JOHNNY WINTER - White Hot And Blue - 12" Vinyl LP Album

"Johnny Winter's 'White Hot And Blue' 12" vinyl LP album is a scorching blues-rock masterpiece. With Winter's soulful vocals and electrifying guitar work, complemented by Edgar Winter's multi-instrumental talents, the album takes listeners on an explosive blues journey. Backed by a stellar ensemble, including Pat Ramsey's haunting harmonica and Tom Brock's enchanting mandolin, the album delivers timeless tracks filled with raw emotion and authentic blues magic." This web page has photos of album covers, inner sleeves, record labels together with production details, musicians and track-listing.

Album Front Cover Photo of JOHNNY WINTER - White Hot And Blue
Album Front Cover Photo of JOHNNY WINTER - White Hot And Blue."
Album Description:

Vinyl records have long been revered for their warm, authentic sound and nostalgic charm, and one album that truly embodies the essence of classic blues-rock is "White Hot And Blue" by Johnny Winter. Released on a 12" vinyl LP, this album is a masterpiece that showcases the exceptional talents of Johnny Winter and his band, who deliver a scorching collection of blues-infused tracks that have stood the test of time.

Johnny Winter: A Blues Guitar Virtuoso

At the heart of the album is the legendary Johnny Winter himself, a true blues guitar virtuoso. Born in Texas, Winter was known for his powerful, soulful voice, blistering guitar solos, and mesmerizing slide guitar technique. He had a unique ability to channel the raw emotion of the blues, infusing each note with passion and authenticity.

The All-Star Lineup

Joining Johnny Winter on "White Hot And Blue" is an all-star lineup of musicians, each contributing their remarkable talents to the album's rich sound:

1. Edgar Winter: Multi-Instrumentalist Extraordinaire
Johnny's brother, Edgar Winter, was a multi-instrumentalist who made significant contributions to the album. With his mastery of the keyboards and saxophone, Edgar added layers of depth and texture to the songs. His powerful vocals also complemented Johnny's singing, creating a harmonious blend.

2. Bobby Torello: The Backbone on Drums
Bobby Torello handled the drums on the album, providing the essential rhythmic foundation for the music. His tight and dynamic drumming style ensured that each track had a solid groove, making it irresistible for listeners not to tap their feet along with the beat.

3. Isaac Payton Sweat: The Driving Force on Bass
Isaac Payton Sweat held down the low end on bass, delivering a driving force that underpinned the entire album. His basslines were not only supportive but also showcased his musical prowess, adding an extra layer of soul to the blues.

4. Pat Rush: A Second Guitar Sensation
Pat Rush joined the ensemble as a second guitarist, and his contributions added depth and complexity to the album's guitar work. With Winter and Rush's combined talents, the album's guitar sections became an electrifying display of blues mastery.

5. Pat Ramsey: Harmonica Magic
Pat Ramsey's harmonica skills brought a touch of traditional blues authenticity to "White Hot And Blue". His soulful harmonica playing was a perfect match for Winter's guitar, creating a captivating interplay between the two instruments.

6. Tom Brock: Mandolin Melodies
Tom Brock's mandolin added a unique flavor to the album, infusing certain tracks with folk and country influences. The mandolin's bright tones contrasted beautifully with the gritty blues-rock sound, resulting in a fresh and captivating sound.

The Timelessness of "White Hot And Blue"

"White Hot And Blue" remains a timeless album, preserving the spirit of classic blues-rock and serving as a testament to Johnny Winter's influence as a musician. The combination of Johnny and Edgar Winter's talents, along with the exceptional contributions of the entire band, makes this LP a must-have for any vinyl enthusiast or blues-rock aficionado.

Essential Album Information For: JOHNNY WINTER - White Hot And Blue

Music Genre:


Label & Catalognr:

CBS SKY 82963 / Blue Sky JZ35475 / SKY 472768-2

Media Format:

Record Format: 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

1978 Made in USA

JOHNNY WINTER - White Hot And Blue Production & Recording Information

Album Packaging

"White Hot & Blue" includes a custom inner sleeve with two full-page photos of Johnny Winter


Johnny Winter - Producer

Musicians on: JOHNNY WINTER - White Hot And Blue

Band-members, Musicians:

Johnny Winter - guitar, harmonica, vocals

Edgar Winter - keyboards, saxophone, vocals

Edgar Winter is a renowned American musician, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist who has made significant contributions to the worlds of rock, jazz, blues, and pop music. Born on 28 December 1946, in Beaumont, Texas, Edgar Holland Winter was destined for a life immersed in music, given his family's musical background. His father, Johnnie Winter Sr., was a skilled saxophonist and guitarist, and his mother, Edwina, was a talented pianist.

