This album "MEGADETH - No More Mr Nice Guy" is the Sound-track of the motion picture/movie SHOCKER , directed by WES CRAVEN


High Resolution Photo MEGADETH - No More Mr Nice Guy Vinyl Record

Album Description:

Megadeth is an American heavy metal band formed in 1983 by guitarist and vocalist Dave Mustaine. They have released multiple albums and singles throughout their career, with "No More Mr. Nice Guy" being a 12" maxi single released in 1989.

"No More Mr. Nice Guy" was originally a song by Alice Cooper, released in 1973. It became a popular hit and was covered by various artists over the years. In 1989, Megadeth decided to cover the song and release it as a single. The cover was produced by Dave Mustaine and Paul Lani.

Megadeth's version of "No More Mr. Nice Guy" is a fast-paced heavy metal track with aggressive guitar riffs and powerful vocals. The band added their signature sound to the song, making it a unique interpretation of the original. The lyrics are about breaking free from societal expectations and being true to oneself, which is a common theme in Megadeth's music.

"No More Mr. Nice Guy" was a successful single for Megadeth, reaching #13 on the US Mainstream Rock charts. It was also included in their greatest hits album, "Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth Years," which was released in 2000. The single's success helped cement Megadeth's place in the heavy metal scene and introduced their music to a wider audience.


Music Genre:

  Thrash Metal Heavy Metal 

Album Production Information:


The album: "MEGADETH - No More Mr Nice Guy" was produced by: Desmond Child , Roger Probert , Max Norman

Album cover illustration: Ed. Repka

Edward J. Repka, commonly known as Ed Repka, is an accomplished American artist renowned for his exceptional talent in creating highly-detailed illustrations, particularly within the heavy metal music industry. With his distinctive style and intricate artwork, Repka has made a significant impact on the visual aesthetics associated with this genre of music. His contributions to album covers and merchandise for numerous bands have solidified his position as a respected figure in the world of heavy metal art.

Born and raised in the United States, Repka developed a passion for art from a young age. He honed his skills by studying illustration and fine arts, eventually graduating from the School of Visual Arts in New York City. Inspired by renowned artists such as Frank Frazetta and H.R. Giger, Repka forged his own unique style characterized by its attention to detail and dynamic compositions.

Repka's artistic journey intertwined with the rise of heavy metal music during the 1980s. It was during this time that he became associated with some of the most influential bands in the genre. His collaboration with thrash metal icons Megadeth resulted in the creation of their iconic mascot, Vic Rattlehead, which graced the covers of several of the band's albums, including "Peace Sells... But Who's Buying?" and "Rust in Peace." The striking imagery of Vic Rattlehead perfectly captured the rebellious and provocative spirit of the band's music, earning Repka widespread recognition.


Beyond his work with Megadeth, Repka has collaborated with numerous other bands, leaving an indelible mark on the heavy metal genre. He has created album covers for bands such as Death, Municipal Waste, Nuclear Assault, and Toxik, among many others. Each of these illustrations showcases his meticulous attention to detail and ability to translate the essence of the music into captivating visual imagery.

One of Repka's notable strengths lies in his ability to bring fantastical and macabre concepts to life. His artwork often features nightmarish creatures, dystopian landscapes, and vivid depictions of horror. Through his skillful use of color and intricate linework, he manages to evoke a sense of awe and intrigue, effectively complementing the aggressive and intense nature of heavy metal music.

While Repka has become synonymous with heavy metal art, his talent extends beyond this genre. He has worked on projects ranging from video game covers to comic book illustrations, showcasing his versatility as an artist. Despite his success and recognition within the heavy metal community, Repka remains humble and approachable, appreciating the support and enthusiasm of his fans.


Additional information on production team of this album:

Roger Probert a producer of records for Heavy Metal bands, Loudness, Dead On, Fates Warning, E-X-E.

