Pink Floyd Animals Gt Britain 1st issue pressing 12" VINYL LP ALBUM


High Resolution Photo #1 PINK FLOYD Animals Gt. Britain

Pink Floyd Collector's Info: 

- Genuine 1st issue of Animals Gt Britain

- Stamper codes: SHVL 815 A-2U / SHVL 815 B 2 U
- No scan codes on the cover
- Lower right corner of the inside cover it says "made and printed in Great Britain 7701 TM Garrod & Lofthouse ltd."
- thick paper/light carton black custom inner sleeve (rounded corners) with lyrics of all songs performed by Pink Floyd
- gatefold album cover design

Originally released on Harvest Records in the UK and Columbia Records in the US,

Music Genre:

Acid, Psychedelic, Prog Rock Music

Album Production Information:

Roger Waters Pink Floyd Music Publishers Ltd 1977 , Engineered by Brian Humphries, Recorded Brittania Row Studios, London, Sleeve design by Roger Waters, Inflatable Pig designed by E,R,G Amsterdam

Record Label Information:

Harvest SHVL 815 , Barking Dog Blue Picture Label

Media Format:

12" 180 grams Vinyl LP  Gramophone Record
Album weight: 390 gram  

Year and Country:

1977 Made in Gt Britain
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High Resolution Photo #1 PINK FLOYD Animals Gt. Britain  
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Photo of Album's Inner Cover  
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Photo of Album's Inner Cover  
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Band Members and Musicians on: Pink Floyd Animals UK GB Gt Britain
    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • Roger Waters - Vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, vocoder, tape effects, sleeve design

    George Roger Waters, known by his stage name Roger Waters, was born on 6 September 1943 in Great Bookham, Surrey, England. He grew up in a musical family, with his father Eric Fletcher Waters being a schoolteacher and a talented pianist. Waters developed a passion for music at an early age, learning to play the piano and the clarinet.

    In his teenage years, Waters discovered rock and roll music, which ignited his desire to pursue a career in the industry. He formed his first band, The Abdabs, in 1962 while attending Regent Street Polytechnic (now the University of Westminster) in London. The Abdabs later evolved into Sigma 6 and eventually became Pink Floyd in 1965, with Waters on bass guitar and vocals.

    As a founding member of Pink Floyd, Waters played a pivotal role in shaping the band's sound and artistic direction. He quickly established himself as the primary lyricist and conceptual leader of the group. Waters' introspective and thought-provoking lyrics became a signature element of Pink Floyd's music, exploring themes of alienation, politics, and human nature.


    Throughout his tenure with Pink Floyd, Waters penned many of the band's most iconic songs, including "The Wall", "Wish You Were Here", "Another Brick in the Wall", and "Money". His creative vision and innovative ideas led to the production of several groundbreaking albums, such as "The Dark Side of the Moon" (1973), "Wish You Were Here" (1975), and "The Wall" (1979), which are considered timeless classics in the realm of rock music.

    Waters' contributions extended beyond his songwriting abilities. He also provided lead vocals on numerous Pink Floyd tracks and was recognized for his exceptional bass guitar skills. His stage presence and charismatic performances captivated audiences around the world during the band's live shows.

    However, tensions within Pink Floyd began to escalate in the late 1970s, leading to conflicts over creative control and personal differences between the band members. These tensions culminated in Waters' departure from Pink Floyd in 1985, after which the band continued without him.

    Following his departure from Pink Floyd, Waters embarked on a successful solo career. He released his debut solo album, "The Pros and Cons of Hitch Hiking", in 1984, which was followed by several critically acclaimed albums, including "Radio K.A.O.S" (1987), "Amused to Death" (1992), and "Is This the Life We Really Want?" (2017). Waters' solo work often continued his exploration of sociopolitical issues and personal introspection.

    Apart from his musical pursuits, Waters has been actively involved in various political and social causes. He is known for his advocacy of human rights and has used his platform to raise awareness about global conflicts and injustices. His concerts often incorporate political and social messages, promoting peace and social equality.

    Roger Waters' contributions to music and his influence on rock as a genre are immeasurable. His introspective songwriting, powerful vocals, and willingness to tackle complex subjects have earned him a dedicated fan base worldwide. Despite the challenges he faced throughout his career, Waters continues to be a prolific artist and an influential figure in the music industry.

  • David Gilmour - Guitars, bass, vocals, talkbox, synthesizer
  • Richard Wright - Hammond organ, Fender Rhodes piano, Yamaha piano, ARP synthesizer, backing vocals
  • Nick Mason - Drums, percussion, tape effects, sleeve graphics
Track Listing of: Pink Floyd Animals UK GB Gt Britain
    Side One:
  1. Pigs on the Wing 1
  2. Dogs
    Side Two:
  1. Pigs (Three different ones)
  2. Sheep
  3. Pigs on the Wing 2
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