WHITESNAKE ( Hard rock / Heavy Metal , Gt britain ) Vinyl DISCOGRAPHY

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Album Front Cover Photo of WHITESNAKE
Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title Year Country
Sunburst 1A 062-83134
Whitesnake - Come and Get it
Whitesnake - Come and Get it 1981 Holland

Carrere Distribution Underdog 67.697

WHITESNAKE - Come An' Get It 1981


EMI 1C K 060-20 1848 6
thumbnail of front cover
Whitesnake - Is This Love 1987 Germany

Underdog 67.637 distributed by Carrere

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WHITESNAKE - Live in Heart of the City FOC Gatefold 1980  
Liberty 1C 164-83 023
Whitesnake - Live in the Heart of the City 2LP 1980 Holland
United Artists Sunburst Snake 11
Whitesnake - Live in the Heart of the City 1980 UK

UAG 30264 FAME 4130951

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WHITESNAKE - Lovehunter

Lovehunter's lurid cover art featuring a naked white female straddling a large snake was created by famed fantasy artist Chris Achilleos. Reportedly the controversial cover proved troublesome for Achilleos who subsequently refused to do album covers for many years 


Liberty 1C 064-82 904, Sound record made by Sunburst

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WHITESNAKE - Ready and Willing (Germany) - 1980 - Germany

"Ready an' Willing" was Whitesnake's 1980 album and it was the band's first to chart outside of the U.K. reaching #32 in Norway and #90 in the U.S. It featured two of the band's UK single-hits from that year: "Fool for Your Loving", which reached No. 13 in the charts in April 1980 and the title-track, "Ready an' Willing (Sweet Satisfaction)", which made No. 43 in July of the same year. In August 1980 "Fool For Your Loving" peaked at No. 53 on the Billboard Hot 100.

1980 Germany

Liberty 1C 038-15 7608

WHITESNAKE - Ready and Willing (Fame)

Collectors Info: This album has a red "Fame" sticker on the front cover

1980 EU

Sunburst / Liberty 1C 064-83 350

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WHITESNAKE - Saints and Sinners

Saints & Sinners is the fifth studio album by Whitesnake, released in 1982.

EMI EMP P 3528
Whitesnake - Picture Disc
Whitesnake - Picture Disc 1987 UK

Sunburst, FAME FA 3002, UAG 30305

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is the first studio album from British rock band Whitesnake, led by former Deep Purple vocalist David Coverdale.



original UK / GB vinyl pressing


  WHITESNAKE Self-Titled aka 1987    
Balkanton BTA 12336
Whitesnake - Self-titled
Whitesnake - 1987 ala Self-titled   Bulgaria
Geffen XGHS 24099

Whitesnake - Self-titled 1987 Canada

EMI 1C 064-24 0737  

WHITESNAKE - 1987 aka Self-Titled 1987  
Geffen Records GHS 24099
Whitesnake - Self-titled 1987 USA