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This webpage lists all the Heavy Metal (incl Black, Crossover Death, Speed, Power, Thrash Metal) from the 1980s and collectable Hard Rock/Punk LP's as from the 1970s. Names are ordered in alphabetical order of the first part of the name. Bands which have a large discography will have a seperate and dedicated webpage for their discography.

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Roadrunner RR 9601
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RACER X - Second Heat (1987)

"Second Heat" emerges as Racer X's second studio masterpiece, encapsulated in a 12" Vinyl LP Album. This pivotal record, introducing new members Bruce Bouillet and Scott Travis to the lineup, showcases Racer X's evolution. The album's sonic prowess, combined with the fresh energy of the new additions, solidifies "Second Heat" as a hallmark in the band's catalog, marking a dynamic chapter in the history of the American rock and metal scene.

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RAGE ( heavy metal, Germany ) 1980s Vinyl Records Discography


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Carrere 67.670

This is probable the first full length album by the British NWOBHM band: Rage. (Note: there is also a German Heavy Metal band with the same band-name)

RAGE (Great Britain) - Out of Control NWOBHM ( 1981 France )

"Out of Control," the inaugural full-length 12" Vinyl LP Album by the English NWOBHM band Rage, not to be mistaken for their German namesake, marks a pivotal moment in British heavy metal history. Released as the first opus from this powerhouse, the album showcases the distinct sound and musical evolution of the British Rage. As a trailblazer in the New Wave of British Heavy Metal movement, this album solidifies Rage's place in the world of metal, setting the stage for their enduring legacy.


RoadrunnR RR 9667

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RAILWAY - Climax (1987)

"Climax," the third full-length masterpiece by the German heavy metal force Railway, resonates on a 12" Vinyl LP Album. Released in the band's dynamic discography, this album showcases Railway's prowess in the heavy metal genre. Notably, the album cover artwork, drawn in the style of Hajime Soroyama, adds a visually stunning dimension to the sonic experience. With this release, Railway solidifies their place in the realm of German heavy metal, marking a climactic chapter in their musical journey.

RoadRunneR 9760

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RAILWAY - Railway II (1985)

  Railway is a German Heavy Metal band from Munich and active since 1977. Railway is a heavy metal band that formed in the late 1970s. They play a style of heavy metal music similar to that of Accept . They split up after their 6th studio album but have since reformed and released a "best of" album

RAINBOW with Ritchie Blackmore LP Discography


rainbow with ritchie blackmore ( hard rock, england ) Vinyl Records Discography


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EPIC EPC 82215
RAM JAM Self-Titled / Black Betty

RAM JAM - Self-Titled / Black Betty

"Ram Jam" is an album released by Ram Jam in 1977. The first track on the album, the single "Black Betty", is Ram Jam's best known song. It reached the #7 position in the UK singles chart in September 1977. The album reached #34 in the Billboard Pop Albums chart in the US.


RAMONES - Ramones self-titled

The eponymous "Ramones" 12" Vinyl LP Album stands as the cornerstone of punk rock history, heralding the arrival of the American Punk Rock legends, RAMONES. Released in 1976, this debut studio album encapsulates the raw, rebellious spirit of the band. With relentless energy and stripped-down sound, the Ramones' self-titled record became a punk anthem, laying the foundation for a revolutionary movement. Each track is a sonic punch, defining an era and immortalizing RAMONES as trailblazers in the punk rock landscape.

Metal Enterprises Bestell Nr ME 531
RANDOM - Randomised

RANDOM - Randomised (1989, Germany)

"Randomised" unfolds as a testament to the German Hard Rock/Heavy Metal prowess of Random. This 12" Vinyl LP Album encapsulates the sonic journey of a band that once shared stages with icons like Running Wild and S.D.I. during the 1991 Tour. While momentarily dormant, the promise of Random's resurgence in 2008 adds anticipation to this collector's item. Each track on this album echoes the vibrancy and power that solidify Random's place in the tapestry of German Hard Rock and Heavy Metal history.

