URIAH HEEP - Conquest 12" vinyl lp Album

"Conquest" is an album by the English rock band Uriah Heep, released in 1980. It and marked a departure from their earlier, heavier sound towards a more polished and commercial style. The album features a mix of hard rock, progressive rock, and arena rock elements and includes songs such as "Heartless Land," "Imagination," and "Feelings."

The album was not as well-received by fans and critics as some of Uriah Heep's earlier work, but it still received some positive reviews and has since become a cult favorite among the band's fans. Some fans and critics have praised the album's tighter production and more commercial sound, while others have criticized it for lacking the raw energy and heavy rock edge of the band's earlier work.

"Conquest" was released on LP (vinyl record) format, as well as on cassette and CD. If you're a fan of Uriah Heep or classic rock music, it may be worth checking out this album to see how the band evolved and matured over the years.


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"Conquest" Album Description:

In the dynamic realm of rock music, evolution is inevitable, and bands often find themselves navigating uncharted territories to stay relevant. Uriah Heep's 1980 album, "Conquest," stands as a testament to this transformative journey, marking a departure from their earlier, heavier sound towards a more polished and commercially oriented style.

As the music landscape in 1980 underwent significant shifts, with the rise of new wave, punk, and the evolving face of mainstream rock, Uriah Heep embraced change with "Conquest." The album, produced by the band itself along with John Gallen and Gerry Bron, showcased a fusion of hard rock, progressive rock, and arena rock elements. This eclectic mix contributed to the band's attempt to carve a niche in the evolving musical panorama.

The sonic landscape of "Conquest" was meticulously crafted by a team of skilled sound engineers, including John Galen, Julian Cooper, Darren Burn, David Kemp, and Nick Rogers. Their collective expertise brought forth a polished and dynamic audio experience that resonated with the contemporary tastes of the time.

The visual aspect of the album was not overlooked, as the cover design by Nartin Poole, Karl Bosley, and Linda Curry, along with photography by Martin Poole, added a visual dimension to the auditory journey. The meticulous attention to detail in the album's presentation complemented the band's commitment to delivering a holistic artistic experience.

Released under the catalog number Bronze 201 655 with German distribution in 1980, "Conquest" aimed to capture the attention of a diverse audience amidst the changing musical currents. The album featured tracks such as "Heartless Land," "Imagination," and "Feelings," each contributing to the multifaceted musical narrative Uriah Heep sought to weave.

"Conquest" may have marked a departure from the band's earlier sound, but it exemplifies Uriah Heep's adaptability and willingness to explore new musical frontiers. In the context of 1980, a year that witnessed the confluence of various musical genres, the album's contribution lies in its attempt to bridge the gap between the band's roots and the evolving tastes of the era.

Music Genre:
  Prog Rock  

Produced by Uriah Heep and John Gallen, Gerry Bron.

Sound Engineer: John Galen, Julian Cooper, Darren Burn, David Kemp, Nick Rogers.

Album Cover design: Nartin Poole, Karl Bosley, Linda Curry.

Photography Martin Poole.

Album Packaging / Information:
  Original custom inner sleeve with lyrics  
Label & Catalognr Information:
Bronze 201 655 (201655)  
Media Format:
  12" Vinyl LP Record  
Year & Country:
  1980 Made in Germany  
Band Members and Musicians on: URIAH HEEP Conquest
Track Listing of: URIAH HEEP Conquest

    Side One:
  1. No Return
  2. Imagination
  3. Feelings
  4. Fools
    Side Two:
  1. Carry On
  2. Won't have to wait too long
  3. Out on the Street
  4. It ain't easy
Photo of URIAH HEEP Conquest Album's Front Cover 

High Resolution Photos of uriah heep conquest  

High Resolution Photos of uriah heep conquest    

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