AVALANCHE - Pray for the Sinner 12" Vinyl LP Album

"Pray for the Sinner" by Avalanche emerges as the sole full-length testament from the American Heavy Metal trio hailing from Kansas City, Missouri. This 12" Vinyl LP Album, released under Roadrunner Records, captures the essence of Avalanche's brief but impactful existence from 1985 to 1988. With this album, the band etches their mark on the heavy metal landscape, showcasing their musical prowess and leaving a lasting legacy in the world of American metal history.

Album Front Cover Photo of AVALANCHE - Pray for the Sinner RoadrunneR
Avalanche's "Pray for the Sinner": An Underrated American Heavy Metal Gem
Album Description:

Emerging in the vibrant American metal scene of the mid-1980s, Avalanche's "Pray for the Sinner," released in 1985 on Roadrunner Records, stands as a testament to the raw power and melodic sensibilities that defined the era's heavy metal sound.

Historical Context and Genre

"Pray for the Sinner" arrived at a time when heavy metal was experiencing a global boom. While the US was home to a thriving thrash and glam metal scene, Avalanche's sound drew inspiration from the classic heavy metal of the 70s, with influences from bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Black Sabbath.

The album's music is a blend of classic heavy metal and hard rock, with soaring vocals, melodic guitar riffs, and powerful rhythms. While not as fast and aggressive as the emerging thrash metal scene, Avalanche's music possessed an undeniable energy and intensity that resonated with fans of traditional heavy metal.

Musical Exploration

"Pray for the Sinner" showcases Avalanche's songwriting talent and their ability to craft memorable heavy metal anthems. Tracks like "They Won't Take Me," "We Will Fight," and the title track "Pray for the Sinner" are full of anthemic choruses, driving riffs, and soaring vocals. The album also features slower, more melodic tracks like "This Love I Feel" and "When the Thunder Roars," demonstrating the band's versatility.

Lyrically, the album explores themes of rebellion, personal struggle, and the power of faith. This combination of heavy metal and Christian-themed lyrics was unusual for the time, setting Avalanche apart from many of their contemporaries.

Production and Recording

The album was recorded and mixed at Chapman Recording Studio in Kansas City, Missouri. The production team, led by Mike Frazier, captured the band's raw energy while ensuring a polished sound that met the standards of the time.


The most notable aspect of "Pray for the Sinner" was its lyrical content. While not overtly Christian, the album's lyrics often touched upon themes of faith and redemption, which was unusual for a heavy metal band in the mid-1980s. This led to some controversy among metal fans who were accustomed to more secular themes.


The most popular topic on "Pray for the Sinner" is the struggle between good and evil, a common theme in heavy metal. However, Avalanche's unique approach, which incorporates elements of Christian faith, sets them apart from many of their peers. Songs like "Pray for the Sinner" and "Child of Damnation" explore the internal conflict between temptation and righteousness, while "They Won't Take Me" and "We Will Fight" express a defiant spirit in the face of adversity.

Essentials of: AVALANCHE - Pray for the Sinner RoadrunneR
Music Genre:

Heavy Metal ( USA )

Label & Catalognr:

RoadrunneR RR 9740

Media Format:

Record Format: 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

  1985 Made in the Netherlands for European distribution.

Production & Recording Information

Mike Frazier - Producer

Eric "Griffy" Greif for Kondor Recording and Production Ltd - Executive Producer

Sound & Recording Engineers:

Mike Frazier - Sound Engineer

Recording Location:

Recorded and mixed at Chapman Recording Studio, Kansas City, Missouri.

Mastered by Eddie Schreyer at Capitol Records

  • Nikki van Welden - Vocals and Bass
  • Michael Cloe - Guitars
  • Barry Nicholson - Drums
Tracklisting Side One:
  1. They Won't Take Me 3:44
  2. We Will Fight 3:59
  3. Tortured Defender 4:41
  4. This Love I Feel 3:26
  5. Sorcero 4:32
Tracklisting Side Two:
  1. Pray For The Sinner 4:03
  2. Child Of Damnation 3:09
  3. Devils Door 5:07
  4. When The Thunder Roars 4:33
  5. Rock Hard And Heavy 4:13

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Front Cover Photo Of AVALANCHE - Pray for the Sinner RoadrunneR
Front Cover Photo Of AVALANCHE - Pray for the Sinner RoadrunneR

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Photo of album back cover AVALANCHE - Pray for the Sinner RoadrunneR
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