Line Records 6.25 318

Randy California - All Along the Watchtower ( 1982 Germany )

"All Along the Watchtower," a 12" Vinyl LP Album by Randy California, unveils a musical odyssey by the former member of the Jimi Hendrix Tribute band, "Jimmy James and the Blue Flames." This album, a testament to California's artistic evolution, showcases his prowess as a guitarist and songwriter. The echoes of his tribute band days linger in the intricate guitar work, providing a unique perspective on the legendary track. "All Along the Watchtower" stands as a captivating chapter in Randy California's musical journey.

Yellow AL 31755

RANDY CALIFORNIA - Kapt. Kopter and the (Fabulous) Twirly Birds ( 1972 USA ) New Web-Page  

This album was recorded and released following Randy California's departure from Spirit. Spirit's fourth LP, Twelve Dreams of Dr. Sardonicus, reached the charts but took an inordinate amount of time to receive attention. Following the departure of Jay Ferguson and Mark Andes in early 1971, Spirit recruited John Arliss (and later John Fine) on bass and resumed playing live shows in March 1971". Randy California, however, was also growing disenchanted in Spirit and left the band in July 1971, along with bassist John Fine.

Ebony EBON 34

RANKELSON - Hungry For Blood NWOBHM Orig 1988

RANKELSON - Hungry For Blood NWOBHM (1986, UK)

"Hungry for Blood," the debut 12" LP Vinyl Album by Rankelson, etches a compelling chapter in the world of British Heavy Metal during the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) era. Released in 1986, this seminal work showcases the prowess of the Cardiff-based band. Rankelson's journey, spanning from 1984 to 1988, is encapsulated in this album, a relic of the NWOBHM movement. Each track resonates with the raw energy and spirit that defined this influential period in heavy metal history.


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Ratt ( hard rock/heavy metal, usa ) Vinyl Records Discography


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Roadrunner Records – RR 9672

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New Entry RAVAGE - Wrecking Ball (1986, Netherlands)

"Wrecking Ball" is the one and only album released by the Chicago Heavy Metal band "Ravage". It has been recorded and released in 1986. It has been recorded, mixed and mastered in the Fantasy Studios, Pierce Arrow Recorder, Solid Sound Studio. Album cover artwork was done by Guy Aitchison.

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raven ( british heavy metal / nwobhm, united kingdom) Vinyl Records Discography


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Rave-On Records RLP-011

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VA Rave-On Hits Hard (1985)

"Rave-On Hits Hard," a 12" LP Vinyl Album featuring various artists, including iconic bands like Mercyful Fate, Astaroth, H-Bomb, Crossfire, Evil, Gilgamesj, and Sortilege, emerges as a sonic tapestry of hard-hitting tracks. With Mercyful Fate leading the charge, this compilation album unleashes a diverse array of sounds from the realms of hard rock and heavy metal. The amalgamation of tracks by these influential bands on a single vinyl record makes "Rave-On Hits Hard" a collector's gem, capturing the essence of a dynamic era in music.

CBS 84134

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RAY GOMEZ - Volume (1980)

"Volume," the inaugural 12" LP Vinyl Album by Ray Gomez, marks the debut of an artist poised to make a significant impact. Released as his first solo venture, this album showcases Ray Gomez's musical prowess and creative vision. Each track is a testament to his unique style and artistry. "Volume" is a sonic exploration, blending genres and influences to carve out a distinctive space for Ray Gomez in the musical landscape. This debut album sets the stage for a promising career in the world of music.

Roadrunner RR 9732 thumbnail of front cover

RAZOR - Evil Invaders (1985)

"Evil Invaders," the relentless auditory assault by the Canadian Speed/Thrash Metal juggernaut Razor, storms forth on a 12" Vinyl LP Album. Serving as the band's second full-length and third official recording, this album from Guelph, Ontario, showcases Razor's ferocity. Produced by Walter Zwol and released in 1985, "Evil Invaders" stands as a pinnacle in the band's discography, a testament to their contribution to the speed and thrash metal scene during that era.

Valentino Records 790 564-1

RECKLESS - No Frills (1987, Germany)

"No Frills," the 1987 12" Vinyl LP Album by the American Hard Rock/Glam Metal band Reckless, stands as a testament to the raw energy and charisma emanating from the New York music scene. Released under Valentino Records, this album encapsulates the essence of Reckless' sonic journey. With hard-hitting riffs and glam-infused melodies, each track on "No Frills" contributes to the band's legacy within the vibrant tapestry of late '80s Hard Rock and Glam Metal. A musical journey that resonates with the spirit of the era.