Record Label Information:

  SBK Alive Records 060-203520

Media Format:

  12" Maxi Single Vinyl Stereo Gramophone Record
Total Album (Cover+Record) weight: 230 gram  

Year & Country:

  1989 Made in EEC
Complete Track-listing of the album "MEGADETH - No More Mr Nice Guy"

The Songs/tracks on "No More Mr Nice Guy" are

    Side One:
  1. Megadeth - No More Mr Nice Guy
    Side Two:
  1. Dead On - Different Breed
  2. Dangerous Toys - Demon Bell


High Quality Photo of Album Front Cover  "MEGADETH - No More Mr Nice Guy"
High Resolution Photo MEGADETH - No More Mr Nice Guy Vinyl Record  
Album Back Cover  Photo of "MEGADETH - No More Mr Nice Guy"
High Resolution Photo MEGADETH - No More Mr Nice Guy Vinyl Record  
Photo of "MEGADETH - No More Mr Nice Guy" 12" LP Record
High Resolution Photo MEGADETH - No More Mr Nice Guy Vinyl Record  
Close-up Photo of "MEGADETH - No More Mr Nice Guy" Record Label 
High Resolution Photo MEGADETH - No More Mr Nice Guy Vinyl Record  

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Band Description:

  Megadeth is a thrash metal band that was formed in 1983 by Dave Mustaine and David Ellefson after Mustaine was fired from Metallica. The band has released over 15 studio albums, selling over 50 million records worldwide. Megadeth is considered to be one of the "Big Four" of thrash metal, along with Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax.


  After being fired from Metallica in 1983, Dave Mustaine returned to Los Angeles and formed Megadeth with David Ellefson, Greg Handevidt, and Dijon Carruthers. The band's first album, "Killing Is My Business... and Business Is Good!", was released in 1985 and showcased the band's aggressive thrash metal sound. However, the band's early years were marked by numerous lineup changes, with Mustaine being the only constant member.

  Megadeth's breakthrough album, "Peace Sells... but Who's Buying?", was released in 1986 and featured the hit single "Peace Sells". The album's political lyrics and heavy sound appealed to a growing audience of thrash metal fans, and it established Megadeth as a major force in the genre. The band's next two albums, "So Far, So Good... So What!" and "Rust in Peace", continued to cement their reputation as one of the top thrash metal bands.

  In the early 1990s, Megadeth's popularity began to wane, and the band struggled with substance abuse and internal conflicts. However, they rebounded with the release of "Countdown to Extinction" in 1992, which became their most commercially successful album to date. The album's more accessible sound and lyrics appealed to a wider audience, and it earned Megadeth a Grammy nomination for Best Metal Performance.

  Over the next two decades, Megadeth continued to release albums and tour extensively, maintaining their status as one of the top thrash metal bands in the world. They have faced numerous lineup changes, with Mustaine remaining the only consistent member throughout the band's history. In 2020, the band released their 16th studio album, "Dystopia", which received critical acclaim and earned the band their first Grammy Award for Best Metal Performance.

  Musical Style

  Megadeth's musical style is characterized by fast, aggressive guitar riffs, complex song structures, and politically charged lyrics. Dave Mustaine's distinctive guitar playing style, which emphasizes intricate solos and rapid-fire picking, has influenced countless heavy metal guitarists. The band's sound is heavily influenced by classical music, with many of their songs featuring complex arrangements and multiple movements.

  Lyrically, Megadeth often tackles political and social issues, including war, government corruption, and environmentalism. Many of their songs also address personal struggles, such as addiction and mental illness. Mustaine's lyrics are often introspective and vulnerable, and they have resonated with a generation of heavy metal fans.


  Megadeth's impact on the world of heavy metal cannot be overstated. Along with Metallica, Slayer, and Anthrax, they are considered to be one of the "Big Four" of thrash metal, and they have inspired countless heavy metal bands over the past three decades. Their aggressive sound and politically charged lyrics have influenced the development of numerous sub-genres of heavy metal, including death metal, black metal, and progressive metal.