Nazareth - Loud 'n' Proud with Roger Glover 12" Vinyl LP Album

Nazareth "Loud 'n' Proud," a 1974 12" Vinyl LP Album produced by Roger Glover (Deep Purple), showcases the vibrant '70s rock scene. Released on Germany's Vertigo Records, the album blends hard rock and blues influences. Glover's percussion on "Freewheelin" adds depth. A testament to the era's experimental spirit, the album stands as a significant chapter in Nazareth's journey and Glover's impactful contributions to '70s rock.


High Resolution Photo of Nazareth Loud Proud with Roger Glover

"Loud 'n' Proud" Album Description:

The 1970s marked a pivotal era in the history of rock music, characterized by a rich tapestry of diverse sounds and experimental genres. One such gem from this period is the 12" Vinyl LP Album titled "Nazareth Loud 'n' Proud," produced by the acclaimed Roger Glover, best known for his association with the iconic band Deep Purple.

Released in Germany in 1974 on the prestigious Vertigo Records label, this album encapsulates the essence of the musical landscape during that time. To fully appreciate its significance, it's essential to delve into the context of the era and the notable contributions made by both Nazareth and Roger Glover.

The 1970s were marked by a musical revolution, with artists pushing boundaries and exploring new sonic territories. Against this backdrop, Nazareth emerged as a force to be reckoned with. Hailing from Scotland, the band carved a niche for themselves with a distinctive blend of hard rock and blues influences.

Enter Roger Glover, a musician and producer synonymous with the dynamic sound of Deep Purple. His involvement in "Nazareth Loud 'n' Proud" brought a seasoned touch to the production, contributing not only his production expertise but also lending his percussion skills to the track "Freewheelin."

The album itself is a testament to the collaborative spirit of the time. Each track is a sonic journey, reflecting the artistic freedom and experimentation prevalent in the '70s. From the raw energy of hard-hitting tracks to the subtle nuances of Glover's percussion on "Freewheelin," the album showcases the multifaceted nature of rock music during this period.

Vertigo Records, a label renowned for its commitment to progressive and experimental music, provided the perfect platform for the release of "Nazareth Loud 'n' Proud" in Germany. The choice of this label further solidifies the album's place in the progressive and dynamic musical landscape of the '70s.

Music Genre:

Prog Rock Music 

Production info:

Produced by Roger Glover (Deep Purple), who also played percussion on "Freewheelin"

Album Packaging / Information:

Gatefold cover

Record Label Information:

Vertigo 6303 103 (6303103)

Media Format:

12" Vinyl LP Record 

Year & Country:

1974 Made in Germany
Band Members and Musicians on: Nazareth Loud 'n' Proud
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers Nazareth Band-members:
  • Dan McCafferty - Lead Vocals
  • Manuel Charlton - Lead Guitars, Producer
  • Pete Agnew - Bass
  • Darrell Sweet - Drums
Track Listing of: Nazareth Loud 'n' Proud
    Side One:
  1. Go Down Fighting
  2. Not Faking It
  3. Turn on Your Receiver
  4. Teenage Nervous Breakdown
  5. Freewheeler
    Side Two:
  1. This Flight Tonight
  2. Child in the Sun
  3. The Ballad of Hollis Brown
Album cover photos of : Nazareth Loud 'n' Proud
High Resolution Photo of Nazareth Loud Proud with Roger Glover   
Enlarged photo by Sin Costello  of Nazareth in the Inner Sleeve

High Resolution Photo of Nazareth Loud Proud with Roger Glover   

High Resolution Photo of Nazareth Loud Proud with Roger Glover