EPIC EPC 64709

REDBONE - The Witch Queen of New Orleans (1971, Holland)

"The Witch Queen of New Orleans," the European release of Redbone's third album, "Message from a Drum" (1971), is a captivating 12" LP vinyl. Infused with the band's unique blend of Native American and rock influences, the album takes listeners on a musical journey. With its distinct sound and cultural fusion, Redbone's creation stands as a timeless piece, showcasing the band's artistic prowess and global appeal.


REDS, THE - The Reds ( Self-Titled ( 1979 Holland )

The Reds' self-titled 1979 album is a captivating piece of musical artistry. This 12" vinyl LP showcases the band's unique blend of new wave, post-punk, and alternative rock. With haunting vocals, infectious hooks, and atmospheric soundscapes, each track immerses listeners in a sonic journey. The album's raw energy and introspective lyrics make it a standout gem of the era, leaving a lasting impact on the music scene.

Sovereign Capitol ST-11216 thumbnail of front cover

RENAISSANCE - Ashes are Burning Sovereign Capitol (1973, England)

"Ashes Are Burning" by Renaissance, a groundbreaking 12" LP vinyl under the Sovereign Capitol Records label, mesmerizes with progressive rock brilliance. Released in 1973, this album marked a pivotal moment for Renaissance, introducing orchestral accompaniment on select tracks. With ethereal melodies and intricate compositions, the band elevates the listening experience, solidifying their place in the world of progressive rock. A harmonious blend of innovation and artistry, "Ashes Are Burning" remains a testament to Renaissance's musical prowess.



REO SPEEDWAGON ( ROCK, USA ) Selected Vinyl Records & Photo Gallery


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Polydor 2310 080

Richie Havens - Alarm Clock (1971, Germany).

"Alarm Clock," Richie Havens' 12" Vinyl LP Album, showcases the iconic artist's distinctive rhythmic guitar style. Best known for soulful covers of pop and folk songs, Havens gained fame with his memorable opening performance at the Woodstock Festival. This album, a testament to his musical prowess, captures Havens' intensity and artistry, solidifying his place in the musical landscape as a soulful interpreter and a masterful performer.


Rick Wakeman - Journey to the Centre of the Earth

"Journey to the Centre of the Earth" is a captivating 12" Vinyl LP Album by English keyboard virtuoso Rick Wakeman, featuring the grandeur of the London Symphony Orchestra. Recorded in January 1974 and released in May of the same year, this live album is a musical odyssey that transcends conventional boundaries. Wakeman's masterful keyboard skills, coupled with the orchestral brilliance of the London Symphony, create a symphonic masterpiece, taking listeners on an enchanting and immersive journey through sound and time.

Rigor Mortis

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RIGOR MORTIS- Rigor Mortis self-titled

The eponymous "Rigor Mortis" 12" Vinyl LP Album marks the debut of American Thrash Metal band RIGOR MORTIS. Produced by Dave Ogilvie and unleashed upon the metal scene in 1988, this album is a relentless sonic assault. With ferocious intensity and precise instrumentation, RIGOR MORTIS delivers a raw and unapologetic expression of thrash metal prowess. A seminal release in the genre, the self-titled album stands as a testament to the band's aggressive musicality.

Music for Nations MFN 65
RIO - Sex Crimes

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RIO - Sex Crimes ( 1986 England )

"Sex Crimes," RIO's final NWOBHM album, challenges norms with provocative themes and bold artistry. Released on Music For Nations and New Electric Way, the vinyl LP encapsulates the rebellious spirit of the genre. The album's alluring nudity on the cover aligns with its daring musical exploration, offering a sonic journey from the hard-hitting title track to anthemic tunes. "Sex Crimes" remains a lasting legacy in NWOBHM, embodying the era's fearless creativity and rebellious ethos.

N.E.W New Electric Way 2346

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RIO - Sex Crimes N.E.W.

