The Who Quadrophenia Prog Rock 12" VINYL LP ALBUM


large album front cover photo of: The Who Quadrophenia

Music Genre:

British Progressive Rock

Collector Notes:

Gatefold (FOC) cover design with 4-page booklet
Production information:

The album: "WHO - Quadrophenia FOC USA" was produced by: The Who, Executive Producers: Chris Stamp, Pete Kameron, Kit Lambert

Mastering Engineer(s): Arnie Acosta, The Mastering Lab L.A.

This album was recorded at: The Kitchen, n Thesally Road, Battersea

Album cover photography: Graham Hughes

Label Information:

Track Records 2409 203

Media Format:

12" Double LP 

Year & Country:

1973 Made in Germany

Band Members and Musicians on: The Who Quadrophenia

    Band-members, Musicians and Performers
  • John Entwistle bass guitar, horns, vocals
  • Roger Daltrey lead vocals
  • Keith Moon drums, percussion, vocals on Bell Boy
  • Pete Townshend guitars, synthesizers, piano, banjo, sound effects, vocals

Track Listing of: The Who Quadrophenia

    Side one
  • I Am the Sea 2:08
  • The Real Me 3:20
  • Quadrophenia 6:15
  • Cut My Hair 3:46
  • The Punk and the Godfather [2] 5:10
    Side two
  • I'm One 2:39
  • The Dirty Jobs 4:30
  • Helpless Dancer 2:32
  • Is It in My Head 3:46
  • I've Had Enough 6:14
    Side three
  • . 5:15 5:00
  • Sea and Sand 5:01
  • Drowned 5:28
  • Bell Boy 4:56
    Side four
  • Doctor Jimmy 8:42
  • The Rock 6:37
  • Love, Reign O'er Me 5:48

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