Udo Dirkschneider - Mini-Biography AND CAREER

- Uncompromising vocals, unrelenting riffs, pure heavy metal.

Udo Dirkschneider is a German heavy metal icon. His signature raspy vocals and energetic stage presence rose to prominence in the 1980s as the frontman of Accept, where they created anthems like "Balls to the Wall". After leaving Accept, he formed U.D.O., releasing a prolific collection of critically acclaimed albums. Short reunions with Accept proved his legacy, but his continued success with U.D.O. solidifies him as an enduring force in heavy metal.


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Early Life: From Beatles Fan to Budding Metal Vocalist

Udo Dirkschneider's (6 April 1952) musical journey began in childhood, growing up in Wuppertal, Germany. His parents' simple gift, a Beatles record and a tape recorder, ignited a lifelong passion for music. While he tried his hand at keyboards, his distinctive, powerful voice propelled him to become the frontman of his teenage bands. Inspired by the likes of The Rolling Stones, he gravitated towards a harder-edged sound, laying the foundation for his future in heavy metal. In the late 1960s, Udo joined forces with guitarist Michael Wagener and formed "Band X", which would evolve into the legendary Accept.

Accept: Anthems of the 80s and Global Domination

Accept's formative years throughout the 1970s saw them steadily honing their sound and establishing their raw power. Udo's raspy, instantly recognizable vocals became a defining characteristic. By the early 1980s, the band had achieved a breakthrough with albums like Breaker (1981) , Restless and Wild (1982 ), and Balls to the Wall (1983) . These releases showcased Accept's unique brand of heavy metal, characterized by blazing riffs, Udo's gritty vocals, and socially conscious lyrics that resonated with a growing fanbase. Songs like "Fast as a Shark", "Princess of the Dawn", and the title track "Balls to the Wall" became undeniable anthems, elevating Accept to international heavy metal stardom.

U.D.O.: A New Era of Heavy Metal

In a surprising turn of events, Udo left Accept at the height of their success in 1987. Determined to pursue his own musical vision, he formed U.D.O. This initially began as a side project but rapidly evolved into a full-fledged force in its own right. U.D.O.'s debut album, Animal House (1987), showcased Udo's undiminished talent for crafting powerful, classic heavy metal. Throughout the ensuing decades, U.D.O. produced a prolific output of albums, including Mean Machine (1989) , Faceless World (1990), Timebomb (1991), Solid (1997), and Steelhammer (2013). These releases consistently received critical acclaim and cemented Udo's status as an autonomous metal icon outside of his Accept history.

Accept Reunions and a Celebration of Legacy

While committed to U.D.O., Udo briefly rejoined Accept in 1992 and again in 2009 for reunion tours and new material. These reunions, welcomed with open arms by fans, highlighted his undeniable chemistry with his former bandmates. However, his heart remained with U.D.O., where he felt he had the most creative freedom. In 2016, Udo embarked on a special 'Dirkschneider' project, a unique venture where he exclusively performed Accept classics as a way to pay homage to his own formative years. This tour reflected his deep respect for his musical roots.

A Metal Legend

Udo Dirkschneider's influence on the world of heavy metal is immeasurable. He, alongside Accept, pioneered the distinctive German heavy metal sound that influenced bands across the globe. His raw yet melodic vocal style has inspired countless singers. Beyond his musical endeavors, Udo collaborated with the Finnish metal band Lordi, dabbled in classical adaptations under the 'Dirkschneider & the Old Gang' moniker, and even penned his autobiography "Mean Machine". Now in his 70s, Udo continues to tour and release albums with U.D.O., a testament to his unrelenting dedication and enduring spirit that has fueled his career for decades.

Index of ACCEPT ( BAND ) 1980s VINYL Discography

ACCEPT - Accept ( self-titled )
Thumbnail of ACCEPT - Accept ( self-titled )  album front cover

BRAIN 0060.188  , 1979 , Germany

"ACCEPT" is the self-titled debut album released by the German heavy metal band Accept. It was recorded in 1978 and released in early 1979 on the German label Brain Records. Drums on the record are played by Frank Friedrich, but he chose not to pursue a professional music career and so his place was taken by Stefan Kaufmann just prior to the album's release 

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ACCEPT - Balls to the Wall
Thumbnail of ACCEPT - Balls to the Wall  album front cover

 RCA PL 70186 / LC 0316 , 1983 , Germany

"Balls To The Walle" is the fifth album by the German metal band Accept. It is the band's best known and highest-selling album, selling about two million copies worldwide

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ACCEPT - Best of Accept Orig Brain
Thumbnail of ACCEPT - Best of Accept Orig Brain  album front cover

Brain 811 994 , 1983 , Germany

"Best of Accept" is a compilation album by German heavy metal band Accept, released in 1983. The songs on the album were pulled from Accept's earliest four solo albums, namely Accept, I'm a Rebel, Breaker, and Restless and Wild

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ACCEPT - Breaker
Thumbnail of ACCEPT - Breaker  album front cover

Brain Records 0060.390 , 1981 , Germany

"Breaker" is the third album released by the speed metal band Accept. It was recorded from December 1980 to January 1981 at Delta-Studio, Wilster.