RIO - Sex Crimes N.E.W. ( 1986 France )

  This is the French release of "Sex Crimes" is the second and final official album released by the British Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band "RIO". It has been released on the record labels "Music For Nations" and "New Electric Way"

ZYC Metal 5146

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RIOT - Warrior (Live version) / Born in America

The 12" Vinyl LP Album featuring "Riot Warrior" (LIVE VERSION) and "Born in America" encapsulates the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal prowess of RIOT. Established in 1975 by Mark Reale in New York City, RIOT became a formidable force in the music scene. The live rendition of "Riot Warrior" and the anthemic "Born in America" showcase the band's dynamic energy and musical craftsmanship. Post-2012, RIOT transitioned into "RIOT V" in honor of Mark Reale, solidifying their legacy in the realms of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.

Starpoint Music 731 SK

RISING EMPIRER - Danger Explosiv (1980, Switzerland)

Rising Empire was a Swiss progressive rock band formed in 1978. The band consisted of Phil Wespert (vocals, guitar), Chris Taylor (keyboards), Luzifer Lee (drums), and Marc Braunten (bass). The band released their debut album, Danger Explosiv, in 1980. The album was a critical and commercial success, and helped to establish Rising Empire as a leading force in the Swiss progressive rock scene.

SteamHammer SPV 08-7592
RISK - Hell's Animals

RISK - Hell's Animals (1989, West-Germany)

"Hell's Animals" is the second full-length studio ( and third record ) released by the German Power / Thrash Metal band "RISK", it was released in 1989. The album front cover illustration was by "Sebastian Krüger. The band "RISK" is founded by three ex-members of "Faithfull Breath" namely Heinrich Mikus, Jurgen Dusterloh, Peter Dell and was complemented with Roman Keymer and Thilo Hermann. The RISK band has been active from 1986 until 1993.

Steam Hammer SPV 60-7607

RISK - Ratman

RISK - Ratman (1989, West-Germany)

"Ratman" is a gripping and intense 12" EP vinyl by the band Risk. Released with an inclusion of lyrics sleeve, this EP showcases Risk's unique sound and their ability to deliver hard-hitting and thought-provoking music.


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RMC et Hard Rock Presentent LA DOUM DOUM QU'UN PILE (1988, France)

The 12" LP VINYL, "La Doum Doum Qu'un Pile Sample LP," is a rare promotional compilation presented by RMC and Hard Rock. This exclusive collection, marked as "Interdit a la Vente" (forbidden to sell), adds an aura of exclusivity. Featuring a diverse array of samples, the album offers a unique auditory experience, showcasing the collaborative efforts of RMC and Hard Rock in curating a distinctive musical journey. A rare gem for collectors, this promotional compilation invites listeners into a realm of forbidden sonic exploration.



ROBERT PLANT ( Rock / New Wave, England ) Vinyl Records Discography & Photo Gallery


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CBS S 64188

ROBERT WYATT - End of an Ear (1972, UK England)

"The End of an Ear," a 12" LP Vinyl Album by Soft Machine's Robert Wyatt, marks his debut solo endeavor. Hailing from the UK, this album stands as a testament to Wyatt's musical evolution beyond the boundaries of Soft Machine. Released in England, the album showcases Wyatt's experimental and avant-garde inclinations. "The End of an Ear" not only signifies a departure from the familiar but also serves as a pioneering exploration into the solo musical landscape of one of England's esteemed artists.


ROBIN TROWER ( Blues-Rock, England ) Vinyl Records Discography & Photo Gallery


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A&M AMLX 68560
ROCK GODDESS - Hell Hath No Fury

ROCK GODDESS - Hell Hath No Fury (1983, Netherlands)

"Rock Goddess: Hell Hath No Fury" is a seminal 12" vinyl LP encapsulating the raw power of the all-female heavy metal band from the NWOBHM era. Released during the early 1980s, the album showcases the band's meteoric rise and cult status in Britain. With blistering guitar riffs and formidable vocals, this LP remains a testament to Rock Goddess's enduring influence in the world of British Heavy Metal history.

MEAOANR C60 27211 005
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Pok-IIahopama - 1987 Rock Panorama (1988, Russia)

The album's music reflects the diversity of Soviet rock music in the 1980s. The songs range from the hard rock of Bravo to the pop rock of Aria to the experimental music of Rock Atelje of Kris Kelmi.

