This release of Pink Floyd's Relics LP has been made in the EEC for distribution in Germany. It has the Yellow and Green Harvest record label.


High Resolution Photo #1 PINK FLOYD Relics Germany

Collector Notes:

This release of "Relics" has the HARVEST Yellow/Green Label

Music Genre:

Acid Psych Music
Pink Floyd Collector's Info:  Relics is most noted for its inclusion of Syd Barrett-era hit singles, "Arnold Layne" and "See Emily Play", as well as B-sides to three other singles. It also includes a previously-unreleased, studio recording of a Roger Waters composition, "Biding My Time", which had otherwise only been heard by live audiences as part of "The Man/The Journey" concert sequence.
Album Production:  Producers: Joe Boyd, Norman Smith
Art work: Nick Mason

Label Information:

Harvest 1C 048-50 740

Media Format:

12" Vinyl LP Gramophone

Year and Country:

1971 Made in EEC  ( as printed on the record's label near 9'0 clock ) for distribution in the German Market

Album cover photos of : Pink Floyd Relics (Germany)

Photo of Front Cover 
High Resolution Photo #1 PINK FLOYD Relics Germany  
Photo of Album's Back Cover  
High Resolution Photo #2 PINK FLOYD Relics Germany  
Photo of Record Label 
High Resolution Photo #3 PINK FLOYD Relics Germany  

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Band Members and Musicians on: Pink Floyd Relics (Germany)

    Pink Floyd is
  • Roger Waters - bass, vocals
  • Nick Mason - percusssion
  • Syd Barrett - Guitar
  • Dave Gilmour - guitar, vocals
  • Rick Wright - keyboards, vocals

Track Listing of: Pink Floyd Relics (Germany)

    Tracks on the Relics Album:
  • Arnold Layne (Syd Barrett) 2:56
  • Interstellar Overdrive (Syd Barrett/Roger Waters/Rick Wright/Nick Mason) 9:43
  • See Emily Play (Syd Barrett) 2:53
  • Remember a Day (Rick Wright) 4:29
  • Paint Box (Rick Wright) 3:33
  • Julia Dream (Roger Waters) 2:37
  • Careful With That Axe, Eugene (David Gilmour/Roger Waters/Rick Wright/Nick Mason) 7:11
  • Cirrus Minor (Roger Waters) 5:18
  • The Nile Song (Roger Waters) 3:25
  • Biding My Time (Roger Waters) 5:18 (Previously unreleased)
  • Bike (Syd Barrett) 3:21

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