Edgar Winter's musical journey began at a young age when he started learning classical piano and clarinet. However, it was his introduction to the alto saxophone during his teen years that sparked a lifelong passion for music. Alongside his younger brother, Johnny Winter, a renowned blues guitarist, Edgar honed his skills and became a proficient saxophonist.

In the late 1960s, Edgar formed his first band called "The Crystaliers", which mainly played covers of popular songs at local venues. However, his big breakthrough came in 1970 when he founded "The Edgar Winter Group". The band's lineup included Ronnie Montrose on guitar, Dan Hartman on bass, and Chuck Ruff on drums. They quickly gained popularity, thanks to their unique fusion of rock, jazz, and blues influences.


The Edgar Winter Group's debut album, "Entrance", was released in 1970 and received critical acclaim. However, it was their 1972 release, "They Only Come Out at Night", that catapulted them to stardom. The album featured the iconic instrumental track "Frankenstein", which showcased Edgar Winter's exceptional skills on the synthesizer. "Frankenstein" became a massive hit and earned him a Grammy Award for Best Rock Instrumental Performance.

Following the success of "They Only Come Out at Night", the band released several more albums, but none matched the commercial success of their breakthrough record. Nevertheless, Edgar Winter's reputation as a talented and innovative musician continued to grow. Here you will find a selection of the vinyl records released by Edgar Winter.

Throughout his career, Edgar Winter collaborated with various artists and musicians, showcasing his versatility and proficiency on multiple instruments, including saxophone, keyboards, synthesizer, and vocals. He also ventured into producing and writing music for other artists.

In addition to his work with The Edgar Winter Group, Edgar pursued a solo career, releasing albums that explored different genres and musical styles. His solo discography includes albums such as "Jasmine Nightdreams", "Shock Treatment", and "Mission Earth".

Over the years, Edgar Winter has remained active in the music industry, touring extensively and captivating audiences with his electrifying performances. His music continues to influence aspiring musicians and resonate with fans across generations.

Bobby Torello - drums

Bobby Torello, a virtuoso drummer, has left an indelible mark on the world of music, particularly through his collaboration with the iconic blues-rock guitarist Johnny Winter. Born on 15 March 1965, in New Orleans, Louisiana, Torello's early passion for rhythm and percussion led him on a remarkable journey in the world of music. From humble beginnings to international fame, Bobby's prowess on the drums earned him a place among the most influential and respected drummers of his time.

Early Life and Musical Influences:
Growing up in the vibrant city of New Orleans, Bobby was surrounded by a rich musical heritage. He was deeply influenced by the city's unique blend of jazz, blues, and funk. At a young age, he fell in love with the captivating rhythms that echoed through the streets. Encouraged by his parents, who recognized his natural talent, Bobby began taking drum lessons and practicing with unyielding dedication.

The Breakthrough with Johnny Winter:


In the late 1970s until mid 1980s, Bobby Torello's exceptional skills caught the attention of the legendary blues-rock guitarist Johnny Winter. Impressed by Bobby's powerful and soulful drumming, Winter invited him to join his band as the drummer. This collaboration marked a significant turning point in Bobby's career and set the stage for some of the most memorable moments in blues-rock history.

Rise to Global Fame:
Joining Johnny Winter's band provided Bobby with an extraordinary platform to showcase his incredible drumming abilities. With Winter's iconic guitar work and Bobby's dynamic drumming, the band's performances became a powerhouse of blues-rock energy. Bobby's tasteful drum fills and infectious grooves added a new dimension to Winter's classic hits and freshened up their live shows.

International Tours and Recordings:
Together, Johnny Winter and Bobby Torello embarked on numerous international tours, captivating audiences around the world with their electrifying performances. Whether on big stages or intimate venues, the duo's chemistry was undeniable, and their live shows left audiences in awe.

In addition to their live performances, Bobby also contributed his drumming expertise to several of Johnny Winter's studio albums. His rhythmic precision and ability to enhance the essence of each track made him an invaluable asset to Winter's recordings. From bluesy ballads to up-tempo rockers, Bobby's drumming provided the perfect foundation for Winter's soulful guitar playing.

Collaborative Genius and Musical Legacy:
The collaboration between Johnny Winter and Bobby Torello was not only musically brilliant but also a testament to the camaraderie and mutual respect they shared. Their work together brought forth a unique and powerful synergy that continues to resonate with blues-rock enthusiasts to this day.


