THE 999 ( Punk Rock, England ) Vinyl Discography

Description: 999 a punk rock band from London, England and formed in 1976, their is based on the UK's emergency telephone number. The 999 band was formed by singer and guitarist Nick Cash and his brother Guy Day. This web-page has a selection of vinyl albums and singles they released during the period 1970-1989.

999: The Punk Rock Underdogs Who Outlasted the Chaos
Band Description:

Amidst the explosive and often chaotic world of 1970s British punk, a band emerged that defied the odds of fleeting fame and self-destruction. 999, formed in London in 1977, brought a unique blend of punk energy, power pop hooks, and new wave sensibility to the scene. While they may not have achieved the notoriety of contemporaries like the Sex Pistols or The Exploited, their enduring career and musical influence have cemented their place in punk rock history.

A Different Flavor of Punk

Unlike the nihilistic rage of the Sex Pistols or the aggressive thrash of The Exploited, 999 offered a more melodic and accessible sound. Their songs were catchy and energetic, with lyrics often focusing on everyday life struggles, social commentary, and even a touch of humor. This made them stand out from the more hardcore elements of the punk movement, attracting a wider audience and paving the way for the power pop genre to flourish.

Enduring Legacy

While the Sex Pistols flamed out after a brief but explosive career and The Exploited continued with a more niche following, 999 persevered. They consistently released albums and singles throughout the 1970s and 1980s, building a dedicated fanbase both in the UK and abroad. Their influence can be heard in the music of later punk and pop-punk bands like Green Day, Rancid, and The Offspring, who have all cited 999 as an inspiration.

High-Energy Live Shows

One of the key aspects of 999's enduring appeal is their electrifying live performances. Known for their energetic stage presence and tight musicianship, the band continues to tour regularly to this day, captivating audiences with their classic hits and newer material. This dedication to their craft and their fans has earned them a reputation as one of the hardest-working bands in punk rock.

A Band for the Long Haul

In a genre known for its volatility and short-lived careers, 999's longevity is a testament to their resilience and adaptability. They have weathered changes in musical trends and band member lineups, always staying true to their core sound while evolving and experimenting along the way. This has allowed them to remain relevant and continue to create music that resonates with fans old and new.

Index of THE 999 Vinyl Album Discography and Album Cover Gallery

999 - Concrete 12" Vinyl LP
Thumbnail of 999 - Concrete album front cover

 Albion Records ITS 999 , 1981 , Made in UK/England

The 999 band, originating from London in 1977, holds a significant place in the history of punk rock. Considered one of the early pioneers of the genre, their music helped shape the punk movement. Their latest release, the 12" LP vinyl album titled "Concrete," showcases their distinctive punk sound. With this record, 999 continues to contribute to the ongoing evolution of punk rock.

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999 - Found Out Too Late 12" Vinyl LP
Thumbnail of 999 - Found Out Too Late album front cover

Albion Music ADA 46, Radarscope Records Ltd / HS2725 , 1979 , Made in UK

The 7" 45RPM PS single vinyl titled "999 Found Out Too Late b/w Lie, Lie, Lie" offers a musical experience with its two tracks, showcasing the band's unique style.

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999 - Nasty Nasty 12" Vinyl LP
Thumbnail of 999 - Nasty Nasty album front cover

United Artists Records UP 36299 , Albion Music , 1977 , Made in England

The 7" 45RPM PS single vinyl titled "999 Nasty Nasty b/w No Pity" on green vinyl presents a dynamic musical experience with its two tracks. Fans of 999 and collectors of vinyl records may find this release appealing for its distinctive sound and limited edition green vinyl.

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999 - Singles Album 12" Vinyl LP
Thumbnail of 999 - Singles Album album front cover

United Artists SOS 999 , 1980 , Made in UK/England

The 12" LP vinyl album titled "999 Singles" offers a collection of the band's notable singles, providing a comprehensive overview of their music. The inclusion of a poster adds an extra element of visual appeal for fans and collectors. This album serves as a valuable addition to the collection of 999 enthusiasts and vinyl aficionados alike

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