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ACCEPT - Eat the Heat
Thumbnail of ACCEPT - Eat the Heat  
 album front cover

 RCA PL74083 , 1989 , Made in Germany

"Eat the Heat" is the 1989 release by German Heavy metal band Accept. It was recorded at Dierks-Studios, in Cologne, from September 1988 to January 1989. Although Jim Stacey is presented as guitar player in the band on the album cover, the cover text also states that all guitars are by Wolf Hoffmann.

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ACCEPT - Hungry Years Digital Remix UK
Thumbnail of ACCEPT - Hungry Years Digital Remix UK   album front cover

 Metronome Music GmbH 831 077-1 , 1977 , Made in Uk ( United Kingdom )

  This album "Hungry Years Digital Remix"  is a compilation album with digital  remixes  of selected tracks from their 2nd, 3rd and 4th albums

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ACCEPT - I'm a Rebel
Thumbnail of ACCEPT - I'm a Rebel   album front cover

 BRAIN 0060.389 , 1980 , Made in Germany

"I'm a Rebel" is the second album by the heavy metal band Accept, recorded in 1979 and released in 1980 It was the first of three consecutive Accept records to utilize Dirk Steffens as producer.

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ACCEPT - Kaizoku-Ban / Live in Japan
Thumbnail of ACCEPT - Kaizoku-Ban / Live in Japan   album front cover

 RCA NG70941 , 1985 , Made in Germany

Accept's 'Kaizoku-Ban' is a live mini album that unleashes a sonic storm of heavy metal energy. Recorded in Nagoya, Japan in 1985, this genuine 1st issue vinyl LP captures the raw power of a legendary performance. Udo Dirkschneider's commanding vocals, Wolf Hoffmann's scorching guitars, and a relentless rhythm section create an electrifying experience.

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ACCEPT - Metal Heart
Thumbnail of ACCEPT - Metal Heart   album front cover

 RCA PL 70638 , 1985 , Made in Germany

"Metal Heart" is the 1985 release by German heavy metal band Accept. Although the group had recorded before at Dierks-Studios, this was the first album produced by Dieter Dierks

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ACCEPT - Metal Masters
Thumbnail of ACCEPT - Metal Masters   album front cover

 RCA PL 70638 , 1985 , Made in Germany

  "Metal Masters" is a compilation album of songs by the German Heavy Metal band: ACCEPT. This release was issued as a double LP on the Brain Record label and produced by Frank Marin.

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ACCEPT - Restless and Wild ( France )
Thumbnail of ACCEPT - Restless and Wild ( France )  album front cover

Venus Records / Polydor 810 987 , 1983 , Made in France

This is the French release of "Restless and Wild" by the German Heavy Metal band "ACCEPT" and has been released on the Venus records. The album front cover shows the Accept band live on stage and this front cover is different from other European releases (which show two white "Gibson Flying V" guitars burning into flames )

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ACCEPT - Restless and Wild ( Germany )
Thumbnail of ACCEPT - Restless and Wild ( Germany )   album front cover

BRAIN 0060.513  , 1982 , Germany

This is the GERMAN release of "Restless and Wild" by the German Heavy Metal band "ACCEPT" and has been released on the Venus records

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ACCEPT - Russian Roulette
Thumbnail of ACCEPT - Russian Roulette  album front cover

RCA PL 70972 / LC 0316 , 1986 , Made in Germany

"Russian Roulette" is the 1986 release by German heavy metal band Accept. It was again recorded at Dierks-Studios, but the band chose to self-produce rather than bring back Dieter Dierks as producer. It would be the last Accept album to feature Udo Dirkschneider as lead vocalist

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ACCEPT - Staying A Life
Thumbnail of ACCEPT - Staying A Life  album front cover

RCA NL74720, BMG Ariola Hamburg , 1990 , Germany

"Staying a Life" is a double live album by Accept. It was recorded in Osaka, Japan in 1985. It was released in 1990, shortly after the band's first breakup. It was mixed by Uli Baronowsky at Dierks Studios  

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