Isaac Payton Sweat - bass

Isaac Payton Sweat, renowned for his virtuosic bass playing and soulful grooves, is a musical force that has left an indelible mark on the world of blues and rock. His dynamic collaborations with legendary blues guitarist Johnny Winter have earned him a place among the great bassists of his time. Born on May 12, 1950, in Memphis, Tennessee, Isaac's journey from humble beginnings to becoming a prominent figure in the music industry is a testament to his exceptional talent and unwavering passion for music.

Early Life and Musical Beginnings:

Raised in a musically-inclined family, Isaac Payton Sweat was exposed to a wide array of musical genres from an early age. Influenced by the vibrant sounds of gospel, blues, and R&B, he was drawn to the bass guitar as his instrument of choice. At the age of 13, Isaac received his first bass guitar as a gift from his father, a pivotal moment that ignited his lifelong devotion to the instrument.

During his formative years, Isaac honed his craft by playing in local gospel groups and blues bands. He quickly garnered a reputation for his impressive technical prowess and the ability to add a distinctive touch of groove and soul to any performance.

The Collaboration with Johnny Winter:


Isaac Payton Sweat's rise to prominence took an extraordinary turn when he crossed paths with the iconic blues guitarist Johnny Winter. The meeting occurred in the late 1970s when Isaac was performing at a blues festival in New Orleans. Johnny, who was looking to assemble a new backing band, was immediately taken aback by Isaac's skills and stage presence.

Recognizing the chemistry between them, Johnny Winter invited Isaac to join his band as the bassist. Thrilled by the opportunity to work alongside one of the most celebrated blues musicians of all time, Isaac eagerly accepted the offer. This collaboration marked a turning point in both their careers.

Isaac's basslines proved to be the perfect complement to Johnny Winter's scorching guitar solos, creating a captivating synergy that delighted audiences around the world. Their performances were characterized by raw energy, emotional depth, and an electrifying stage presence that set them apart from other acts of their era.

Notable Works and Legacy:

As an integral member of Johnny Winter's band, Isaac Payton Sweat contributed to several of Winter's albums and played a pivotal role in some of his most memorable recordings. Their joint efforts can be heard on acclaimed albums like "White, Hot and Blue" (1978), "Guitar Slinger" (1984), and "Third Degree" (1986), among others.

Together, they brought a fresh and contemporary edge to traditional blues music, bridging the gap between the old and new generations of blues enthusiasts.

Isaac's time with Johnny Winter not only solidified his reputation as a skilled bassist but also exposed him to a global audience, earning him the admiration and respect of fellow musicians and fans alike


Pat Rush - guitar

Pat Ramsey - harmonica

Tom Brock - mandolin

Track-listing of: JOHNNY WINTER - White Hot And Blue

  1. "Walkin' by Myself" (James A. Lane a.k.a. Jimmy Rogers) - 3.28
  2. "Slidin' In" (Johnny Winter) - 5.04
  3. "Divin' Duck Blues" (Sleepy John Estes) - 3.27
  4. "One Step at a Time" (Johnny Winter) - 3.58
  5. "Nickel Blues" (Johnny Winter) - 3.33
  6. "E.Z. Rider" (Traditional) - 4.00
  7. "Last Night" (Walter Jacobs) - 5.35
  8. "Messin' with the Kid" (Mel London) - 2.53
  9. "Honest I Do" (Jimmy Reed) - 4.12
  10. Nickel Blues 3:33 (Johnny Winter - Bonus track on European version)

Front Cover Photo Of JOHNNY WINTER - White Hot And Blue


JOHNNY WINTER - White Hot And Blue front cover photo
front cover photo

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Photo Of The Back Cover JOHNNY WINTER - White Hot And Blue


JOHNNY WINTER - White Hot And Blue back cover
Photo Of The Back Cover

First Photo Of Custom Inner Sleeve JOHNNY WINTER - White Hot And Blue


JOHNNY WINTER - White Hot And Blue custom inner sleeve
First Photo Of Custom Inner Sleeve

Second Photo Of Custom Inner Sleeve JOHNNY WINTER - White Hot And Blue


JOHNNY WINTER - White Hot And Blue custom inner sleeve
Second Photo Of Custom Inner Sleeve

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Johnny Winter , was an American musician, singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. Best known for his high-energy blues-rock albums and live performances in the late 1960s and 1970s, Winter also produced three Grammy Award-winning albums for blues singer and guitarist Muddy Waters. After his time with Waters, Winter recorded several Grammy-nominated blues albums. In 1988, he was inducted into the Blues Foundation Hall of Fame and in 2003, he was ranked 63rd in Rolling Stone magazine's list of the '100 Greatest Guitarists of All Time'. He was also known for his collaborations with other musicians, including Muddy Waters and Edgar Winter. Winter's career spanned several decades and he released numerous albums throughout his lifetime. He died on 16 July 2014.