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Michael Denner is a legendary Danish guitarist best known for his influential work in the heavy metal band Mercyful Fate. His iconic dual-guitar harmonies with Hank Shermann defined their sound. Denner's melodic solos and skillful riffing helped shape the band's unique blend of darkness and technicality, cementing him as a metal guitar hero.


Michael Denner is a renowned Danish heavy-metal guitarist known for his distinctive playing style and contributions to the genre. Born on November 5, 1958, in Denmark, Denner developed a passion for music at a young age and embarked on a remarkable career that has spanned several decades.

Denner's musical journey began in the late 1970s when he joined the Danish heavy metal band Brats as their lead guitarist. His skills on the guitar quickly became apparent, and his energetic performances and melodic solos earned him recognition among the metal community.

In 1981, Denner's career took a significant turn when he joined forces with guitarist Hank Shermann to form the iconic heavy metal band Mercyful Fate . Denner's contributions to the band's distinctive sound were crucial, as he provided memorable guitar riffs and intricate solos that complemented the dark and occult-themed lyrics of frontman King Diamond . His playing showcased a blend of technicality, melody, and a penchant for creating atmospheric guitar passages that became an integral part of Mercyful Fate's musical identity.

With Mercyful Fate, Denner released several highly influential albums, including "Melissa" (1983), "Don't Break the Oath" (1984), and "In the Shadows" (1993), among others. The band's music, characterized by its occult imagery, intense atmosphere, and Denner's guitar wizardry, helped shape the sound of the emerging black metal and extreme metal subgenres.

Throughout his tenure with Mercyful Fate, Denner faced intermittent periods of departure and reunion with the band due to creative differences and personal commitments. Nevertheless, his impact on the band's legacy remains undeniable, and his guitar work continues to inspire countless musicians in the metal scene.

Following Mercyful Fate's temporary disbandment in 1996, Denner explored other musical avenues and engaged in various projects. He collaborated with musicians from different backgrounds, further expanding his repertoire and exploring diverse styles. Denner/Shermann, a collaboration between Denner and Hank Shermann, emerged in recent years as a notable project, allowing the two guitarists to revisit their musical partnership and deliver new material to their loyal fanbase.

Denner's guitar playing exhibits a unique blend of technicality, emotion, and a distinct sense of melody, making him a highly respected figure in the heavy metal community. His contributions to the genre have left an indelible mark and continue to resonate with fans and fellow musicians alike.

With a career spanning over four decades, Michael Denner remains an influential guitarist and a revered figure in the world of heavy metal. His legacy as a skilled musician and his unwavering passion for his craft serve as an inspiration for aspiring guitarists and metal enthusiasts around the globe.