SUSAN JANE WARFORD - Winter (1950-2019) Biography

Born in Tampa, Susan Jane Warford, a talented artist and kind spirit, spent her youth in Miami before settling in New York City in 1971. In 1972, she met Johnny Winter, her love and music partner. Cherishing a life of travel and creativity. Susan's humor, artistic skills, and compassion for senior cats left an enduring mark on all who knew her.

Susan Jane Warford and Johnny Winter performing live on stage, ca 197
Susan Jane Warford and Johnny Winter performing live on stage, ca 1974

Susan Jane Warford - Winter (1950-2019) Biography

Susan Jane Warford, a native of Tampa, Florida, was born to Earl Fleetwood Warford and Aileen Sayers Warford on 16 February 1950. As the elder of twins, she spent her formative years in Miami, Florida, prior to her relocation to the vibrant metropolis of New York City in 1971.

In 1972, serendipity graced Susan's life as she encountered her soulmate, Johnny Winter, a fortuitous meeting that transpired during her tenure as a personal chauffeur under the employ of his manager, Steve Paul. Their harmonious companionship flourished amidst the urban tapestry of New York City until 1999, at which point they embraced a new chapter in their lives by establishing residence in the tranquil enclave of Easton, Connecticut.

A tapestry of joyous memories unfolded as Susan and Johnny embarked on journeys that spanned the globe, nurturing their nest and relishing the comforts of their Easton abode. During their shared odyssey, Susan lent her artistic flair to the stage, participating in musical tours in 1973 where she skillfully wielded the tambourine and various percussive instruments. Yet, Susan's predilections gravitated toward the tranquility of personal pursuits, where her talents blossomed as a skilled photographer, adept ceramic artist, accomplished gardener, culinary enthusiast, and masterful rug hooker.

Beyond her myriad talents, Susan's charisma was evidenced through her quick-witted humor, which would enliven any card or word game, alongside a radiant smile that radiated warmth throughout any room she graced. Her altruistic inclinations were demonstrated through her early dedication as a candy striper during her youth and her voluntary involvement within the New York City church community.

Susan held an enduring fondness for feline companions, frequently offering her heart and home to senior cats in need of tender care. As we bid farewell, we reflect upon Susan's legacy of benevolence, gentility, and generosity, which will indelibly resonate within the hearts of those fortunate enough to have known her.

Susan Winter sitting on the couch Creem Magazine ca 1973
Susan Winter sitting on the couch Creem Magazine ca 1974
Susan Winter sitting on the couch Creem Magazine ca 1974
Susan Warford and Johnny Winter Live on the Midnight Special
Johnny Winter Live on the Midnight Specia

In a sizzling episode of the iconic 1970s music show 'The Midnight Special', blues-rock titan Johnny Winter set the stage ablaze with his legendary guitar prowess. The episode, which aired on July 6th, 1973, and was hosted by Jose Feliciano, showcased Winter at his fiery best.

Winter joined a lineup of diverse musical acts that night, including Savoy Brown, The Staple Singers, Stories, and Tower of Power. However, it was his raw, blues-infused energy that stole the show.

The guitar maestro kicked off his set with a blistering rendition of Rick Derringer's "Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo." His signature slide guitar work and howling vocals ignited the audience, confirming his status as one of the most electrifying blues-rock performers of his generation.

Winter followed up with a scorching cover of the Rolling Stones' classic "Jumpin' Jack Flash." His take on the iconic song was infused with his own brand of relentless energy, leaving a lasting impression on viewers.

These 'Midnight Special' performances offered a glimpse of Winter's legendary live power to a national audience. The show was a major platform in the 1970s and helped solidify his growing popularity.

Johnny Winter - Johnny B. Goode:
Johnny Winter - Jumpin' Jack Flash: