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  This webpage lists all the Heavy Metal (incl Black, Crossover Death, Speed, Power, Thrash Metal) from the 1980s and collectable Hard Rock/Punk LP's as from the 1970s. Names are ordered in alphabetical order of the first part of the name. Bands which have a large discography (eg Accept, AC/DC) will have a seperate and dedicated webpage for their discography.

Photo of Noisehunter band
Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title

A&M Records SP4769

thumbnail of front cover 1994 alb


1994 - Please Stand By Me (1979, USA)

The 1994 "Please Stand By" album stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of talented individuals in the music industry. This web-page describes into the album's production information, including the producers, sound engineers, recording location, and record label details. It highlights the significance of the album in the context of its year of release and country of origin.

Steamhammer SPV 08-7563

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NAPALM - Cruel Tranquility (1989, Germany) New Web-Page  

"Cruel Tranquility" is the debut studio album of the American death metal band Napalm. The album was originally released in 1989 by the small independent label Wild Rags Records. Although Napalm never achieved widespread commercial success, the album remains a cult classic in the death metal genre, with its fast, aggressive, and brutal sound.

Earache MOSH51 NAPALM DEATH - Death by Manipulation

NAPALM DEATH - Death by Manipulation (1992, England)

"Death by Manipulation," Napalm Death's 1991 compilation, encapsulates their sonic evolution, blending grindcore and death metal. A brutal barrage of singles, from "Mass Appeal Madness" to "Suffer the Children," showcases the band's prowess. Produced by Scott Burns, this album remains a pivotal force, influencing generations of metal artists.

Earache – 7 MOSH 46

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NAPALM DEATH - Mass Appeal Madness 7" ( 1991, United Kingdom )

Napalm Death's "Mass Appeal Madness" 7" vinyl single, released [specific date], stands as a testament to their influential presence in the world of extreme music. Dedicated to the memory of Roger Patterson, a member of Atheist, the release showcases Napalm Death's sonic evolution and impact on the genre, leaving an enduring legacy.

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nargaroth ( black Metal, NorwaY ) Vinyl Records Discography


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Painkiller records PKR 026 2003

NARTVIND - Until Their Ruin ( Ltd Ed )

NARTVIND's "Until Their Ruin" Limited Edition 12" LP Vinyl Album stands as a testament to the band's evolution within the black metal genre. With a history rooted in the underground, the album's meticulous creation process and limited availability make it a prized possession for collectors, showcasing the band's commitment to delivering a transcendent sonic experience.

NASTY SAVAGE - Nasty Savage S/T Self-Titled


NASTY Savage ( Power/Speed metal, usa ) Vinyl Records Discography


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NAZARETH - Expect No Mercy


NAZARETH ( hard rock, Scotland ) Vinyl Records Discography


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NEBELKORONA - Dammerung im Herbst / Blatter im Wind 7" Transparent vinyl Limited Edition

The NEBELKORONA - Dämmerung im Herbst / Blätter Im Wind 7" vinyl presents a musical tapestry that transports listeners to the evocative landscapes of autumn. NEBELKORONA, a German neofolk and dark ambient project, weaves a sonic fabric characterized by ethereal melodies, atmospheric textures, and poignant lyrics. With "Dämmerung im Herbst", meaning "twilight in autumn", the artist paints a sonic canvas evoking the melancholic hues of the season. The composition envelops listeners in a contemplative mood, as if wandering through misty forests, witnessing nature's transition from vibrant life to serene decay.

Escalation by Necromicon thumbnail


Necronomicon's "Escalation" (1988) is a thrash metal magnum opus, marking a pivotal moment in the band's illustrious career. With relentless energy and uncompromising ferocity, the album solidified their status as thrash metal icons, leaving an enduring legacy that continues to resonate in the metal world


NEGAZIONE - Little Dreamer (1988, Germany)

NEGAZIONE's fifth album, "Little Dreamer," stands as a testament to their evolution in the hardcore punk scene. Meticulously crafted with acclaimed producer [Producer Name], the album seamlessly blends aggression with melody. Released on [Release Date], it garnered praise for its sonic innovation and became a defining moment in NEGAZIONE's career.

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NEIL YOUNG ( Folk Rock, USA ) Vinyl Records Discography & Photo Gallery


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Nektar - Journey to the Centre of the Eye


NEKTAR ( Krautrock / Prog Rock, Germany ) Selected Vinyl Records & Album Cover Photo Gallery


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SPV 08-6768

NEON JUDGEMENT - Blood & Thunder (1989, West-Germany)

"Blood & Thunder" is a magnum opus that encapsulates The Neon Judgement's avant-garde spirit. Released in 1989, the album continues to resonate with listeners, serving as a timeless testament to the band's ingenuity and artistic vision.

Play it Again Sam Record BIAS 78£

NEON JUDGEMENT Horny as Hell, with Lust from Belgium, somewhere in Denmark (1987, Germany)

The Neon Judgement is a Belgian new wave band. WARNING: The inner sleeve of this album contains some very sexy and erotic photos which may be considered , please do NOT proceed if you are offended by this NSFW.

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NEU! ( KRautrock, Germany ) Vinyl Records Discography & Photo Gallery


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Elektra 6E-346


NEW ENGLAND - Walking Wild

New England's 1981 album "Walking Wild" stands as a testament to their musical prowess. With a mix of rock anthems and heartfelt ballads, it marked a creative zenith for the band. Despite a hiatus, the album's legacy endured, paving the way for their unexpected resurrection in 1998.



NEW MODEL ARMY - No Rest For The Wicked (1985, UK / England)

This is the second album release of British rock band New Model Army. According to the sleeve it is in fact a compilation, but it is generally regarded as a studio album and is therefore counted as the band's second studio album

Abstract Records ABT 008


NEW MODEL ARMY - Vengeance ( 1984, France)

Vengeance, originally released in 1984 , is the debut album of British rock band New Model Army. Following the band playing their second single, "Great Expectations", on the Channel 4 program, The Tube, the album went in the UK Indie Chart at #1.

Dream Records DRE 18353 thumbnail of front cover


NIGHTMARE - Power of the Universe (1986, France)

NIGHTMARE's "Power of the Universe" (1984) stands as a defining chapter in French Heavy Metal history. From the celestial overture of "Necropolis" to the cosmic finale of "Princess of the Rising Sun," the album seamlessly blends melodic intricacies with raw power. Its impact resonates through the ages, a testament to NIGHTMARE's enduring influence on the Heavy Metal genre.



NIGHTMARE - Power of the Universe

thumbnail of front cover

NIGHTMARE - Power of the Universe (1985, England)

"NIGHTMARE - Power of the Universe" showcases a captivating blend of heavy metal mastery. The album features powerful tracks like "Running for the Deal", "Diamond Crown", and "Prowler in the Night", delivering hard-hitting riffs and energetic performances. With standout songs such as "Power of the Universe" and "Invisible World", Nightmare's dynamic sound and compelling lyrics transport listeners to a realm of epic musical proportions.

IRS 164-24 1001

NIGHT OF THE GUITAR with Steve Howe, Leslie West, Robbie Krieger, Randy California, Steve Hunter, Pete Hacock, ANdy Powell, Ted Turner, Alvin Lee (1989, EEC Europe)

"NIGHT OF THE GUITAR with Steve Howe, Leslie West, Robbie Krieger, Randy California, Steve Hunter, Pete Hacock, ANdy Powell, Ted Turner, Alvin Lee" includes the original custom inner sleeve with album details, complete lyrics of all songs by and artwork/photos

Boardwalk Records / Entertainment Co, 260-16-026, Printed by Bellaphon



NIGHT RANGER - Dawn Patrol (1982)

is the first (debut) album by Night Ranger released in 1982. The band was named Ranger during the recording of the album. The first issues of the album were printed and ready to be shipped when it was discovered that there was a country band from California with the same name.

Cameo Records Inc, MCA 255 713

NIGHT RANGER - Man in Motion (1988)

"Man In Motion" is more than just an album; it's a sonic journey through the evolving landscape of hard rock. Released in 1988, Night Ranger's fifth studio album showcases the band's adaptability and musical prowess. From the anthemic title track to the melodic gems scattered throughout, the album stands as a testament to Night Ranger's enduring legacy in the rock genre.

Ovation Records OV 1757 SACEM

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NIGHTWING - Something in the Air (1980, France)

N ightwing's 1980 LP "Something in the Air" is a classic of British hard rock, featuring powerful vocals, catchy melodies, and driving rhythms. The album was well-received by critics upon its release, but did not achieve commercial success. In recent years, Nightwing's music has been rediscovered by a new generation of fans, and the "Something in the Air" LP is now considered a must-have for any fan of British hard rock.

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NIGHTWISH ( Symphonic Power Metal, Finland ) PICTURE DISC COLLECTION & Photo Gallery


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Label & Catalogno Band/Performers - Album Title
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999 ( Punk Rock, England ) Vinyl Records Discography & Photo Gallery


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NIRVANA ( Grunge / Rock , USA ) Vinyl Records Discography & Photo Gallery


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Mausoleum FIST 8311
NITRO - Lethal Plus Two

NITRO - Lethal Plus Two (1980, Belgoum)

"Nitro's 'Lethal Plus Two,' the sole testament to their sonic prowess, emerged from the crucible of 1980s heavy metal. This Mausoleum Records masterpiece, featuring rare 12" vinyl LPs, encapsulates the band's brief yet impactful journey, leaving an enduring legacy that resonates in the world of metal history."

Scratch 805270-938
NOISEHUNTER - Spell of Noise

NOISEHUNTER - Spell of Noise

"SPELL OF NOISE," etched into the grooves of the Scratch Records 12" Vinyl LP Album, represents the second sonic chapter from the Heavy Metal artisans Noisehunter. Released as a testament to the band's musical evolution, this album is a symphony of thunderous riffs and powerful vocals. The Heavy Metal prowess of Noisehunter permeates each track, leaving an indelible mark on the world of the genre. "Spell of Noise" stands as a testament to the band's commitment to crafting a memorable sonic experience for metal enthusiasts.


Destiny EFA 75-05142
No Pigs - Black Day "NO PIGS" was a Dutch Punk Rock band from 1984-1989.

thumbnail image No Pigs - Black Day "

"NO PIGS," the Dutch punk rock icons, etched their rebellious legacy with "Black Day" in 1987. A defiant manifesto against societal norms, this album's raw energy and politically charged lyrics became anthems of resistance, shaping the landscape of Dutch punk for generations to come.



NOMEANSNO ( Canada, Punk ROCK ) Vinyl Records Discography

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A-M Music / Snake 2
NORMAHL Biervampir

NORMAHL Biervampir (1989, West-Germany)

This is the original first issue on AM-RECORDS / SNAKE, this is not the re-issue on Zyx

  Normahl is a German punk band formed in 1978 in Winnenden near Stuttgart by four high school students. Their first major entry into the U.S. was with the song Keine Überdosis Deutschland featured in the hit movie Euro Trip.


NOVALIS - Nenumond

Novalis' "Neumond" is a mesmerizing prog rock masterpiece, perfectly encapsulated on a vibrant orange-colored vinyl LP album. With intricate compositions, soaring melodies, and ethereal vocals, the band creates a sonic journey that transports listeners into a vertigo-inducing musical experience. Each track on this 12" vinyl LP is a testament to Novalis' musical prowess, making it a must-have for any prog rock enthusiast.

NUCLEAR ASSAULT - Handle with Care



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Blut & Eisen Productions

Norwegian Black Metal on vinyl


This is the self-titled album by the German Depressive Black Metal band "Nyktalgia". This album is the limited edition on black vinyl of which 400 were released. The 100 first copies were pressed on blue vinyl and came with additional hand-numbered inner sleeve.This album "NYKTALGIA Nyktalgia" includes the original poster