Greatest Hits is the album by the Scottish hard rock band Nazareth, released in 1975. By this time Nazareth had experienced considerable success with albums and singles. This compilation showcased tracks from the band's third album Razamanaz through their sixth album Hair of the Dog, as well as some non-album singles.


High Resolution Photo of NAZARETH GREATEST HITS

Album Description:

In the world of rock history, certain albums stand as testaments to the enduring power of music. Nazareth's "Greatest Hits", a 12" LP vinyl album released in 1975, holds a revered place in this pantheon. Hailing from Scotland, Nazareth had already established themselves as a force to be reckoned with in the world of hard rock, and this compilation solidified their status as one of the genre's most influential bands.

A Journey Through Nazareth's Sonic Landscape

By the time "Greatest Hits" hit the shelves, Nazareth had traversed a path paved with notable successes. The album was more than just a collection of tracks; it was a sonic journey through the band's evolution from their third album, "Razamanaz", to their sixth masterpiece, "Hair of the Dog". Spanning these albums, the compilation provided listeners with a comprehensive overview of Nazareth's growth and artistic prowess.

The Man Behind the Magic

"Produced by Manny Charlton", a credit that held immense significance, shaped the album's sonic identity. Charlton's expertise in harnessing the band's energy and translating it into captivating recordings played a pivotal role in Nazareth's rise to prominence. His production prowess was akin to a musical alchemist, transforming raw instrumental power into polished hard rock gems.

The Visual and Auditory Allure

The album's cover design by Joe Petagno was a visual embodiment of Nazareth's rugged yet compelling sound. It captured the essence of hard rock's mystique, creating a visual dialogue with the music contained within. The album cover photography, credited to Chuck Pullin and Colin MacDonald, added a layer of authenticity, allowing fans to glimpse the band's essence beyond the studio.

The Ensemble of Talent

At the heart of Nazareth's sonic tapestry were the band members themselves. Dan McCafferty's distinctive vocals served as the conduit for the band's emotive storytelling. Darrell Sweet's skillful drumming provided the backbone that propelled the music forward, while Manny Charlton's guitar work added texture and depth. Pete Agnew's bass guitar and guitar contributions added an unmistakable resonance, and the guiding hand of producer Roger Glover ensured that each track reached its full potential.

A Legacy Enshrined in Vinyl

"Greatest Hits" was more than a mere compilation; it was a celebration of Nazareth's artistry, a tribute to the impact they had on the rock scene. As the needle touched the vinyl, listeners were transported to a realm where riffs reverberated with raw energy, and vocals carried stories of heartache and triumph. The album's legacy is etched not only in the grooves of the vinyl but also in the hearts of fans who continue to be captivated by Nazareth's enduring sound.

Music Genre:

 Scottish Hard Rock 

Album Production information:

The album: "NAZARETH - Greatest Hits" was produced by: Manny Charlton

Album cover design: Joe Petagno

Joe Petagno is an American artist known principally for creating images used on rock album covers for bands such as Pink Floyd , Led Zeppelin , Nazareth , Sweet, Motörhead, Roy Harper, Marduk, Bal-Sagoth, Autopsy, Attick Demons, Illdisposed and Sodom .

Joe Petagno was born in Portland, Maine and left the United States in 1972. He worked with Hipgnosis before meeting Motörhead's Lemmy in 1975,

Album cover photography: Chuck Pullin, Colin MacDonald

Record Label Information:

 Vertigo 6370 411

Media Format:

 12" LP Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

 1972-1975 Made in Germany
Personnel/Band Members and Musicians on: NAZARETH - Greatest Hits
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Dan McCafferty – vocals
  • Darrell Sweet – drums
  • Manny Charlton – guitar
  • Pete Agnew – bass guitar, guitar
  • Roger Glover – producer

    Roger David Glover, known professionally as Roger Glover, was born on November 30, 1945, in Brecon, Sir Powys, Wales, United Kingdom. He is the first child of Norman Glover and Brenda Glover.

    Glover's career in the music industry began to take shape in the late 1960s when he joined the psychedelic rock band Episode Six as their bass guitarist. However, it was in 1969 when Glover received a major breakthrough by joining the iconic rock band Deep Purple . At the age of 24, he became the bass guitarist for Deep Purple, a role that would define much of his musical journey.


    In 1970, Glover contributed to Deep Purple's collaboration with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, conducted by Malcolm Arnold. This project showcased the band's versatility and experimental approach. The following year, at the age of 25, Glover played bass guitar on the highly influential albums "In Rock" and "Fireball." These albums solidified Deep Purple's status as one of the pioneers of hard rock and heavy metal.

    Glover's contributions to Deep Purple continued throughout the 1970s and beyond. In 1972, at the age of 26, he played on the live album "Made in Japan," which is widely regarded as one of the greatest live recordings in rock history. He also played bass guitar on the album "Who Do We Think We Are" released the same year.

    During his time with Deep Purple, Glover also ventured into music production. In 1973, at the age of 27, he produced the album "Loud And Proud" by Nazareth. He continued his work as a producer in 1974 with Nazareth's album "Rampant Mooncrest." In 1976, at the age of 30, Glover produced Rory Gallagher's album "Calling Card," showcasing his skills behind the scenes.

    In 1979, Glover briefly left Deep Purple and joined Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow as their bass guitarist. He played on the album "Down To Earth" and then rejoined Deep Purple in 1984, at the age of 38, for the album "Perfect Strangers." Glover's return brought a renewed energy to the band, and the album was a critical and commercial success.

    Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Glover continued to be an integral part of Deep Purple's lineup. He played bass guitar on albums such as "The House of Blue Light" (1987), "Nobody's Perfect" (1988), and "Slaves and Masters" (1990). His remarkable talent on the bass guitar added depth and precision to Deep Purple's sound.

    In addition to his work with Deep Purple and Rainbow, Glover has also released solo albums and collaborated with other artists over the years. He has shown his versatility as a musician and a songwriter, continually pushing the boundaries of rock music.

    Roger Glover's contributions to the world of rock music, both as a bass guitarist and a producer, have left an indelible mark. His ability to create melodic bass lines, combined with his technical expertise, has made him one of the most respected figures in the industry. His career, spanning several decades, showcases his passion, dedication, and unwavering commitment to his craft.

Complete Track-listing of the album "NAZARETH - Greatest Hits"

The detailed tracklist of this record "NAZARETH - Greatest Hits" is:

    Track-listing :
  1. "Razamanaz" 3:53
  2. "Holy Roller" 3:25
  3. "Shanghai'd in Shanghai" 3:45
  4. "Love Hurts" Boudleaux Bryant 3:54
  5. "Turn On Your Receiver" 3:21
  6. "Bad Bad Boy" 3:58
  7. "This Flight Tonight" Joni Mitchell 3:25
  8. "Broken Down Angel" 3:46
  9. "Hair of the Dog" 3:17
  10. "Sunshine" 3:45
  11. "My White Bicycle" (Hopkins, Burgess) 3:28
  12. "Woke Up This Morning" 3:4
High Quality Photo of Album Front Cover  "NAZARETH - Greatest Hits"

High Resolution Photo of NAZARETH GREATEST HITS  

High Resolution Photo of NAZARETH GREATEST HITS  

High Resolution Photo of NAZARETH GREATEST HITS  

High Resolution Photo of NAZARETH GREATEST HITS  

High Resolution Photo of NAZARETH GREATEST HITS  

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