The 12" Vinyl LP Album featuring "Riot Warrior" (LIVE VERSION) and "Born in America" encapsulates the Hard Rock/Heavy Metal prowess of RIOT. Established in 1975 by Mark Reale in New York City, RIOT became a formidable force in the music scene. The live rendition of "Riot Warrior" and the anthemic "Born in America" showcase the band's dynamic energy and musical craftsmanship. Post-2012, RIOT transitioned into "RIOT V" in honor of Mark Reale, solidifying their legacy in the realms of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal.


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Riot's "Warrior (Live Version) / Born in America": A Snapshot of American Heavy Metal in 1984
Album Description:

Released in 1984 amidst a thriving heavy metal scene, Riot's 12" vinyl single "Warrior (Live Version) / Born in America" encapsulated the raw energy and anthemic spirit of the genre. The live rendition of "Warrior" captured the band's electrifying stage presence, showcasing their tight musicianship and powerful vocals. "Born in America," on the other hand, served as a patriotic anthem, reflecting the nationalistic fervor of the era.

Historical Context and Musical Exploration

Emerging from the vibrant New York City metal scene in 1975, Riot established themselves as a formidable force in American heavy metal. By 1984, they had honed their sound, blending elements of hard rock, heavy metal, and power metal to create a unique sonic identity. The live version of "Warrior" on this single showcased the band's ability to translate their studio recordings into a captivating live experience.

Genre and Controversies

Riot's music was firmly rooted in heavy metal, characterized by soaring vocals, powerful riffs, and driving rhythms. While they didn't court controversy in the same way as some of their contemporaries, their music occasionally touched upon themes of social unrest and rebellion, reflecting the spirit of the times.

Production and Cover Art

Produced by Steve Loeb, known for his work with artists like Manowar and Loudness, the single captured the raw energy of Riot's live performances. The cover art, featuring a fierce warrior wielding a axe, further emphasized the band's aggressive and powerful image.

Music Genre:

Rock / Heavy Metal 
Album Production information:

The album: "RIOT - Warrior (Live version) / Born in America" was produced by: Steve Loecrer Fire Sign Ltd, Steve Loeb

Record Label Information:

ZYC Metal 5146

Media Format:

12" LP Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram 
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Album Back Cover  Photo of "RIOT - Warrior (Live version) / Born in America"
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