first album by the British Heavy Metal band (NWOBHM) "Rogue Male", it was produced by Steve James and released in 1985.

Roadrunner RR 9795
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SLAYER - Hell Awaits (1985, Netherlands)   New Web-Page  

"Hell Awaits" is the second studio album by the American thrash metal band Slayer, this is the first Roadrunner Release which has NO barcode.

Music For Nations – RR 9796

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Q5 - Steel the Light (1985)

"Steel The Light" is the debut album by the American Hard Rock / Heavy Band: Q5.

All band-members of Q5 (except Floyd Rose) have performed in the same bands, like: TKO, Nightshade and Culprit.