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Primordial Tunes: Nargaroth's Raw and Paganistic Black Metal Anthology of Early Releases

Band Information:

  Nargaroth is a one-man black metal band from Germany, created and led by Ash, the pseudonym of its sole member. Since its inception in 1996, Nargaroth has become a prominent and highly influential band in the black metal scene. Ash has maintained a steadfast dedication to the genre's traditional sound and aesthetics, while also exploring new musical territories and pushing the boundaries of black metal.

Nargaroth's music is characterized by raw, atmospheric, and highly aggressive black metal with harsh, rasping vocals and fast-paced guitar riffs. The band's early releases, including the 1998 demo "Orke" and the debut album "Herbstleyd" (1998), are highly regarded for their uncompromising adherence to the raw and primitive sound of the early Norwegian black metal scene, while also incorporating elements of pagan and folk music.

Over the years, Nargaroth has released several other highly acclaimed albums, including "Black Metal ist Krieg" (2001), "Geliebte des Regens" (2003), "Semper Fidelis" (2007), and "Era of Threnody" (2017). Each album showcases Ash's musical and artistic vision, which often incorporates controversial and provocative themes and imagery.

One of the most notable aspects of Nargaroth's music is the band's uncompromising stance on staying true to the traditional sound and aesthetics of black metal. Despite the genre's evolution and diversification in recent years, Nargaroth has maintained its commitment to the old-school sound and approach, which has earned the band a loyal following among black metal purists.

In addition to its musical output, Nargaroth has also courted controversy and criticism for its controversial lyrics and imagery. The band has been accused of promoting neo-Nazi and fascist ideologies, although Ash has vehemently denied any such affiliation or intention. The controversy surrounding Nargaroth's lyrics and imagery has, however, contributed to the band's notoriety and reputation as one of the most provocative and controversial black metal bands.

Despite the controversy, Nargaroth remains an influential and highly respected band in the black metal scene. The band's uncompromising commitment to the traditional sound and approach of black metal, as well as its willingness to push the boundaries of the genre, has earned it a place in the pantheon of black metal greats. Nargaroth's music continues to inspire and influence a new generation of black metal musicians, while also challenging the genre's boundaries and conventions.

NARGAROTH - Crushing Some Belgian Scum 12" Vinyl LP

Thumbnail Of  NARGAROTH - Crushing Some Belgian Scum 12" Vinyl LP album front cover

No Colours Records NC 072 , 2004

  Limited Edition of 1000 copies, each copy individually numbered by hand and includes a poster

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NARGAROTH - Prosatanica Shooting Angels 12" Vinyl LP

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No Colours Records , 2004

  This album "NARGAROTH - Prosatanica Shooting Angels" is the fourth studio album by the black metal band Nargaroth. It was released through No Colours Records in September 2004. René Wagner started to record the album for a proposed side project called Prosatanica and its debut album was going to be called Shooting Angels, but, after some reflection, he has decided that he did not want to have any side projects, and therefore he released it as a Nargaroth album.

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NARGAROTH - Rasluka Part I White Vinyl 10"

Thumbnail Of  NARGAROTH - Rasluka Part I White Vinyl 10" album front cover

No Colours Records , 2004

"Nargaroth's 'Rasluka Part I' EP, a black metal masterpiece, explores abyssal depths on 10" white vinyl. Founded in 1996, the German band's raw, atmospheric sound is enriched by the warmth of vinyl. The bilingual lyrics in English and German add a linguistic layer, enhancing the dark themes. This unique release cements Nargaroth's legacy, offering fans a profound, immersive sonic and visual experience."

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