ODE Records 21653

Rocky Horror Picture Show  is the original soundtrack album to the 1975 film The Rocky Horror Picture Show, an adaptation of the musical The Rocky Horror Show that had opened in 1973. This is the soundtrack released as an album in 1975 by Ode Records, produced by Richard Hartley.

Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975, Canada)

is the original soundtrack album to the 1975 film The Rocky Horror Picture Show, an adaptation of the musical The Rocky Horror Show that had opened in 1973. This is the soundtrack released as an album in 1975 by Ode Records, produced by Richard Hartley.

Schnoutz Records 6367-032

Rock Zirkus - Back Again (1972, Switzerland)

"Back Again" is a blues rock album by the Swiss band Rock Zirkus. Released as a 12" vinyl LP, the album showcases the band's captivating blend of blues, rock, and elements of circus-inspired theatrics. With powerful guitar riffs, soulful vocals, and dynamic rhythms, Rock Zirkus delivers a high-energy performance throughout the album. "Back Again" captures the essence of the band's live sound, making it a must-have for fans of blues rock and enthusiasts of the vinyl format.

RoadRunner RR 9833
The RODS - Let Them Eat Metal

The RODS - Let Them Eat Metal (1984, Netherlands)

"Let Them Eat Metal" by The Rods makes a thunderous statement on a 12" Vinyl LP Album, accompanied by a provocative cover that led to its banning on eBay. The Rods, known for their energetic heavy metal sound, present this album as a testament to their musical prowess. The banned cover adds an intriguing layer to the album's narrative, making it a sought-after gem for collectors. "Let Them Eat Metal" solidifies The Rods' place in the metal landscape, both for their music and the controversial cover that sparked attention and discussion.

Arista 204 741
THE RODS - Wild Dogs

THE RODS - Wild Dogs (1982, EEC)

"Wild Dogs," the 1982 classic by The Rods, delivered a powerful punch of heavy metal and hard rock on a 12" vinyl record. Led by David "Rock" Feinstein's fierce vocals and guitar work, the album featured anthemic tracks like "Hurricane" and "Rock Warriors." Its unapologetic energy and iconic cover art depicting a pack of wild dogs chasing an individual made it a timeless classic in the world of heavy metal.

ROGER WATERS - The Pros and Cons of Hitchhiking Uncensored Gatefold


ROGER WATERS ( Rock, England ) Vinyl Records Discography & Photo Gallery


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ROGUE MALE ( NWOBHM / Heavy Metal, England ) Vinyl Records Discography & Photo Gallery


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ROLLING STONES LP Discography, incl bootlegs

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WEA 24 0028-1

ROSE TATTOO - Scarred for Life ( 1982 Netherlands )

AThe European release of "Scarred for Life" which is the 1982 and third studio album released by the Australain Hard Rock band "Rose Tattoo". It was recorded at the "Albert Studios" in Sydney, Australia. Production was in hands of the very succesful duo "Vanda & Young"

WEA 24. 0028

ROSE TATTOO - Scarred for Life ( 1982 Germany )

The German release of "Scarred for Life" which is the 1982 and third studio album released by the Australain Hard Rock band "Rose Tattoo". It was recorded at the "Albert Studios" in Sydney, Australia. Production was in hands of the very succesful duo "Vanda & Young"

ROUGH DIAMOND - Self-titled

he self-titled debut album by Rough Diamond, released in 1977, showcases the musical talents of this British rock band formed by former Uriah Heep members. With a fusion of hard rock and blues influences, the album features powerful vocals, dynamic guitar work, and memorable songwriting, making it a noteworthy addition to the 12" vinyl LP format and a testament to the band's musical prowess.

Music For Nations 12 KUT 103

ROX - Krazy Kutz / Sweet Sixteen

ROX - Krazy Kutz / Sweet Sixteen ( 1983 France )  New Web-Page

"Krazy Kutz" is the second and final recording ( until 2019 ) and was released by the ROX band in 1983.

