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Music For Nations MFN 12 KUT 109

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W.A.S.P - Animal (F**K Like a Beast) (England)

The W.A.S.P. "Animal (F**k Like a Beast)" 12" maxi-single vinyl is a release by the American heavy metal band W.A.S.P. The band, formed in 1982, is known for their theatrical live performances and their blend of heavy metal and glam rock. It is one of W.A.S.P.'s most controversial and well-known songs. It was originally released as a single in 1984 and generated significant controversy due to its explicit title and lyrics. The song is a fast-paced, high-energy track with powerful guitar riffs and raw vocals.

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This is the Limited Edition Picture Disc release of “Live Animal F*ck Like A Beast” is an EP ( Extended Play ) record released in 1987 with tracks by the American Heavy Metal band W..A.S.P recorded during 1984 until 1987.

Capitol 064-7 48942
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W.A.S.P . - The Headless Children (1989, Germany)

"The Headless Children" is a 1989 album by the American heavy metal band W.A.S.P. Released on 12" vinyl LP, it showcases the band's dark and melodic sound, featuring powerful tracks like "Mean Man" and the title track. The album explores themes of war, politics, and social issues, cementing W.A.S.P.'s reputation as masters of theatrical metal with their distinctive style and intense performances.

Capitol Records – 2406481

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New Entry W.A.S.P - Inside the Electric Circus (1986, France)

"Inside The Electric Circus" is the third studio album by W.A.S.P., released in 1986, it has been produced by the band's singer: Blackie Lawless, sound engineering was handled by four sound engineers: Duane Baron, Alex Woltman, Hans Peter Huber, Kevin Lahu. The Germany producer Michael Wagener (ex-Accept) has been taken care of the sound mix and no one else then George Martino mastered the record.

EMI Captial 064 24 0648

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W.A.S.P - Inside the Electric Circus

Released in 1986, W.A.S.P's "Inside the Electric Circus" 12" LP vinyl album marked a pivotal moment in the band's career. Known for their controversial image and energetic live shows, the album featured a provocative album cover and explicit lyrics, solidifying the band's popularity in Europe. With hits like "I Don't Need No Doctor," it reached the top of charts, leaving an enduring mark on the heavy metal genre.

Pasha / Capitol 1A 064.24 0429
Wasp - The Last Command

W.A.S.P. - Last Command (1985, Holland)

"W.A.S.P.'s 1985 album 'The Last Command,' released as a 12" vinyl LP, is a landmark in the glam metal genre. Led by Blackie Lawless, the band's raw energy, provocative lyrics, and powerful riffs made it a classic. The album's standout tracks, like 'Wild Child' and 'Blind in Texas,' continue to resonate with fans, solidifying W.A.S.P.'s status as icons of '80s heavy metal."

Capitol 038-74 8053

W.A.S.P. - Last Command (1985, Germany)

This is the German release of the 1985 "Last Command" by the W.A.S.P. Rock band

Capitol 240491

W.A.S.P . - Last Command (1985, France)

This is the French release of the 1985 "Last Command" by the W.A.S.P. Rock band

Capitol 038-74 8053
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W.A.S.P. - Live in the Raw (1987, EEC Europe)

"W.A.S.P. Live in the Raw" is a 1987 12" vinyl LP album capturing the energy and raw power of the American heavy metal band's live performances. Recorded during their tour, it showcases W.A.S.P.'s intense stage presence and hits

Blue Label Capitol 7480531 DMM

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W.A.S.P - Live in the Raw (1987, France)

"W.A.S.P.'s 1987 release 'Live in the Raw' France 12" LP vinyl epitomized the band's electrifying stage presence. Recorded during their 'The Last Command' tour, this unfiltered live album showcased the raw, untamed energy that made W.A.S.P. legendary. With a memorable setlist and iconic cover art, it remains a testament to their influential presence in the heavy metal scene, offering fans an authentic glimpse into the band's ferocious live performances."

Capitol 7480531 / Sanctuary Records

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W.A.S.P. - Live in the Raw (1987, France Silver)

This is the French release of "W.A.S.P. Live in the Raw" , the record label has a silver background colour.


Capitol 060-20 3239 6
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W.A.S.P. - Mean Man (1989, EEC Europe)

The 1989 W.A.S.P. "Mean Man / Locomotive Breath" 12" vinyl maxi single features two powerful tracks. "Mean Man" showcases the band's heavy metal prowess with its aggressive riffs and rebellious lyrics, while their cover of Jethro Tull's "Locomotive Breath" adds a unique twist. This release is a must-have for fans, offering a dose of W.A.S.P.'s intense energy and versatility in a single package.

Sanctuary Productions / Capitol Records

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WASP - The Real Me Shaped Disc

The 1989 WASP "The Real Me" shape picture disc vinyl is a visually striking release. The shape of the disc adds an extra layer of uniqueness to the record. The single features their cover of The Who's "The Real Me," infused with WASP's heavy metal sound and energetic performance. This collectible piece offers fans a distinctive addition to their vinyl collection, combining music and visual artistry in one package.

Capitol Records 1A 064-24 0195 1 ( 064-240195 )  

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W.A.S.P - Winged Assassins S/T Self-Titled (1984)

W.A.S.P. is the debut album by American shock metal band W.A.S.P., released August 17, 1984 The album has been known under three different names; the spine of the original vinyl release had Winged Assassins printed on it, while early cassette releases of the album had the name of the album's first track, I Wanna Be Somebody, printed in bold letters on the cover. The album is officially entitled simply W.A.S.P., which it is typically referred to as.

Capitol Records 1C 038-1 57740 / DMM Direct Metal Mastering

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W.A.S.P - Winged Assassins (1984, Germany)

This the debut eponymous album by W.A.S.P., released August 17, 1984 . The spine of the vinyl release has Winged Assassins printed on it. The album is now usually referred to as W.A.S.P..