NAZARETH - EXERCISES - 12" Vinyl LP album

Nazareth's "Exercises," a 12" Vinyl LP, showcases the Scottish rock band's prowess in blues-tinged hard rock. Released as their second studio album, it delves into historical narratives, notably the "Glencoe massacre." The haunting song vividly recounts the tragic incident. Renowned producer Ray Thomas Baker masterfully contributes to the album's sonic landscape, solidifying "Exercises" as a significant musical endeavor within its time period.

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High Resolution Photo of NAZARETH - Exercises

Album Description:

Nazareth's second studio album, "Exercises", remains a testament to the band's ability to fuse blues and hard rock into a captivating musical experience. Released in 1972, the album showcases the Scottish rockers' formidable talents, featuring powerful vocals, gritty guitar work, and a driving rhythm section. With its diverse range of tracks and memorable gatefold cover, "Exercises" stands as a significant milestone in Nazareth's discography.

"Exercises" presents an engaging selection of songs, each with its unique charm and character. Opening with "I Will Not Be Led", the album immediately sets the tone with its energetic riffing and Dan McCafferty's commanding vocals. The track's raw power and defiant lyrics serve as a fitting introduction to the album's overall spirit.

Following suit is "Cat's Eye, Apple Pie", a dynamic piece with its infectious melodies and catchy hooks. The band showcases their tight musical chemistry, with Darrell Sweet's thunderous drumming driving the song forward while Pete Agnew's bass provides a solid foundation. The blues-infused guitar work of Manny Charlton adds a layer of depth and intensity.

"In My Time" displays a slightly more introspective side of Nazareth. With its melodic guitar lines and reflective lyrics, the song demonstrates the band's ability to deliver emotional depth while maintaining their signature sound. It serves as a respite from the album's more energetic tracks, providing a glimpse into the band's versatility.

One of the standout tracks on "Exercises" is "1692 (Glencoe Massacre)". Inspired by a historical event, the song delves into the tragic story of the Glencoe massacre. Through poignant lyrics and powerful instrumentation, Nazareth captures the somber atmosphere of the incident, paying tribute to the victims and showcasing their storytelling prowess.

The album's diversity continues with "Madelaine", a nearly six-minute epic that combines delicate acoustic passages with powerful rock segments. The band's musicianship shines on this track, with each member delivering stellar performances. From the intricate guitar work to the driving rhythm section and the addition of Jedd Lander's bagpipes and harmonica, "Madelaine" showcases the band's willingness to experiment with different sounds and textures.

"Exercises" also features shorter, punchier tracks like "Fool About You" and "Sad Song". These songs highlight Nazareth's ability to craft concise and impactful tunes. They pack a significant punch in a short amount of time, leaving a lasting impression with their infectious melodies and memorable hooks.

Produced by Ray Thomas Baker, the album's production quality is top-notch, allowing each instrument and vocal to shine through. David Hentschel's addition of synthesizers adds a touch of modernity to the overall sound, enhancing the band's sonic palette without overshadowing their core rock identity.

The gatefold cover of "Exercises" further adds to the album's appeal. Its artwork, depicting a haunting and mysterious landscape, captures the essence of Nazareth's music. Opening the gatefold reveals the band members and additional musicians, showcasing the collaborative effort that went into creating this musical gem.

Music Genre:

 Prog Rock

Album Production Information:

 The album: "NAZARETH - Exercises Gatefold cover" was produced by: Ray Thomas Baker

Record Label Information:

 Philips 63 061
Packaging: Gatefold (FOC) cover design with artwork / photos on the inside cover pages

Media Format:

 12" Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 280 gram  

Year and Country:

 1972 Made in Germany
Band Members and Musicians on: NAZARETH - Exercises Gatefold cover
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Dan McCafferty - Vocals
  • Darrell Sweet - Drums, backing Vocals
  • Pete Agnew - Bass, Guitar, backing Vocals
  • Manny Charlton - Guitar, 12-String Guitar, backing Vocals,
  • David Hentschel - Synthesizer
  • Jedd Lander - Bagpipes, Harmonica
Track Listing of: "NAZARETH - Exercises Gatefold cover"

The Songs/tracks on "NAZARETH - Exercises Gatefold cover" are

  1. I Will Not Be Led - 3:05
  2. Cat's Eye, Apple Pie - 3:04
  3. In My Time - 3:28
  4. Woke up This Morning - 3:09
  5. Called Her Name - 4:32
  6. Fool About You - 2:47
  7. Love, Now You're Gone - 2:25
  8. Madelaine - 5:54
  9. Sad Song - 2:13
  10. 1692 (Glen Coe Massacre) - 3:59
Album cover photos of : NAZARETH - Exercises Gatefold cover

High Resolution Photo of NAZARETH - Exercises  

High Resolution Photo of NAZARETH - Exercises  

High Resolution Photo of NAZARETH - Exercises  

High Resolution Photo of NAZARETH - Exercises  

High Resolution Photo of NAZARETH - Exercises  

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