RoadrunneR 9890

ROX - Violent Breed (SS Still Sealed)

ROX - Violent Breed ( 1983 Netherlands ) New Web-Page

"Violent Breed" by Rox unleashes its British Heavy Metal prowess on a 12" Vinyl LP Album, marking the band's first full-length studio release. Hailing from Manchester, Rox contributes to the rich tapestry of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM). Released as a testament to the band's musical exploration and energy, "Violent Breed" captures the essence of Rox's early years and stands as a noteworthy piece in the NWOBHM movement, showcasing the band's place in the diverse and influential landscape of British heavy metal.


ROY BUCHANAN - Vinyl Recording Albums

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Muza SX 2160

RSC - Fly Rock (Poland)

"Fly Rock" by RSC is a captivating 12" vinyl LP album that exemplifies the progressive rock sound of this Polish band, featuring intricate compositions, atmospheric melodies, and dynamic arrangements that delight fans of the genre.

Corpus Christi – CHRIST IT'S 6

RUDIMENTARY PENI - Death Church Fold Out Paper Cover + Insert 12" LP VINYL New Web-Page

"Rudimentary Peni" are a British anarcho-punk/deathrock band formed in 1980. This album "Death Churchr" is "wrapped" in the original fold-open poster and includes the 12" insert with lyrics of all the songs

RUNAWAYS Girlie Rock Collection


RUNAWAYS ( Girlie ROck, South-Africa ) Vinyl Records Discography & Photo Gallery


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RUNNING WILD Pirate Metal Discography

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April Music Inc. EPIC EPC 84806

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RUSS BALLARD & BARNET DOGS - Into the Fire (1981)

"Russ Ballard & Barnet Dogs: Into the Fire" is a captivating 12" LP vinyl album that epitomizes the musical prowess of Russ Ballard and his collaboration with Barnet Dogs. Released in a bygone era, this album is a sonic journey through the melodic landscapes of rock. With Ballard's distinctive songwriting and the Barnet Dogs' musical synergy, "Into the Fire" stands as a timeless testament to the artistry of these musical maestros.

Mercury SRM 1 4013

RUSH - Moving Pictures (1980, USA)

"Rush: Moving Pictures" stands as a monumental achievement in the realm of Canadian rock, presented in its Genuine USA release 12" LP vinyl format. The band's eighth studio album, recorded at Le Studio in Morin Heights, Quebec, during late 1980, showcases Rush's musical prowess. Released on 12 February 1981, this iconic album mesmerizes listeners with its intricate compositions, marking a pivotal moment in the band's illustrious career.

Mercury 6337 243


RUSH - Signals (1982)

Rush, the iconic Canadian rock band known for their intricate compositions and virtuosic musicianship, added another jewel to their crown in 1982 with the release of "Signals". This 12" LP vinyl album, a treasured item in the collection of any rock enthusiast, not only encapsulated the band's musical prowess but also featured compelling cover artwork, all of which makes it a fascinating addition to your vinyl collection.

LOVE Records

RUSTY JAMES - Save the last Dance for me

Rusty James was a hardcore/emo band from Germany active in the first half of the 90’s. They released a 7” (1995) and a full length album titled “Save the Last Dance For Me” (1996). Miguel and Rainer of Rusty James used to play in the band Age.

Axe Killer Records 7021
RUTHLESS - Discipline of Steel

RUTHLESS - Discipline of Steel (1986, France)

"Ruthless: Discipline of Steel," an American Power/Speed Metal gem, graces the music scene in its 1986 Axe Killer 12" Vinyl LP Album release. Crafted with precision, the album resonates with the raw energy of the era. The cover art, a masterpiece by Martin Cannon, sets the tone for the sonic onslaught within. John Scarpat's band-member photography adds a personal touch, making this album a visual and auditory feast for metal enthusiasts.

Virgin 200988

thumbnail of front cover

RUTS - The Crack (1979, France)

"The Ruts: The Crack" takes center stage in its French release, a 12" LP Vinyl Album that introduced the world to the band's groundbreaking sound. As The Ruts' debut album, unleashed in 1979, it remains a timeless emblem of punk rock. Hailing from the vibrant UK punk scene, this album is a sonic manifesto, encapsulating the rebellious spirit of its era. The French release adds a distinctive touch to this punk masterpiece.